Razor Electric Dirt Bike Reviews– Is it Worth Buying?

Let’s dive into the discussion about the Razor Electric dirt bike reviews and see what makes this bike so much recommended in the market among the bike riders.

This incredible dirt bike has appealing features and a menacing appearance which gives it the ability to ride at the fantastic speed of 14mph. Plus, it has pneumatic and large knobby tires, which are large enough to ride on different terrains with a weight limit of 140 lbs.

Do you want to know what else Razor Electric dirt bike has in for you? Let’s check out the review below and move into more discussion!

Build Construction

As we talk about the build construction, the bike is manufactured from cheap materials to ensure that it is relatively affordable. The steel frame is exceptionally robust, and it is a solid build in high-quality.

Plus, the whole engine area has been enclosed with superior materials to prevent electrical injuries or tampering for the operator. You can have it available in variety of color choices so pick something which your kid like the most.

Ease of Use

Once you have purchased the bike for the kid, you should ensure that the bike is always fully charged and used safely by the kid.

Unlike gas-powered dirt bikes, these electric bikes are pretty straightforward to ride on various terrain surfaces. Your kid needs to flip the switch, and there you go with it!

Plus, the charging port is also accessible and is foolproof. It is easy for the kids to have their units charged in case the power is gone.

Electric Power Battery

Similar to the rest of the electric toys, this electric Razor bike is available with a 24V battery based on two 12V batteries. It is included with the 12v sealed lead acid rechargeable system, which makes it straightforward to have your bike be charged regularly.

As the initial charge is concerned, it stays survived for maximum 12 hours encase this is for the first time that your bike is introduced with the electricity.

Here we would like to mention that the Razor Dirt bike is not available as pre-charged. If your kid wants to ride it the next day, make sure you place it on the charging the night before to use it throughout the next day.

Maximum Speed

Now you might be thinking about what the maximum speed of the Razor dirt bike is! Well, it has a top speed of 14mph which makes around 25km/h. If you want to ride comfortably for a long distance, then considering the maximum speed of any bike should be your priority.

The speed system is attached with the throttle configuration with a single speed. This speed throttle is not modulated, so you can either have it full speed or even nothing.

As the young kid is less in weight, so it is probable that they will reach the higher top speeds! This can be 17mph if they are not trying to ride too much hard.

Longevity of Bike Components

Regarding the longevity of the components, it is quite a decent option for the riders to think of. In Razor dirt bike, you can find the components offered with the longevity of almost 4-5 years before their battery starts to fall apart.

But no doubt that the longevity of the components is also based on the factor of how you maintain the bike and with how much care.

Is Razor Electric Dirt Bike Noisy?

It is not evident that all the dirt bikes make a noise. Even with the powered dirt bikes, they never make any noises while riding or during charging. But some bikes make a bit of noise, and thus, it gets uneasy for them to ride on open roads or streets without any supervision.

Razor dirt bike is so silent, and thus, it even goes unadvertised on roads. But this noise-free bike might be a bit risky for your kid because you can never know when they ride far away or can probably meet any accident.

Pros and cons of Razor Electric Dirt Bike


  • 14mph of fastest variable speed
  • Knobby and big tires
  • Best to ride on different terrain surfaces
  • Riser handlebars with powerful handlebar grips
  • More than 30-60 minutes of continuous bike riding


  • Not suitable for the kids for 13+ years of age group

Other Features

A few other unique features of Razor electric dirt bike are:

  • The bike is offered with large knobby tires, making it perfect for you to ride on all-terrain surfaces. This gives your child an unlimited space to have fun.
  • Twist grip throttle lets your kid have a robust acceleration control for better safety during top speed rides.
  • In addition, a hand-operated back brake is also part of his bike to have easy access on the bike.
  • You can adjust the bike to a different height with the help of adjustable riser handlebars. If two kids are of similar age but with an extra height, they can use it.

Who can ride it?

It’s a highly versatile bike model which goes in line with the kids of different age groups. This bike is excellent for kids who are 13 years old or can even suit the kids between 6-7 years of age group.

Before you pick any Razor bike, it is always the best option to look at the specific measurements, dimensions and what age group of kids it is dealing with.


Well, to end with this discussion, the Razor Electric dirt bike is an all-rounder bike that is worth investing in due to its trendy look and being safe enough for the kids. It is remarkably adjustable for various heights, which makes it brilliant to ride on all the time.

Final Verdict on Razor Electric Dirt Bike Reviews

So to hunt an excellent electric dirt bike for your kid, don’t forget to pick the best model from the Razor brand right now. They have some reasonable which are guaranteed to give you an experience of endless adventure.

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