5 Types of full suspension mountain bikes

Full-suspension mountain bikes have become quite common nowadays. They carry suspension right at their front and rear side and give you the utmost comfortable riding experience.

Such cycles have become easy to ride on tough and rugged terrains. In addition, these are comparatively more expensive as well as weigh more. Here you can learn about the basic Types of full suspension mountain bikes:

Types of full suspension mountain bikes

Full-Suspension Mountain Motorbikes remain featured with a dual suspension system. They absorb more impacts, tend to be heavier, not budget-friendly, and often require additional maintenance. They are the name of ensuring added comfort and run-on hi-fi technology. Their basic types are mentioned below:

Downhill or Park full-suspension bike

These motorbikes show maximum suspension and are marked to be heavyweight. Furthermore, they have big tires and are built exclusively for accessing downhill sites. They withstand over-jumps, and their overall geometry looks super slack. Such bikes offer greater control and maximum balance no matter whether you are riding on the roughest paths. They have 27.5″ wheels and deliver excellent handling qualities.

All-mountain or Enduro mountain bikes

It is one of the exclusive and the most popular full-suspension motorbikes belonging to the moto racing world. No doubt, they look more functional. If you are looking for a trail bike, do try out this suggestion. It seems way far sturdier and ideal for higher travel times. These kinds of bikes descend quickly on rugged and steep terrains. Their frames are slightly heavier so that they tend to soak up maximum jumps.

Trail mountain bikes

These full-suspension bikes come with decreased weight, favors comfort, and high performance.  You can call them all-rounder bikes indeed. Moreover, they are smooth to be taken on all rugged ad toughest paths no matter how bumpy those terrains are! They have become popular and the most preferred options for increased traveling, look traditional and modern, and are accompanied by relaxed geometry.

In addition, these bikes have relaxed head angles and short stems. The presence of wide handlebars gives you a ride experience, durability as well as comfort brilliantly.  Besides, they are made of aluminum or carbon and increase efficiency by stabilizing the shifting times.

Cross-country (XC) mountain bikes

The XC bikes run on the full-suspension mechanism. They end up giving you comfortable and epic rides indeed. Furthermore, they are known for their low-weight design and efficient operations. They deal with technical terrain sections and make the shifting and climbing part the utmost smoother enough.

All in all, they show maximum rolling efficiency, immense smooth pedaling and are believed to be hardtail mountain motorbikes. Try this pick if you often ride over long distances in the backcountry and are looking for a suitable full-suspension bike option. It shows great endurance no matter if you have gone out for shorter or lengthier races. It delivers excellent ability to climb and descend and features 80-120mm of travel and 29″ wheels.

Fat full-suspension bikes

Lastly, we have fat bikes that function on the full-suspension model. You can make the ride smooth even on the paths filled with snow and mid. They have big tires, and they are somewhat as wide as 5 inches. The presence of high-quality tires gives maximum grip, and you enjoy having your riding time.

If you are into 4-season cycling, then such a versatile option is meant for you. They show increased traction as well as enhanced rolling efficiency. The inductions of ultra-light components give maximum comfort no matter if you are riding for hours and hours. Thus, they run at the professional level and are loved by the racers so far.

Now, you have to get to know the basic types of full-suspension mountain bikes. Which one have you tried till now and how your experience was, share that with us. The common thing present in these bikes is that they have steep head angles and narrow handlebars, robust designs, and thoughtful construction.


Their increased wheelbase lets you enjoy a smooth and bumpy-free ride on the rugged terrains and toughest paths. Besides, they ensure greater speeds no matter if you are riding on the challenging routes. Stay tuned with us.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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