Why are mountain bike seats so high? Learn Why

In This post, we will explore why are mountain bike seats so high and why brands manufacture bikes and keep the design of the bikes in this way.

There exists a strong relationship between mountain bikes and high seats. You might have noticed that their seats are maintained and engineered at a higher position to boost the pedal power, increase strokes, and bring your knee to a better and more comfortable place. In addition, it allows the pedal to function smoothly and gives the rider ample opportunity to extend his legs in the most tiring-free manner.

Top Advantages – Why are mountain bike seats so high?

Below you can see why it is always recommended to keep the seat high of your mountain bike and how lower seats are not suitable:

Smooth and robust operations of pedal

A high seat in your mountain bike ensures smooth and robust operations of the pedal. It gets easy for you to extend your legs and allows you to ride the bike at any speed bumpy-freely. Moreover, a high speed gives immense control to the rider to increase or decrease the speed anytime by smoothly pressing the pedal. Thus, minimum force is needed to use the pedal and ride safely.

Your legs remain tired-free

High seats and tired-free legs go hand in hand. If the seat of your mountain bike is kept higher, your legs will remain exhausting-free for sure. It gets so tiring when you are biking for hours and hours, and your legs are squeezed as well. That is why it is recommended to keep the seat higher!

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Guarantees increased strokes

High seat guarantees increased strokes, which is another noticeable advantage that encourages you to keep the seats of your mountain bikes higher! Stretching the legs results in more strokes, and this practice lets you bike at a higher and balanced speed.

Keep your knees in a comfortable position

Indeed, increasing and adjusting the seat height brings your knees to a comfortable and distressing-free position. Your knees remain aligned with the pedals, and you no longer experience muscle pain. A higher seat allows you constantly and comfortably to move your knees without any stiffness and soreness.

Gives the safest ride on rough trails

Do you know that a higher seat gives you the safest ride on rough and uneven trails? Yes, it is true! Technical and crooked trails are always tougher to ride. That is why experts have advised you to keep your bike seats high so that you can remain safe while taking dangerous turns. The seat which is kept higher gives more control to the rider, and he can conveniently turn the bike at a high and low angle.

Why is it not advisable to keep the mountain bike seats so low

Why is it not advisable to keep the mountain bike seats so low?

It is emphasized that you should keep the seat lower on your mountain bike. Below you can see why it is so:

  • Sitting on a low seat means placing a dead weight on the mountain bike. You will get a feel as if you are sitting on a couch. On the other hand, a high seat keeps you alert, and your body remains active during cycling.
  • Low seats keep your whole body’s weight in the middle. This practice creates a lot of control, balance, and speed issues. Even more, putting your body weight in the middle restricts your body from moving backward and forwards. You fail to adjust the speed and experience more tiredness.
  • You witness a pedal problem if the mountain bike seat is kept low. In addition, you fail to stretch your legs comfortably. The pedal problem thus keeps your legs shrunk and tired all the time.
  • A low seat brings muscle and knee pain. You feel soreness in your whole body. Some riders have even complained of experiencing unbearable pain and stiffness in their legs because their bike seats were low.


We hope that you have understood why the seats of mountain bikes are always engineered at a higher position. Such a position allows the bike to ride smoothly, boost the pedal power and increase overall efficiency. You can let us know how you have adjusted the seat of your bike; whether you like having a low or high seat, share your views with us. Stay connected for more information!

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