Shimano Tiagra vs 105 – A Comprehensive Guide

A bike must remain equipped with high-end and top-notch quality gears. Among uncountable choices, we have Shimano Tiagra and 105 versions.

The former functions on the 10-speed setting mode, and the latter operates on the 11-speed settings. These gears contain nickel-plated steel-made sprockets. In addition, they have a spider arm and a lock-ring. They are made of anodized aluminum and both marks to be much lighter. let’s get into Shimano Tiagra vs 105 debate.

You must invest and capitalize on high and premium quality gears for your road bike. So, which group set to go for? Whether it should be Shimano Tiagra or 105?

You can go through the Shimano Tiagra vs 105 article below and see which option seems to be a better choice. Overall, both of these picks offer the best value. In case of any question, you can ask us and we will get back to you.

The complete order of Shimano groupsets

  • Claris: 8-speed
  • Sora: 9-speed
  • Tiagra: 10-speed
  • 105: 11-speed
  • Ultegra: 11-speed
  • Ultegra Di2: 11-speed
  • Dura-Ace: 11-speed
  • Dura-Ace Di2: 11-speed

Shimano is known for making world-class quality bike gear. The most popular and heavily sold-out versions are Tiagra and 105. These premium gears give you a smooth ride and a swift cycling experience and make the bike supremely functional.

If you have planned to change your bike gears, feel free to get your hands on the Shimano Tiagra and 105 because they are the top-most picks. These valuable groupsets show the best blend of performance, value, durability, and longevity.

Most importantly, Shimano comprises six different groupsets, and Tiagra and 105 seem to be the better options. In a groupset, you will come across a range of bikes’ mechanical parts. This includes brakes, shifters, and bottom brackets. You will also spot chain sets, derailleurs, and cassettes and chains. This brand has always focused on ergonomics and aerodynamics and is backed by the longest history of innovative research.

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General difference between Shimano Tiagra and 105

  • Tiagra contains 10 sprockets located on the rear wheel. On the other hand, 105 comprises 11 sprockets for experiencing closer-ratio gearing.
  • Both of them use a similar gear cable ratio for pulling the rear derailleur movement.
  • Bikes equipped with Tiagra remain to be cheaper.
  • Tiagra believes to be the highest-grade and top-notch Shimano groupset than 105.
  • Tiagra groupset is heavier than 105. In general, you will spot 200 grams of the difference.
  • 105 comes with hydraulic disc brakes. However, Tiagra is accompanied by both hydraulic and cable disc brakes.
  • 105 groupset operates at 11-speed, which means that it has 11 sprockets. Moreover, Tiagra functions at 10-speed and is injected with 10 sprockets.
  • Tiagra is encased with both a double chain set and also a triple chainset. Whereas 105 is only available in the double set.

Which has better Dual control levers? Shimano 105 wins!

Here you can see how Shimano Tiagra and 105 differ in terms of dual control levers. Mechanically, they differ a lot! As mentioned above, Tiagra is a 10-speed system, and 105 group set remains enclosed at 11-speed. In both versions, the brackets are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. And the main lever remains made of aluminum.

Gear shifting on the 105 R7000 group looks 100% light, durable and snappy. Some customers have observed that the Tiagra shift looks slightly heavier and not so light and snappy.

Which has better Dual pivot brakes? Shimano 105 wins!

Both of these groupsets deliver different braking performances. The latest and most advanced caliper design is infused on 105. Because of the new and highly symmetrical twin pivot design, braking performance gets improved.

This design in 105 equalizes and balances the braking forces and gives the rider better control, a smooth ride, and maximum power. You only have to apply a little pressure on the lever, and the brakes stop or slow down right away.

Besides, the Tiagra brakes performed well, but they have failed to beat 105. In addition, the brakes get to stop in a hurry and give clumsy riding time. Their brakes lack a bit of depth and feel. It is due to the one-piece brake that flex gets produced.

Which shows improved quality in Disc brakes? Shimano 105 wins!

105 groupset disc brakes look more streamlines than Tiagra. In addition, the 105 hydraulic disc brakes show 11-speed, and the Tiagra operates at 10-speed. Overall, their gears remain streamlined as compared to the Tiagra versions. If you have small hands, using 105 gears will be suitable and most appropriate because their levers manage to sit closer to the handlebar, and you can easily access them.

