Yakima vs Thule – The Ultimate comparison by Bikedestiny Team

If you’re searching for some incredible components for your car, specifically if it’s a base rack, bike rack, or cargo box, then we have tried to make it crisp and simple for you to decide.

We are discussing two brands over here that don’t disappoint their customers and produce the best quality biking and travel storage products.

We have researched in-depth regarding the products that can add value to your vehicle and this article is going to cover all the major aspects of the products produced by the Top brands, Yakima vs Thule.

The kingdom of Travel Accessories- Thule And Yakima

Thule belongs to Sweden that has been producing some really high-quality accessories since 1942. Swedish brands always have been known for top notch quality. Their Idea is to encourage the upcoming bike enthusiasts to shine more in the biking world.

Thule aims to empower people with an overwhelming passion for biking. You’ll be able to find a variety of bike racks, roof racks, cargo carriers, sport racks, and baskets. Thule has worked day and night to excel in the artistic aspect of accessories. Yakima initiated its services from a single shop and succeeded in just a few years.

The company expanded its products and introduced new varieties. In the past years, Yakima also created an alliance with Toyota. Since these products were really essential for different outdoor activities and also were budget-friendly.Therefore, the idea was successful.

Over the period of time, the company has grown a lot. Below we are mentioning the products which are in high demand by the users.

Yakima Bike Rack

Cross bars- Yakima and Thule

Crossbars lay the foundation of your roof rack. Yakima’s crossbars lead the race with its “Flush Bar”. You can get this for under $250 and can match it with your car’s design. These crossbars are rigid and reduce the noise too. Being lighter in weight than the other crossbars, it doesn’t pull your vehicle down. Moreover, the product offers a lifetime service to you.

Other than that, Thule also offers two premium quality Cross bars which are known as Aero Blade Edge and Evo Wing bar.

These crossbars also have the power to reduce unwanted noisy sounds. Also, they have a long-lasting body and are easier to install. These are much higher in price as compared to Yakima’s crossbars and their warranty is also less.

Bike racks- Yakima vs Thule

Bike racks are the most common travel essentials. Roof racks are great due to adjustability as per your wheel’s size and fit them to any bike.

Yakima’s Racks Have a High Customer Value than Thule

Yakima has a competitive advantage in the roof bike racks segment of the market because they always have been the company’s top priority. High Road and High Speed are great examples of Yakima’s excellence in the market. The racks of Yakima are top reviewed by the users because of their incredible value. The prices are pocket friendly too. While Yakima’s racks aren’t that much attractive, they are fulfilling the purpose at the best prices without the extra glittery features.

On the other hand, Thule offers Top Ride and FastTide. Top Ride comes at the price of about $240. But it doesn’t satisfy as much as Yakima’s HighRoad.

To attach these racks to your bike you will require an adapter. Top Ride by Thule will be simpler to fit but doesn’t offer you a lifelong warranty like the ones produced by Yakima.

Thule Bike Rack

How do these Racks change the appearance of your Vehicle?

Installing a rack will influence your vehicle’s final appearance and that’s the reason people are conscious of it. The accessories on your vehicle must resonate with your overall design. You can use what suits you better as per your preferences.

Both the accessories fulfill the same purpose but are different in physical appearance.

Some Top Quality Roof Racks of Yakima vs Thule!

Thule AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Roof Rack

Thule Aeroblades can always be your friend when you want a roof rack that doesn’t create additional noise. These are slightly lower in height. You can get these for any type of car, but you must analyze the vehicle prior to fitting.

These roof bars from Thule have two distinct features which are:

  • WindDiffuser technology.
  • TrailEdge design.

The Wind Diffuser technology maintains the flow of air in a way that it minimizes the overall sound. These bars are assembled before installation and are fitted with the respective system.

These roof racks from Thule are in the market with a wide range of sizes so it’s quite easy to get the one that suits your bike.

Yakima vs Thule

Thule Wingbar Evo load bars

Thule Wingbar is a highly rated roof bar. They’re marketed in a bunch of different sizes that might vary from 43 inches to 60 inches. Plus, the roof bars are built from pure aluminum which makes them more long-lasting and light-weighted. Two colors are available in these Evo lad bars.

This signature product helps to maintain the fuel economy by managing the air drag. Regardless of any brand you prefer, bars are always meant to add value to your vehicle.

Thule Square bar steel roof rack

 If you are on the lookout for incredible roof bars which offer an extended capacity then it’s the Thule Square Bar Steel Racks. These are built from steel which makes them highly durable. It comes with added strength to endure the pressures.

The square bar racks provide an affordable system to their users. The body is heavy and is built of steel. These are one of Thule’s cheapest roof bar systems with promising performance.

Thule Square bar racks remain as a top-notch option because of their aerodynamic construction, sturdy body, and high load capacity.

Yakima EasyTop Instant Roof Rack

These are specially manufactured for handling all the travelling stuff. Though it depends on individual choices which kind of cargo you want to have.

These roof racks are so secure and easy to install that it takes a few minutes to get them fitted to your vehicles. The maximum load capacity of these bars ranges up to 75 lbs. and not more than that.

Yakima JetStream Bar Roof Racks

The Jet stream bar racks can be a better choice if you want something that suits your budget. They offer the same standard at a lower price.

These roof racks weigh around 4.5 pounds and have a load capacity of 165 lbs. The JetStream roof racks can also go with the different sort of attachments and gearing systems.

Let us not forget to mention its unique teardrop shape which makes it even more well-performing. These Yakima roof racks are in different sizes ranging from

 (50”, 60”, and 70”), so finding an alternative that fits your car could be a little troublesome.

Yakima JetStream Bar Roof Racks

Cargo Baskets- Yakima vs Thule

Thule has been producing some really top-notch cargo baskets which provide you with extra space. The space helps you hold different kinds of things. When you have a crossbar attached to your bike, you can attach the Cargo basket too.

If you are looking for a basket that has extra storage space plus a stylish appearance then Thule’s Canyon XT isn’t going to disappoint you.

This basket is sold for $350 and the light weight will aid to provide some fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, Yakima produced a huge variety of cargo baskets, but they were not very attractive in appearance. You’ll find them in the price range of below $200. They only offer some basic features that help them fulfill the purpose. Since we are comparing both the brands here, we would prefer Thule’s Canyon XT.

Cargo Baskets

Yakima’s Roof Box

Yakima remains the same as it offers the traditional roof boxes without any extra designing. There is not much that we can say about its design since it is the simplest one.

Yakima’s roof boxes are available within a budget friendly price. They have an adequate holding capacity but their designs are not very remarkable. So you can get your hands on the appealing boxes produced by Thule.

Thule’s Canyon XT- Roof box

Thule’s Canyon produced its Canyon XT. This is a very visually appealing box that makes your vehicle look even better. The product aims to remove noise too.

This roof box can hold a lot of weight despite being light in weight itself. You can get one for $350.

If you want some extra space then you must get some accessories for your vehicles. The roof boxes are much better than that produced by Yakima.

Conclusion on Yakima vs Thule

So concluding here, we would suggest that if you want those racks which are functional but budget-friendly as well then you should go for Yakima. However, if you don’t want to compromise on the style and appearance of the product then Thule might be your savior.

Both of them provide the desired functionalities in their own ways.

Thule strives for better designs and keeps on coming up with ways that can enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic looks.

 If a customer has no issue with budget and wants to enjoy something special from bike rack then he will obviously opt for Thule racks. Yakima always focuses on functionality but Thule wants to put something extra to attract special segment of market.

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