Nishiki vs Schwinn – 8 Main Differences

When shopping for a mountain bike, what qualities should you prioritize? Here, we compare two popular mountain bike brands— the Schwinn and the Nishiki—to see which one wins out in the end.

Popular bicycle manufacturers include Schwinn and Nishiki. For their dependability and consistency, many customers choose these two solutions. We will compare Nishiki with Schwinn and evaluate which brand is superior now.

In this Post we are going to explore Nishiki vs Schwinn from all aspects. We will cover bike specifications, prices, manufacturing and history.

Introduction to Nishiki vs Schwinn

You may learn more about how well each company meets your requirements and preferences by comparing them side by side. Both companies produce a wide variety of bicycles, but they each have their strengths.

You should ask yourself this before deciding among these premium manufacturers:

Just what do I need from a bike? Do I need a very light bike? Do I mind shelling out a hefty premium for premium components? The answers to these questions will guide you toward the brand that best meets your needs.

Contrasting the Premium Manufacturers – Nishiki and the Schwinn

Since it would be impracticable and time-consuming to compare each and every Nishiki and Schwinn equipment and attachment, this article will instead concentrate on highlighting the key differences between the two brands’ top-tier hybrid bicycles (unless mentioned otherwise). This way, the differences between them are more pronounced, making it easier to weigh their relative merits.

Before we dive into the specifics, though, it would be helpful to have some background on the two brands in question.

Nishiki Manufacturers

Nishiki Manufacturers:

Kawamura Cycle Company of Japan first produced bicycles under the Nishiki brand. In 2010, Dick’s Sporting Goods became the new owner of all Nishiki licencing rights. Having made the purchase, Dick’s Sporting Goods now offers Nishiki-branded bicycles and parts.

Nishiki is among the manufacturers whose bikes are expertly put together. They carefully selected raw materials to provide a high-performance bicycle at an accessible price. Nishiki’s high-end mountain bicycle features a sturdy frame made of heat-treated, high-tensile steel. This bike can be ridden with ease up and down mountains thanks to its mountain geometry.

Nishiki will have a catalogue of roughly 50 different bicycles by the year 2020. Nishiki’s primary focus is on the rider’s ease of mind.

Nishiki has certain bicycles with interchangeable frame sizes so you may get a bike that’s a good fit no matter your stature. You can bring your whole family out for some nice cycling time on the same model bicycle with this perk.

This bicycle is available in five sizes, making it suitable for the entire family. There is a Shimano-made 7-speed drivetrain. Shimano also makes both the front and post derailleurs. Linear pulls made of an alloy are mounted on the brake levers. The steel seat base on the sporty saddle is an added bonus.

Resin pedals, rather than plastic, are used on this bike because of their superior durability. The 26-inch-thick tyres are perfect for smoothing out the ride on a rocky road.

The Nishiki bicycle is a steal, with endurance that can keep up with much more expensive professional bicycle. This bicycle comes in a women’s model, too.




  • When compared to other brands in the exact same price category, Nishiki bicycles are noticeably cheaper.
  • Frame-wise, they are exceptionally robust and long-lasting.
  • The same model bicycle will come in a variety of frame sizes, enabling you to choose the great match.


  • Although there are only a few different bike styles to pick from, but each comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Nishiki bicycles have strong steel bodies, however this makes them cumbersome to transport.

Schwinn Manufacturers:

However, Schwinn, also founded in Chicago and with German origins, is another major player in the bicycle industry. They have become one of Pacific Cycle’s brands. Dorel Industries owns the trademark for the brand. Scooters and a wide variety of add-ons are also available from Schwinn.

Schwinn bicycles have a worldwide fan base because of its dependability and durability. The manufacturers of these goods place a premium on quality, so you can be assured that you’re getting nothing but the best components in every one of their items. Cruisers, hybrids, mountains, roads, bike lanes, smart-start, and electric bikes are just some of the options.



  • Schwinn produces a wide variety of bicycles, including both road bikes and electric bikes, so you may easily choose one that suits your needs.
  • Most bicycle frameworks are made of aluminum alloy, which is both strong and lightweight.
  • Schwinn offers mountain bikes with up to 21 gears.


  • Bicycles from Schwinn tend to be more expensive than average.
  • Each Schwinn bike comes with the same frame size. One size fits all is literally true.

Material of the Bicycles:

The steel frame is a distinguishing element of the Nishiki bicycle. The premium structure comes at the expense of some handling weight. Traditional bicycle geometry has been shaped into the steel structure by heat treatment. You can ride this bike over any terrain with ease.

This Schwinn mountain bike has an aluminum frame. When compared with steel, this is incredibly lightweight. The small wooded paths were very manageable on this bike. The Schwinn bike triumphs because of its low weight.

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Aspect Ratio of the Frame:

For offering more frame sizes, Nishiki Bike wins the award. Nishiki offers a total of five different frame sizes, while Schwinn only offers one (17-inch) option. The Nishiki bicycle is available in frame sizes of 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. My advice is to acquire a Nishiki if you have a family that enjoys long rides together.

Drivetrain of the Bicycle:

The question is, how fast do you want your bicycle to be? If you’d rather be out in the wilderness as you ride, a Nishiki bicycle is the way to go. It has a 7-speed transmission, which is sufficient for a wide range of speeds. It’s easier to get over hills and faster on level land.

To experience the full capability of a bicycle, I recommend a Schwinn mountain bike. The drivetrain is a 21-speed Shimano. It’s quicker than the Nishiki bicycle. The Schwinn bicycle’s Shimano EZ-Fire gears make shifting gears a breeze. The Nishiki is more suited for slopes, while the Schwinn is better suited for mountains.

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Price of the Bicycles:

The average price of a Nishiki hybrid bicycle is significantly lower compared to that of a Schwinn hybrid cycle. For less than $300, you can purchase a high-quality Nishiki hybrid bicycle. As an alternative, at the time this evaluation was published, the cheapest Schwinn hybrid bicycle started at just over $300.

If you’re looking for a higher-end bike, we recommend Schwinn. Hybrid bicycles with an electric motor worth more than $2,000 are also available. Schwinn bicycles span a wide price range, whereas Nishiki hybrid bikes are affordable even on a low budget.

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Complete and Final Judgement on Nishiki vs Schwinn:

When pitted against each other, Nishiki and Schwinn are equally matched. The type of bike you want to buy and how much you want to spend determine this.

To save money, choose a Nishiki bicycle. Products are of an acceptable quality, and the prices are reasonable. It’s best to go for a Schwinn if you’re in the market for a high-quality road bike because they’re lightweight and function admirably.

I hope our team created a quality piece of content to cover Nishiki vs Schwinn. Please head over to blog section of to explore the world of biking.

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