More differences between Shimano Tiagra and 105

Below you can go through the details of more differences present between these groupsets:


Shimano Tiagra and 105 chain sets contain aluminum crank arms. In addition, they have a steel axle, four-arm spider and give utmost strength and stiffness to the riders. The outer rings remain made of aluminum, and the crank lengths are available in the range like 165mm, 170mm, or 172.5mm.

Furthermore, Tiagra has a triple chainset configuration. Overall, it is assumed that the 105 chainset is lighter. That is why we can conclude that 105 is a worthwhile and valuable upgrade.

differences between Shimano Tiagra and 105
differences between Shimano Tiagra and 105

Front derailleur

Both of the groupset front derailleurs are made of aluminum. They remain chrome-plated and injected with a stainless steel chain guide. The only difference is that 105 front derailleur seems to be the appropriate choice for 11-speed use. It has a large chainring consisting of 46 and 53 teeth. On the other hand, Tiagra is 10-speed compatible.

In terms of appearance, they differ extensively. The 105 R7000 has a compact toggle design. This design enhances and improves tire clearance. However, Tiagra has a bit of a traditional design, but it does allow the rider to shift smoothly and quietly.

Front derailleur of shimano 105
Front derailleur of shimano 105

Rear derailleur

The 105 R7000 rear derailleur is encompassed by the shadow design. Mountain bikes are generally tucked with such rear derailleurs. Most noteworthy, both of these groupsets have a bracket and plate body. They are available in short and long cage versions to make them utilize with different cassettes.

Remember that the short cage version of the Tiagra derailleur accommodates a 28-tooth large sprocket. If we talk about 105 R7000 short cage, it accommodates up to a 30-toother.

Bottom bracket

The Tiagra and 105 bottom brackets are lightweight. The slight difference is that Tiagra brackets are threaded and seem to be slightly and a bit heavier than the 105 version. But the difference is only 15 grams which are negligible. Generally, both of these picks have received an excellent reputation for delivering top performance and durability.

Final Verdict

Shimano Tiagra is an impressive and high-end groupset. It is ideal to be installed on a mid-level road bike. The only drawback is that Tiagra cannot be upgraded to 105 groupsets because drivetrain components’ 10-speed and 11-speed settings are not at all interchangeable. But generally, you will get optimum performance.

Shimano 105 has an 11-speed cassette, extra sprocket, and you will see that the spacing between those sprockets tends to remain smaller. Furthermore, the 11-speed chain is a bit lighter and narrower than a 10-speed chain. In the same way, the 11-speed shifter carries one more additional position, which lacks a 10-speed mode.

You can easily swap the 105 groupsets to Ultegra or Dura-Ace because you never know when the bike gear wears out. Moreover, if you wish to get a bike that comes with really low gears, it is advised by the experts to go with the 105 version. It seems to be a better choice.

Both of these groupsets handle 34-tooth largest sprocket, which is a catchy point. Above and beyond, it is noticed by the customers that the 105 brakes look more premium and better than Tiagra. It is the highlighting quality of this reviewed groupset. In addition, the 105 brakes give out durability, all-out power, and 100% fingertip control.

Conclusion on Shimano Tiagra vs 105

Overall, the general and basic comparison on Shimano Tiagra vs 105 tells us that these are high-quality bike gear groupsets. You can choose any of them because they guarantee to give excellent cycling performance. The discussion, as mentioned earlier, told you about its pros and cons; now you can decide which option to go for!

Wrapping up! The Shimano 105 group has 11-speed, and Tiagra has 10 speeds. They are believed to be excellent and have remarkable value for money. The inclusion of better brakes, premium chainsets, chainrings, dual-pivot brakes, dual control levers, disc brakes, front and rear derailleurs make them catchy options.

The time has come to enjoy the best cycling experience and keep the riding time safest and smooth. That is possible if you have invested in the right groupset. Shimano makes top-notch bike gears, and 105, Tiagra versions have gained immense popularity so far. You can share with us if you have ever accompanied your bike with these gears. Stay tuned!

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is tiagra good enough?

It is one of the finest components for bikers ever produced. On most of the occasions a biker will never complain about Tiagra, its performance and utility. It is a value to money product and you will not regret buying it. so, Our team at will recommend to go for it if it is on your shopping list.

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