What mountain bikes are made in the USA? – List of 13 USA Bike Brands

Do you ever wonder what mountain bikes are made in the USA? The range of bikes manufactured in America covers everything from carbon fiber mountain bikes to aluminum mountain bikes.

The United States has a wide selection of mountain bikes builders across the entire nation. The major American brands like Trek, Specialized, and GT mass export their mountain bikes overseas also. Moreover, these brands are famous worldwide for giving masterful work in creating custom handmade mountain bikes.

The United States also manufactures Turner and intense mountain bikes from the XC race to the downhill used for sports competition. Some builders not only make just frames, but they are also specialized in building seat posts, stems, forks, and handlebars. Here, in this article, we will share some information about what mountain bikes are made in the USA?

USA Bike Brands

What mountain bikes are made in the USA?

Most mountain bike components are made overseas, but most are being built in America. We found some mountain bike builders that are manufacturing frames inside the United States borders. These builders are well-known for their most delicate engineering work in making mountain bikes. Let’s have a look at them.

1.     Ellsworth:

Ellsworth has been designing and manufacturing mountain bikes for over 28 years in the United States. These mountain bikes are famous for their hand-building frames and first-class ride quality. These handcrafted mountain bikes are manufactured with Instant Center Tracking (ICT) suspension for giving you a great run. Moreover, these Ellsworth Mountain bikes offer aluminum and carbon-based frames that provide approx. 120mm travel, making them an even greater value. The Ellsworth provides uncompromised complete suspension mountain bikes that give its customers more control, traction, and efficiency during riding. Further, Ellsworth Mountain bikes give excellent running experience as they can ride with either 27.5” + or 29” wheels.

2.     Foes Racing:

Foes racing brand introduced its long-travel suspension mountain bikes to the world in 1993. These bikes are known in the United States for their innovative designs, relevancy, and high speed. These competitive mountain bikes feature a 2.5′ suspension travel with a 6′ squish and a radical design. Moreover, Foes offers six different models of mountain bikes including, Mutz, FXR, H2 Hydro, Mixer Trail, Alpine Plus, and a Mixer Enduro.

These models are highly demanded in the United States! They come with different specifications:


  • It comes with 120mm rear travel.
  • It provides 26’’ × 4.0’’ / 27.5’’ × 3.0’’ / 29’’ × 2.35’’ compatible range.
  • It holds full-suspension fat fun.


  • The mountain bike offers rear travel of 6.3′ – 7′ range adaptable for every user.

H2 Hydro:

  • The H2 hydro is a competitive mountain bike that is made of hydroformed aluminum.
  • It comes with a downhill race frame and gives a 210mm travel range.

Mixer Trail:

  • The mountain bike holds a mixed-wheel trail.
  • It offers 29’ front / 27.5’ rear compatible range.
  • The adjustable rear travel is from the 5′ – 5.5′ range.

Alpine Plus:

  • It is a convertible trail mountain bike that offers 5′ – 5.5′ adjustable rear travel.
  • It gives 27.5’’ × 3.0’’ / 29’’ × 2.35’’ compatible range.

Mixer Enduro:

  • It is a mixed wheel endure mountain bike that offers a 29′ front / 27.5′ rear compatible range.
  • The travel range is from 6.3’ – 7’’ that is adaptable for everyone.

3.     Guerrilla Gravity:

The bike enthusiasts always wonder, what mountain bikes are made in the USA? Guerrilla Gravity is a company in the United States that is specializes for its mountain bike manufacturing. It has made a VIP place for itself inside the mountain bike community, not in America, also worldwide. Their mountain bikes have improved trail access, increased ridership, and of course, mesmerizing frame design. The hardtail feature and four suspension offerings make the mountain bike best for all the riders out there.

Guerrilla Gravity offers four different models that are specialized in various features.

Shred Dogg:

  • It is a trail mountain bike that offers 130/140mm rear travel to its users.
  • The compatible range is 27.5’’/27.5+ that is sufficient for any competitive rider.

The Megatrail:

  • It is a big mountain liberator bike that offers 155/165 of maximum rear travel.
  • The mountain bike is capable of riding with 27.5’ wheels.

Trail Pistol:

  • It is a singletrack flyer that gives 120mm rear travel and 29’ hoops.

The Smash:

  • The mountain bike is known as a surface-to-surface missile.
  • It gives 155/165mm rear travel with compatibility of 29’ wheels. 
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America is famous for manufacturing innovative mountain bikes that are being exported all over the world. So many riders have seemed willing to buy American-made mountain bikes as they are created with high-quality protocols. Do you know what mountains bike are made in the USA? Here, in this article, we’ve got you covered about mountain bikes that are being manufactured in the United States.

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