Saris H3 vs Wahoo KICKR – Best Available Comparison

What is a Bike Trainer?

Make the most of your cycling sessions by making the best choices!

It is merely a piece of equipment called a bicycle trainer that enables riders to pedal a stationary bicycle.

People frequently use them to prepare their bodies before races or when the weather is bad for riding outside.

In this post we are going to compare two top-class bike trainers. We will explore Saris H3 vs Wahoo KICKR comparison from all aspects.

Mechanism of Working

A trainer has some parts which include:

  • A frame.
  • A clamp to secure the bicycle.
  • A roller and a clamp to hold the bicycle safely, a roller that acts against the rear wheel by applying pressure. By this mechanism, resistance is supplied.

 On the other hand, a wind trainer has a bunch of fan blades that are continuously creating air resistance.

These trainers are frequently the most accessible and noisy. Magnets and a conductive flywheel that acts as an eddy current brake are used in magnetic trainers. Both their rate and noise levels are acceptable. Some magnetic trainers have control boxes installed on the handlebars that can be used to modify the degree of resistance while exercising.

Saris Fluid Trainer

Fluid trainers generate resistance by filling chambers with liquid. They are the priciest and most silent trainers. A small number of trainers use pressure plates, ball bearings, and precisely formed grooves to deliver resistance utilizing a centrifugal pressure mechanism.

These operate similarly to fluid trainers in terms of pricing and quality. The components of a trainer include a frame, a clamp to hold the bicycle firmly, a roller that presses up against the back wheel, and a device that generates resistance as the pedals are spun.

The roller in a wind trainer propels fan blades that produce air resistance. These trainers are frequently the most affordable and noisy. Magnets and a conductive flywheel that acts as an eddy current brake are used in magnetic trainers. Both their price and noise levels are moderate. There are some other types of magnetic trainers that have control boxes installed on the handlebars that can be used to adjust the level of resistance while exercising.

On the other hand, liquid trainers produce resistance by filling chambers with fluid. They are the priciest and most silent trainers. A limited percentage of trainers use pressure plates and a centrifugal pressure system to give resistance.

Bike Trainers- Top Competitors

So are you looking for a trainer that’s smart enough and well equipped? We have observed the features of highly rated top bike trainers. But Saris H3 seems to have won the race. As we proceed, we will be comparing the features of Saris H3 vs wahoo kickr.

Then, Saris produced a really classical yet highly modified bike trainer, the H3. The H2 model had some flaws but this newer version seems to solve all your issues.

Wahoo KICKR Bike Trainer

Saris H3 Competition

The major competitors in the current market of trainers are Tacx Neo and the Wahoo KICKR. 

Both are great models but there are other names that made it to the list of top best trainers. But currently, these top 3 are the most demanded by the customers.

And that’s all because of their promising service.

●     A Comfortable Ride

What matters the most to a rider is the quality of the ride. Since riding on Saris H3 offers an exceptional experience. Plus, the low noise and overall functionality make it reach the top.

Meanwhile, the previous H2 model had some major flaws too which were later on excluded when the new H3 came into the market.

Some bikers think that Saris is just manufacturing by keeping in mind the competitive landscape, but we think that H3 is a product that is wholesome when it comes to features.

If you are an enthusiastic cyclist, its high power can serve you better. Although if you want a little more than the Olympic committee comes into the game.

Saris H3 Competition
First morning of Wahoo Kickr workouts

●     The Connectivity Features

One more thing that adds to the value of this trainer is the amazing connectivity features that let you connect to other devices and apps.

The H3 can be easily connected to an iPad or any other Apple device.

The main idea is to introduce a seamless connection that is uninterrupted and H3 succeeded in doing so.

After testing the trainer for several weeks, by connecting it to different apps we found the trainer to be consistent in providing connectivity.

All the cycling apps can help you in providing a good cycling experience.

●     Noise minimized

The old version of Saris was a bit noisy. This suggests the improvement that the new version is needed and luckily, we got the desired version within no time.

The feedback was quite impressive since these trainers didn’t make any unwanted sounds

With H3, you will have a chance to ride with minimal sound because it reduces the sound even better than H2.

Although, it might not have the silence of wahoo KICKR but it is silent enough to make you have a comfortable and uninterrupted ride. The Saris has a sound that doesn’t exceed more than 60 decibels.

So, we conclude that H3 is quiet as compared to all the previous bike trainers.

noise of Bike Trainer
noise of Bike Trainer

●     Durability

We don’t have a lot of concrete information on durability for the H3 because it has been in the market for about a year only.

We admire it when we attain a stage where we can exhibit to you the actual “mileage” or loss rate of your unit.

We can state that over the years, we have had excellent durability success with the Saris brand. That holds true for both the H2, which has logged a significant amount of riding time, and the more conventional trainers that we put their paces on.

The H3 has an internal cooling fan, which we have to assume will increase the device’s overall lifespan.

 Something that shrewd trainers have lacked since they arrived at the market.

These are the essential components, bearings, and friction spots that tend to wear more quickly at higher temperatures, this should prevent the flywheel from working at extremely high temperatures.

●     Pricing

The Saris H3 is quite affordable when it comes to its price range. The Wahoo KICKR costs around 1200 USD while H3 gives you the same features at a price less than 200-400 USD.

Given that the H3’s functionality represents a crucial improvement over the old models, you get a better deal overall because it sells for $300 to $500 less than devices from competing companies. Although KICKR is an excellent smart trainer, the H3 has an incredible price point given its functionality and features.

Saris H3 vs Wahoo KICKR

When we compare the features of Saris H3 with Wahoo Kickr, it is quite visible that Wahoo Kickr provides tough competition to H3.

Considering the fact that it is a bit expensive as compared to H3. Although, the product is worth your money.

But if you are also looking for that option that is more affordable then definitely, H3 is best for you.

H3 is 200$ less in price than Wahoo Kickr so yes, it can be a better choice for you. However, both of them never disappoint when it comes to responsiveness and quality.

For a gearhead, the KICKR offers a clear advantage. For an extra fee, you can add an indoor simulator to the front fork, which, despite our preliminary skepticism, has received praised reviews.

Additionally, KICKR feet lets you make a limited side movement, further replicating an actual, outdoor ride. Additionally, you can also combine it with a third-party Power Meter as an additional output statistic.

Remember that the H3 also provides great simulation. Unlike the KICKR with the Climb features, they can offer you a 20% incline and a 10% decline. On the other hand, the H3 can only simulate a 20% incline.

But for the normal rider who is about to try Zwift or Sufferfest frequently or sometimes in a month and get enough work out several of these characteristics are discretionary. 

Although there is no need to mention what features will be best for you, if you are a regular rider, you might know it really well but rest, we can assure you that the productivity of the H3 won’t disappoint you in any way.

However, we recommend you to go for the Saris flywheel. It is safer to use when you are having children and animals surrounding you.

Where can I get Saris H3?

There are two locations you should look into for your new Saris H3, both of which are very credible.

 Although the prices will generally be related, if you find somebody giving a discount, take advantage of it!

Competitive Cyclist’s Gearheads are actual experts in their field, and they know how to transport trainers securely.

They also have a decent return policy: 30 days for used items and an unlimited period for new items in the box. You can view their selections.

 Although REI can also provide you the best quality bike trainers but they may not be as obsessed with gear as the Competitive Cyclist guys are, some people prefer REI if there is a local REI store nearby so that they can get service (which should really be made at a local REI store).

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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