7 Reasons Why are Electric Bikes so Expensive?

We all are aware of the buzz created by the electric car, Tesla. This buzz is gaining the attention of many investors and tech-savvies. The result is now that people can see many electric cars other than Tesla. The race is limited to vehicles, but we are now witnessing electric trucks and electric bikes in the market.

The concept of the electric vehicle is changing the way people travel. Many adventurous persons are eyeing electric bikes. They want to travel on these bikes and want to get the most of them. However, electric bikes are not easy to get. They are among the most expensive vehicles.

We have done thorough research on what makes these bikes expensive. So, let’s get started to know why electric bikes are so expensive.

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive?

Multiple reasons justify the sky-rocketing prices of electric bikes. Indeed, their performance is way better than conventional bikes or motorbikes. They are efficient and leave lesser or no environmental footprints. However, these incredible features are not cheap; you need to pay a high amount for this. So, let’s read the justified reasons why are bikes so expensive?

The High-End Motors

These electric bikes do not come along with standard motors. Their motors are unique in terms of operation. Moreover, these motors are not prepared by every manufacturer. It is one of the apparent reasons for the high prices of electric bikes.

The High-End Motors

The Costly Batteries

Electric bikes come with lithium-ion batteries that are not cheap to buy. The reason for using such batteries in electric bikes is to make them efficient and lightweight. These top-class batteries can cost from 500 USD to 1000 USD. Also, you cannot easily buy these batteries from local manufacturers. They are specially made. So, it is not easy to replace the battery of an electric bike.

The High-Quality Frame

There are two types of frames in electric bikes: lightweight and heavyweight.

Heavyweight frames support and bear the weight of the battery, bike components, and rider. On the other hand, lightweight frames take the weight of all; battery, features, and rider. However, the unique elements of the structure to make it light cause the high cost of electric bikes.

Difficult-to-Find Parts

These bikes are made up of costly parts and components. Most of such claims are made or designed only in a limited amount. So, once you buy this electric bike, the chances are that you may not easily find details to revamp or repair your bike.

Electric Bike frame

Low Demand in Market

Since it is just the start of production of these bikes, they are still not highly demanded. Most manufacturers are still trying and testing the demand and working of these bikes in the market.

Due to this reason, manufacturers are producing these units in minimal amounts. That costs them a lot to have a low number of electric bikes. As a result, you get electric bikes at costly prices.

Types Of Motors in Electric Bikes

If you are still interested in buying an electric bike, we recommend that you read more about the motors of the e-bikes. All electric bikes do not come with the same engine. Also, this will help you to get the best-budget electric bike.

Here we have listed the types of motors you can find in electric bikes. So, you need to be careful while buying an electric bike and make sure that you know all about its engines.

1.      Mid Drive Motors:

 If you see a motor on the center of the bike’s frame, then it is a mid-drive motor. They need high-quality chains too. If you are a mountain climber or love to ride bikes on steep ends, this one is ideal. This kind of motor supports mountainous rides.

2.      Rear Hub Drive Motors

These types of motors are available on the rear end of the bike. Also, you can notice them on the front end too. These types of engines are efficient in braking. Also, you will have to apply lesser efforts while riding the bike.

3.      Hub-Geared Motor

As the name suggests, these types of motors rely on gears to decrease or increase RPM. You can perform freewheeling too on such bikes that have these types of engines. It also lowers the demand for energy from batteries. Hence, it results in a smooth ride.


In a nutshell, motor, battery, body frame, and components answer the question; why electric bikes are so expensive. Nevertheless, they promise an efficient and smooth ride which you will not experience with conventional bicycles. So, these are must-try bikes.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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