What is a Cruiser Bike Good for: 11 Things You Should Know Before Buying

As the name suggests itself that cruising bikes are for cruising at low speeds but with comfort which is part of its design the high handle and big seats make it so easy for the riders to cruise at ease for both longer and shorter distances. In this article, we will discuss what is a cruiser bike good for and why you should buy it, along with all pros and cons.

Cruiser bikes allow you to sit upright, and they keep you stable even on bumpy roads which makes it possible that you to enjoy the views of nature on trails and beaches. Cruiser bikes are very famous for cruising on the beaches and became an icon of beach biking. Most of the cruiser bike comes with fenders that help bikers to ride even in windy and rainstorm conditions.

Cruiser bikes come with single-speed, steels frames, and premium designs which make them one of the finest types of bikes. It is totally different from mountain bikes, electric bikes, and commuter bikes, instead, it is a bike that suits the vacation lifestyle. You can customize your cruiser bikes while ordering with fenders, lights, and saddlebags.

These bikes are not for mountain biking terrains but are used for casual biking. These bikes gained popularity in America during the period of World War 1 and World War 2 but the next boom for cruiser bikes came in the 1990s.

The saddles of cruisers’ bikes are so comfortable that it makes the riding experience so great these seats can absorb all kinds of pressures and works as a shock absorber too. There are different types of this bike according to gears.

The most common one is single gear one but there are multi-gear models too. The single gear bike is more efficient for beaches and non-bumpy terrains and multi-gear models will be more efficient in hilly terrains, so bikers don’t have to put too much effort. The maintenance cost of the multi-gear bike is more than a single gear bike as due to having more chains there will be more wear and tear.

Now we will talk about the pros and cons of cruiser bikes


  • Best suited for non-bumpy trails and beach and city rides
  • Perfect for gravel roads
  • Wide tires will give great road grip
  • Multipurpose bikes which can be used on vacations too
  • Available in both single and multi-gear options
  • It can have fenders and space for racks
  • Lights on these bikes can be customized
  • Aesthetic and premium looking bikes
  • Great starter bike for newbies
  • A more suitable bike for females
  • Comfortable, big, and cushioned seats
  • Few models have a speedometer and device holder


  • Not suitable for all types of terrains
  • Not easy to assemble these bikes
  • Gears will not change easily in a few models
  • Few models are gender-specific
  • It is not built for seasoned bikers
  • The speed of these bikes is less than mountain bikes


The frame size of cruiser bikes will be larger than other bikes and the most common material is steel but there are aluminum models too. If you have doubts about size, then You can read a guide on how to measure the frame of the bike on our website by clicking here. The weight of steel cruiser bikes will be around 40 to 50 pounds, but the aluminum models are way lighter. If you want lighter models, then you will have to opt for an aluminum model.


These bikes will have one of the most comfortable saddles available for bikes. The saddles will be big enough to absorb pressure. These bikes are made for daily and normal usage so the comfort angle is very necessary. Most of the models come with dual springs.


Cruiser bikes come with Balloon tires which gives them road stability and grip. Tires are one of the unique selling prepositions of these bikes. Punctures in the case of these bikes are very rare but this does not mean they cannot be punctured.  

Handlebars and Gears

The handles of these bikes are tall and unique in shape that is associated with these bikes. The design gives the rider a great angle and view which enhances the biking experience. You can find both single and seven gear bike models.

How Fast Can Cruiser Bikes Go?

The average speed of a Cruiser Bike is 3 to 15 miles per hour which varies in different conditions and is dependent on many factors. These bikes are made for speed biking. the unique selling prepositions of these bikes are comfort and aesthetic design.


We have discussed all pros and cons of these bikes along with anatomy. We suggest that before making a purchase decision go through all available designs and see which is suitable for you. Most of the time these bikes same utility irrespective of the model but there are few models that are gender-specific.

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Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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