What is a Step Through Bike? Everything You Need to Know

With the increasing modifications in the bicycle industry, that keeps growing your enthusiasm. Being a biker, you get to see some really fresh and attractive designs. The market is full of options and you might be having a hard time deciding which bike to get and what differentiates them from each other. in this post we will explore What is a Step through bike.

Moreover, If you are conscious of the effort you might need to serve in pedaling then you must keep a thorough check on the bicycle’s structure and top features before making a purchase.

So, in case you are wondering what to choose between a Step-Over and a Step-Thru. Then, you have landed on the right page. Here we will provide you with an insight into the basic frameworks of bikes, the differences between them and how you can have the right one for you.

History of Step Through Bikes

The step-through bikes were initially introduced in the 1800s to let the women riders join the team of cycling enthusiasts and also to promote the idea of self-reliance. The women who mostly used to wear the traditional dress faced inconvenience in riding on the diamond structured bikes.

Most people admire the attractive look of step-through bikes because of their classy and attention grabbing design. Whereas, for others, step-thru bikes are just the ultimate need and not anything impressive.

As the name suggests, with a step-through bike. There is no need to put any effort into lifting your leg up. So this comes across as a bit more comfortable and reasonable than the other bicycles in which you require to put your leg up first.

History of Step Through Bikes
History of Step Through Bikes

In the early 20th century, the Step-Thru model was introduced to the markets. Because of the old style of clothing, it was highly preferred for women of that time who used to wear long dresses.

But the Step-Over design of traditional bicycles often creates difficulty for them. As it required them to lift their legs and then mount the bicycle. With passing time, women gradually figured out that Step-Thru bicycles were their type.

The bike got a real hype among the feminist activists too and they are still of the opinion that Step-Thru bikes are a symbol that women are much valued in the society and their convenience matters.

The idea that a woman can ride a bike too is itself very flourishing for their freedom and independence. That’s the reason why these bikes became so famous. And with the increasing modification in the models over the years, the Step-Thru design has now transformed into its best version.

If you’re struggling to decide which type of bike will work for you, then you’ll get all the answers in this article. Let’s explore some of the major advantages and disadvantages this unique style has to offer.

Pros of having a Step through Bike

One of the most amazing things these step-through bikes offer you is the ease of getting on them.

All those riders who have some mobility issues can still get a chance to make the most of cycling by these step-through bikes without facing any difficulty in mounting on the bike. This feature makes them worth purchasing.

Plus, all those new riders who feel a little hesitant when lifting their legs to mount on the bike might find these bikes a savior.

Mostly, female riders feel difficulty in mounting and riding the bike so they get a bunch of good features in Step-thru or Open frame bikes.

Another upper hand these bikes offer you is sufficient cargo and an easy and quick jump when you are loaded with a bunch of things and get stuck in the traffic.

In case you have a job that requires you to roam around the city while keeping a good attire then these bikes can help you arrive at your destination in an untarnished condition.

Pros of Step through Bike
Pros of Step through Bike

Downsides of Step through Bikes 

You can’t expect your step-through bike to be stronger than the conventional diamond bike. These bikes lack the top frame bar which makes them easy to mount but if you are someone who is a fitness freak and makes fitness a priority. Then certainly you must be expecting some beneficial exercise from your bike. Though you can still consume a good number of calories, other styles might suit you better.

The open frame bikes are not so sturdy and slim so they won’t be a straight choice for people who prefer lighter bikes.

However, these bikes tend to be less sturdy because of the open frame style. Plus, they have additional thickness relative to the traditional style bike.

Depending on how you glance at it, the durability and safety is directly influenced by the materials which are being used for the bike. The enhanced durability will be one of the most desirable factors for a biker. But in case you decide to go for an electric, traditional step-through bike, it won’t serve you generously if it is the speed you’re looking for.

They also work much better when you are riding on flat roads and are not normally suggested if you’ll be facing a lot of hilly terrains. When you are riding on an inclined road then your bike’s frame has to bear a certain amount of significant pressure that can result in a slight bending. Due to the structure of a step-through bike, this impression can make you feel unsafe when you’re getting on an uphill and could even result in disbalancing.

Distinguishing features of Step Through Bike and Step Over Bikes

-The basic difference in the frame

The major difference is the missing top frame in these bikes thus making them more suitable for women!

The basic frame of a bicycle gives a triangular appearance with two triangles. The main triangle of both the bikes is different with different tubes. The tubes like the top tube, head tube, and seat tube are aligned in a way that creates a diamond-like structure of a conventional bicycle.

A step-through frame also known as the “open frame’ is that sort of frame in which the low tube is joined with the seat and not with the top side. The absence of a top tube makes it easy to mount on the bike. Plus, this results in the reduction of the overall height of the bicycle.

However, if you are concerned about the stability then the added thickness in the tubing might remove all your worries regarding stability. Whereas on the Step-over bikes, the connection of top tubs to the top of the seat results in the elevation of the bike.

 features of Step Through Bike and Step Over Bikes
features of Step Through Bike and Step Over Bikes

A bunch of Uses

The Step-Through bikes were solely designed for the purpose of transporting and to be used by professional riders. Because of the simple frameworks, it is very convenient for the delivery boys to get on the bike and ride easily.

As we have previously discussed, these types of bikes are quite popular among the ladies who found the Step-Thru style much more convenient. These bikes are never out of the game and always trending among the cycling freaks.

On the other hand, the Step-Over ones offer some additional stability with a crossbar structure, so it comes into the limelight via racing and biking competitions.

What Will be a Reasonable Choice for You?

If you are thinking about what to choose between a Step-Through and a Step-Over bike then here are some major factors that will assist you in making a smart choice. Of course, you will see a range of different models that are designed for various purposes.

Due to the sophisticated and convenient design of the Step-Through model, we believe that it will be the best choice for most ladies. Despite the fact that it does not make you look indecent it also protects your dresses from damage.

Step-Thru is also a reasonable choice for the elderly and those with leg suffering and mobility impairments. Moreover, for delivery men and other people who need to get on and off the bike continually.

Considering the Step-over framework, it is recommended for bike freaks. Besides this, you can also get a bike for cycling competitions. Moreover, these bicycles are befitting for taller people. With that said, you can go according to your preferences and choices.

Final Verdict on what is a step through bike
Final Verdict on what is a step through bike

Final Verdict on what is a step through bike

Step-Through bicycles have evolved a lot since their origin which dates back to the 1800s, these were labeled as the safety bicycles because of the comfortable framework they provided.

The step-through structure is favorable for delivery workers who traditionally distributed goods and foods. The frame of the bike was better for the females as it provided them a decent way to ride a bike. That’s the reason these bikes were in a high demand for a long time, especially among the female riders.

The reduced height of these bikes is suitable for teenagers and also for women’s formal attire, which can be long skirts and dresses. That’s why these bikes have been associated with females as it provides them with ease.

I hope we were able to educate you on what is a step through bike by covering all aspects of these bikes. Please head over to our blog section to explore the universe of biking. We at bikedestiny.com are on a mission to serve fellow biking community with all kind of information and guides.

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