What Is a Class 3 Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Guide About Electric Bikes Classes?

There are 3 types of electric bikes which are divided into three classes

  1. Class 1
  2. Class 2
  3. Class 3

In this article, we are going to explore what is a class 3 electric bike. Before jumping onto class 3 electric bikes, we need to know what classes are in electric bikes. Electric bikes are divided into different classes so users can determine how these can be used according to local state laws. In the United States, there are thirty-six states those are applying 3 class system of electric bikes.

Class 1 E-bikes:

These are assistance-only bikes that help bikers when they pedal the bike, so they don’t have to put extra effort. These bikes stop assisting the bikers when they reach a speed of 20 miles per hour. These bikes contain a motor that starts assisting the biker when they pedal. These bikes are great for places where we can use traditional bikes.

Class 2 E-bikes:

These bikes are known as throttle-assisted bikes. A throttle is produced by a motor to assist the biker which stops working when it reaches the top speed of 20 miles per hour.

What Is A Class 3 Electric Bike:

These bikes will have a speedometer while the other 2 classes will not have a speedometer in most of the models. This bike is the most famous among commuters. This is also a pedal-assisted bike and assistance is produced by the motor in the bike which will stop assisting the biker once he reaches the top speed of 28 miles per hour. The difference between class 2 and 3 is that class 2 will have both pedal and throttle assist, but it will not assist bikers when speed exceeds 20 miles per hour. Meanwhile, class 3 will keep assisting till 28mph with pedal assist.

For unites states, the power of class 3 electric bikes is capped at 1 horsepower which is equivalent to 750 watts. This class needs to have a speedometer as a compulsory option and it should not assist the biker when his speed exceeds 28mph. Different states have different age limits for using e-bikes.

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Now we will talk about the pros and cons of class 3 bikes

Pros and Cons Class 3 Electric Bike


  • Maximum speed in all classes
  • Power of 1 horsepower
  • Insurance not required
  • The minimum age limit is 16
  • Driver license is not required
  • Pedal-operated
  • A license plate is not required
  • Great bike for city commuters
  • Perfect for night rides and off-road
  • Most of the models will have a cargo rack
  • Luxury and aesthetic looks


  • Helmet is must
  • Does not work above 28mph
  • Can’t use class 1 bike path
  • Heavy than other classes
  • Age restriction
  • These bikes are expensive
Class 3 E-bikes

If you are from Illinois, then you will be required to register your bike. Connecticut is the state which has imposed that all riders will wear a helmet but apart from that all states have their own helmet laws. In the case of class 3 bikes helmet is required in almost all states. You can use class 3 bikes in both class 2 and 3 lanes but not in class 1 lanes.

There are many class 3 bike models available in the market and prices of them vary according to the power of battery, brand, and quality. These bikes don’t come cheap so we recommend you do research before making any purchase decision.


E-bikes are the future of the planet as they will be a major step to move from carbon-emitting vehicles to e-bikes. We all can play a huge role by using e-bikes for daily use in the reduction of global emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. I hope we were able to answer your query that What Is a Class 3 Electric Bike, please head over to our blog section and electric bikes section to read more about electric bikes. Happy reading.

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