Schwinn Kempo Review: Frame, Design, Gear, Brakes & Additional Features

See what makes this bike an excellent investment for you by reading the Schwinn Mountain bike reviews discussed in this article. A Schwinn Mountain bike is the best choice if looking for a casual mountain bike riding experience. The mountain bike has a pretty remarkable design with durable construction to last a long time. 

Throughout this Schwinn Kempo review guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Schwinn mountain bikes, including frames, wheels, gears, pros, cons, etc. 


Bike typeHybrid Bike
Number of Speeds21
Frame materialAluminum
Brake TypeDisc

Pros and cons of Schwinn Kempo


  • Durable and great in performance


  • Requires a complex assembly

Schwinn Kempo Mountain Bike


There’s nothing more attractive than a bike with a beautiful and straightforward design that makes you fall in love with it. Additionally, this bike has some paints and stickers, making it look pretty cool. The Schwinn mountain bike features a unique design that will appeal to both men and women. 


Solid aluminum is used for frame construction. In almost all of Schwinn’s Kempo bike models, aluminum frames are standard, and they do so at an affordable price.

Aluminum is a material that is lightweight and durable. With this lightweight frame, you can ride the bike comfortably without compromising your performance.  


Next, let’s focus on the excellent wheels! 26-inch wheels are on the Schwann Kempo Mountain bike. There are 26 inches of stiffer, safer, and lighter wheels. As a bike rider, you’ll be amazed by the robust nature of the wheel, which makes it so popular. Apart from that, these 26-inch wheels are the fastest on the market. 


This Schwinn Kempo Mountain bike has 21 total speed variations, just like the Schwinn high timber men’s great 18 mountain bike. So, you won’t have to break the bank to get a great mountain bike. Shimano gear shifters make changing gears convenient for you. Make the most of your rides!


Our next consideration in a mountain bike is its brake system. On any terrain surface, a sound brake system will ensure maximum safety. The Schwann Mountain bike comes equipped with a linear-pull brake system, but it would be much better to include more reliable disc brakes. 

This bike is sold at a budgeted price; it makes sense to have a linear-pull brake on a bike at this price! With this mountain bike drivetrain, both brakes are working great.


Additional Features

There is a kickstand on the Schwinn Kempo Mountain bike that allows you to quickly remove yourself from the handle so that you can perform any task. In addition, the bike also comes with a water bottle mount so you can ride the bike as you see fit. Despite supporting a weight of 300 lbs, it is lightweight to prevent fatigue. 

The bike’s weight is 40 pounds, making it easy to transport. You can wipe down the bike with a damp cloth to keep it clean. Your bike is covered by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The Schwinn Kempo Road bike proves to be great value for price. When it comes to covering more distance with less effort on your previous bike, you should consider getting a road bike.

One of the best cheap road bikes available for beginners is the Schwinn Kempo. Carbon forks look excellent and perform extremely well.

Because you won’t know if you’re serious about cycling and if you’ll love it forever, this is a good choice if you are not sure whether you are serious about cycling. Depending on your preference, you can upgrade your Italian frame and enhance it with future upgrades.


  • It’s reasonable 
  • design is modern 
  • Available with 21-speed variety 
  • Light in weight style of aluminum frame


  • Lacks the disc brake
  • Requires a complex assembly
Schwinn Kempo Mountain bike

Who can ride Schwinn Kempo Mountain bike?

Schwann offers a variety of bike models. The Schwinn Men’s Ranger, the Schwinn High Timber, and the Schwinn Women’s Ranger are the three most popular and most in-demand Schwinn bike models.

Both men and women can enjoy riding Schwann mountain bikes on trails and roads. This bike has excellent versatility, adding an element of functionality to it. 

You will also achieve your budget goals if you decide on this bike. You won’t have to break the bank when you have this bike at your side. To learn more about this fantastic bike, we have provided you with Schwinn mountain bike reviews to help you get a perfect mountain experience.

FAQs about Schwinn Kempo Review

1. Is the bike already assembled when you order it?

When shipped, you will not receive this bike assembled. The assembling technique is not included in the package. However, a manual guide will allow you to set up your bike in just a few minutes, all by yourself. 

2. How does this bike’s brake system work?

Linear-pull brakes are used on this bike. Disc brakes are often considered the best option for bikes, but the price can be high with such a system. Linear pull brakes give 21 speeds to the drivetrain.

3. What is the size of the bike’s wheels and frame?

There are 26 inches of wheels on this bike, and the frame is 7 inches. 

4. Does this bike have a shipping weight, and how much can it carry?

Shipping weight of 40lbs is required for this bike with a weight capacity of 300lbs. 

Conclusion of Schwinn Kempo Review

Finally, we recommend Schwinn Kempo Mountain bikes due to their high performance and durability. For a beginner or an entry-level rider, you should buy it immediately. It is ideal whether for riding on terrain surfaces or for a casual experience. With Schwinn bike parts, you will get high-quality products at affordable prices. 
With the lightweight and robust nature of the frame, you’re sure to have an enjoyable ride. The bike features a 21-speed variation system that gives you complete control over your speed. If the rider stopped instantly, a linear-pull braking system would be extremely safe. 

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