What To Wear To Spin Class | 5 best practices

Many people do not have a single clue regarding what to wear to spin class and what to avoid wearing to spin class! You must put on lightweight and super-breathable tops for an indoor cycling class.

In addition, padded shorts or spinning pants can be worn as well. Spinning is an indoor workout session, and it is always recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Here we have shared the guide on choosing the right apparel and shoes if you have planned to join the spin class!

All about the spin class

Spin class is a popular indoor cycling activity. The person pedals on a stationary bike and visual as he is doing an outdoor workout session. Besides, the pace and speed of the stationary bike vary depending on how intense you want your workout to be! Spinning is an excellent exercise for increasing energy consumption. It improves your heart rate, burns calories, and reduces weight.

All about the spin class

What to wear to spin class?

You must wear comfortable gym wear attire to your spin class. Gym shorts, yoga pants, padded shorts, spinning pants, tank tops, all can work for you. Invest in those clothing that is meant explicitly for spinning class. If you wear uncomfortable attire, your whole workout session will become least enjoyable. You will see no value and change.

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Prefer clothing made of nylon and polyester mix

Shorts and tops made of cotton might make your cycling session a bit distressing and sweaty. Tops and pants made of cotton make it more challenging for the person to regulate his body temperature. That is why it is recommended to pick up the pants and tops made of a perfect blend of spandex, nylon, and 100% polyester.

Fully padded shorts

Do not forget to put on fully padded shorts for a spinning class. Such attire will bring ease while you pedal and cycle at high speeds. Many brands have designed padded shorts; you can choose any of them but make sure that they are of high quality.

Thus, padded shorts bring comfort while you work out! Some people love wearing Stash Pocket Padded shorts because they remain high-waisted and generally made of high-tech compressive and 100% wicking material. Their inseams hit lower on the thigh and reduce rubbing between your legs and the stationary cycle saddle.

Light and compressive tights

The fitness freaks extensively prefer light and compressive tights. They make your indoor cycling activity too much fun, comfortable, and sweaty-free. Many lightly compressive tights remain made of Velocio and Lycra compression fabric.

In addition, this fabric gives exceptional and guaranteed muscle support. You get a soft fit, and the person will see no hassle to pedal the stationary cycle if she has worn a good-quality light compressive tight. Above and beyond, look for the tights featured with subtle stitching and laser-cut hems so that the stitching may not rub against your skin.

It is better to have the crop bike tights for your spin class. Search for the option that has sweat-wicking properties. They must not make your legs feel soggy or saggy. High-quality gym wear tights have a wide waistband and comfortably snug your waist without limiting or putting any restriction on your motion.

Breezy and lightweight tops

Experts have advised investing in breezy and lightweight tops for a spin class. They must have a gradient knit structure and looks 100% breathable. Cycling sessions are always hot and sweaty; that is why putting on a light top might make the whole session a little less hot.

Your t-shirt should be made of fabric that wicks and absorbs moisture away, keeps your body driers, and is super comfortable to wear. Look for the gym wear shirt that shows the excellent balance of being both flowy and fitted.

Spinning Pants

If you do not prefer padded shorts, how about putting on spinning pants! Yes, you can consider them. They give more coverage to your legs and are ideal to be worn during a spinning class.

What kinds of shoes are appropriate for a spinning class?

You can have top-quality gym or tennis shoes. However, if you want your gym attire to be perfect, from tops to pants and shoes, invest in high-end indoor cycling shoes. Some shoes are specifically meant and designed for spinning. Moreover, they feature a stiff sole and transfer more strength and power to the pedals.

The importance of wearing high-quality shoes for your spinning class must not get disregarded. They make a key contact with the stationary bike, so get an excellent pair of shoes. Your toes and feet must remain comfortable. Quality shoes prevent slipping and falling and maintain the natural alignment of your feet.

High-end brands make such shoes that their upper mesh remains 100% breathable. They have a single-strap-designed hook-and-loop closure and ensure a perfect fit. When getting shoes for cycling, make sure to pick up the pair, which is approximately half size down from your regular athletic shoe size!

shoes for spinning class

What accessories to carry for a spin class?

For a spin class, remember to carry a soft towel. You will sweat a lot during cycling, and you will always need a soft towel to make your face and body cool down. Invest in lightweight and moisture-wicking cycling socks. Look for the socks that are thinner and manage to wick sweat better. Avoid wearing regular and low-quality cotton gym socks.

Which to avoid wearing to spin class?

  • Avoid wearing street clothes, and that commonly include jeans. 
  • You must not wear work clothes.
  • Spinning is a challenging athletic activity. Avoid wearing attire that is not moisture-wicking, light, and comfortable.
  • Your gym wear should be stretchy.
  • Stop wearing anything which is made of cotton.


So, what’s the bottom line? For a spinning class, wear comfortable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking clothing. This includes padded shorts, light tops, padded pants, and stretchable tees. If your gym-wear attire is not up to the mark and comfy enough, you will no longer enjoy pedaling and spinning.

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