Why do Bike Tires go Flat when not in use? Top 5 Reasons

It is one of the common questions asked in biking communities Why do Bike Tires go flat when not in use? Some noticeable causes arise this situation. Tires go flat over time because of the permeability of the tube, contraction of air molecules, and the valve stem issue.

When the surroundings become hot, tires tend to become flat speedily. Getting a puncture due to sharp objects like glass or nails makes the tires flat. Below you can see further details:

How to prevent tires from becoming flat

Top reasons- Why do Bike Tires go Flat when not in use

Spotting a flat tire has become a common problem. If you will not use the bike often, there is a high likelihood that its tires will become flat with time. Moreover, the tubes of tires might get exploded.

Flat tires have always come out as the biggest concern for most bikers. The leaking of air molecules brings a valve stem issue and eventually makes the tire out of order.

Tires become deflated because of the contraction of air molecules

Yes, tires do become deflated with time. They are just like balloons that lose air as the day passes. The air molecules in the tires contract find their way through the valve and become flat. Thus, if you leave your bike idle for a month, it will definitely lead to the contraction of air molecules.

Tires lose pressure speedily when not in use

According to experts, tires lose pressure quickly and speedily when not used. However, when they are in use, they remain heated up, release less pressure and allow the air to expand appropriately inside.

If you do not use a bike for the longest time, it will automatically lose pressure, the tires will become flat, and the air inside gets contracted.

Tires lose pressure speedily when not in use

Tubeless tires become flat quickly and lose air at a high pace

It is not much recommended to use tubeless tires because they become flat often and lose air at a high pace. We do not deny that tubeless tires are top-rated among riders and ensure a smooth ride. But becoming flat is their noticeable drawback which you should keep in mind. Thus, they lose air over time because of the sealant leaking factor.

Cold weather makes the bike tires flat

You must take utmost care of your bike tires during the cold weather. During this weather, tires are more prone and vulnerable to getting flat. As a tip, you should regularly check the tire pressure with the help of a gauge. When you notice that the tire lacks an inbuilt pressure, fill it again as soon as possible.

Tires generally become flat during cold weather because the air becomes highly denser. This phenomenon pushes the tires to lose pressure. Moreover, they might get little air space in the tube. Most importantly, the tires lose pressure by 1 psi during cold weather with every 10ºF temperature drop.

Tires become harden when not in use resulting in having flat tires

You must understand that tires become hardened if you do not use them for weeks and weeks, and this whole practice leads to flat tires. Keeping them in the heat-up and working mode is suggested to prevent hardening.

In addition, tires lose pressure depending on their design and construction. Wide tires lose pressure at a different scale than narrow tires.

How to prevent tires from becoming flat?

  • You should always ride on the ideal and recommended tire pressure range. For example, mountain bike tires pressure likes between 30 and 50 psi. For urban bikes, the perfect pressure range for tires is 60 and 80.
  • Regularly check the pressure of your tires. Keep an eye on their psi value once every week.
  • Prevent the bike tires from getting attacked by foreign objects like glass or nails.
  • opt for a basic and quick tire maintenance routine.
  • You must check your tires to see whether they are showing any signs of wear and tear. Moreover, inspect your bike tire sidewalls. If you spot cracks or dryness, look for the best possible solution.

The life of tires also depends on certain factors as these tires don’t come cheap and can be a heavy load on your pockets. You need to look after this component of the bike very carefully.

In one of the dedicated posts on our blog, we have covered this topic briefly how long bike tires can last and how we can increase life by taking different precautions.

How Long Do Mountain Bike Tires Last: 6 Tips to Maintain


Hence, bike tires generally go flat when you do not take proper care of them. Furthermore, extreme weather, getting punctured by foreign objects like nails, and contraction of air molecules in the tube make the tires flat. Stay tuned.

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