Northwoods Mountain Bike review: Features, Pros & Cons

Right through this post, we will have a detailed discussion about the Northwoods Mountain Bike review. If you are looking for an edgy bike to ride through the bumpy country trails, we have the brilliant option of Northwood Mountain Bike for you to drive into the city streets with full freedom.

This amazing silver bike is a perfect fit with a powerfully built, lightweight aluminium frame and knobby grip of tires on rough roads. What else do you wish for?

In short, as you ride on the Northwoods Mountain Bike, you will sail through the rough terrain with control, speed and great comfort.

Now without wasting any time, let’s dive into the discussion below which describes all about the mountain bike and its important features.

About the Brand: Northwoods

First, North Wood is a top leading brand offering great manufacturing of some decent quality mountain bikes. They design the bikes by keeping in mind the rider’s safety and full adventure zone quality.

In 1947, they started working as a leading manufacturing company, and today they are favorite in the market to fulfil biker personal needs. So far, they have introduced different bike models designed for commuting, mountaineering or riding in hilly areas.

Overview: Northwoods Mountain Bike review

Starting to talk about Northwoods Mountain Bike, it’s a full-suspension and lightweight bike, an excellent choice for mountaineering. It has a frame made from pure aluminum, which is quite a lot lighter than steel. The frame of the bike measures around 26 inches, which is suitable for kids.

In addition, the bike’s weight is only 42 lbs. which is a bit lighter than any other mountain bike. Even though it is lightweight, you won’t still feel any difference in the quality and braking system of the bike.

Northwood brand is already known for manufacturing great mountain bikes, and this bike is one such perfect example of it. You can get it in two different color options, such as grey and orange. For the mountain or rocky terrains, we highly recommend you with this bike.

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Specifications of Northwoods Mountain Bike

  • Bike Type: Mountain Bike
  • Age Range: Boys and Girls, Adult
  • Brand: North Woods
  • Wheel Size:26 Inches
  • Specific Uses: Recreational Mountain
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Special Feature: 21 speeds with Aluminum Frame
  • Number of Speeds: 18
  • Size: 26-Inches
  • Color: Grey and Orange
Important Features of Northwoods Mountain Bike

Important Features of Northwoods Mountain Bike


This amazing mountain bike has a frame that measures 26 inches. This frame dimension is excellent for both girls and boys. You can get it in an exotic variety of color options, including grey and orange. Pick the one which satisfies and attracts you the most!

There is no doubt that North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike is the most powerful bike to invest in for mountaineering purposes. It has the power to defeat rough terrains and rocky roads or mountain trails.


Another best thing about this mountain bike is its braking system which is incredible to talk about. It is available in dual linear-pull brakes or the rim brakes, located at the rear and front sides of the bike. The use of linear-pull brakes is much required when riding on rough terrains and performing a stellar stopping motion.

A bit of attention is needed when kids are riding this bike in rainfall or in muddy areas.


Talking about the tires, this bike is offered 24 inches of powerful wheels for a smooth riding experience. The tire is wide and knobby, which brings extra traction and stability to your ride. You won’t experience this quality in any other mountain bike. In short, these wheels are great for your kid’s safety.

The wheel’s rim is made from alloy, which is excellent for reducing wear and tear due to linear-pull brake. Hence, the alloy rims let the rider handle crashes, bumps, or perform better impact than steel rims.

Pros & Cons of Northwoods Mountain Bike


It is exciting news for all the bike riders that North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain bike is based on 21 different speed levels. It even uses the feature of Speed Twist shifters to ease while shifting the gear or changing the brake while riding the bike. In short, the shifter guarantees you have a smooth transition.

In addition, the bike is also included with a rear derailleur which you might have seen in Shimano brand bikes. With this feature, you will notice great durability and excellent per romance in your bike ride. The rear derailleur is highly adjustable and easy to work on when shifting gears.


North Woods adds up their bikes with both full and dual suspension system. The dual suspension is because both the rear and the front side of the mountain bike is having a suspension system. The front side of the suspension system is delivered at a 50 mm travel steel crown fork.

The rear suspension works as a shock absorber. There is no need to worry about how the bike will ride on rough terrain roads. The overall experience will be comfortable and extra smooth. With the help of both these suspension systems, riders can easily perform different turns and shifts without any stress of falling or losing the grip.

Pros & Cons of Northwoods Mountain Bike


  • Excellent for girls and boys both
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 26 inches of powerful frame
  • The dual suspension braking system
  • A dual linear system of pull brakes
  • 24 inches of wheels


  • Not great for trick riding
  • It does not offer extra back seat space

Hence, it would help if you put a little effort into adjusting brakes and derailleurs, which can be daunting for some people. Hire a professional for this task. Place your orders for Northwoods Mountain Bike right now!

Final Verdict

  • Price
  • Value


To end the discussion, we will state that investing in Northwoods off Road 26″ mountain bike is a great choice to make it happen right now. It has an attachment of handlebar with the front tire, comfortable pedals, and smoothest seating, making this bike a worthy option for regular commuting.

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