11 Do’s and Don’ts for Mountain biking with Dog

Dogs are the best buddies of humans, and it is tough for a dog owner to leave the dog at home while having a bike adventure on trails. Mountain biking with Dog can be a great fun activity for both Dog and owner, but it comes with risks, as putting your Dog on trial without proper preparation and training of Dog can put your Dog in dangerous situations.

This blog post will explore different ideas and methods to manage our dogs during our biking adventures.

Mountain biking with a pet can be a great way to spend more time with your best buddy but before that, you need to ask a question from yourself do you have the right breed of Dog and your Dog is trained enough to be on a track where Dog will have to run faster without the leash.

There are almost forty million mountain bikers in the United States, and 36% of households have a dog to imagine this problem statement. If you grew up along with your dog, you know how hard it is not to involve your pet in your adventure activity.

First of all, we will talk about the most appropriate Dog breeds that have traits like athletic body, temperament, and running capabilities.

Best trail dog breeds for mountain biking

Best trail dog breeds for mountain biking

  1. Australian cattle dogs

One of the most intelligent dog breeds which is used to control the cattle by herders. These dogs have muscles, power, and stamina built in naturally. These dogs like to run all day and are not fond of led screens.

Australian cattle are also known as ACD. They are naturally loyal and have a caring nature. The obedience level in these dogs is too good, and you can train them efficiently for your biking trips. In addition, these dogs are natural runners, so you will not have to be too slow on a bike to keep up with your Dog.

  • Labrador retriever

If you have a Labrador, you know that you got one of the dog’s best, most loyal, and friendly breeds. These dogs are funny, jolly, obedient, and easily trainable for most activities. However, Labradors can adjust heat better than other breeds but never bike with them on scorching days. There is a reason that this breed is the most popular in the United States.

Labradors can gain weight rapidly, so exercise is vital for them, and biking is a great way to keep them fit and healthy. This is a family pet breed, so there will be no issue when they are exposed to a stranger on track.

Labrador retriever
  • Vizsla

This breed is a close relative of pointer dogs but is more exotic and obedient dogs. The body structure of these dogs is athletic and good for running. The heat tolerance of these dogs is astonishing, and you can bike with them in hot days too but keep in mind that they have a chilly nature and can be distracted by other things easily.

  • Border collie

This dog breed is also used for herding cattle by herders, and it has many similar traits to ACD. These dogs love to play and remain active most of the day. However, don’t expect that a border collie will take too many naps.

The trainability, obedience, and intelligence of these breeds make them perfect partners during mountain biking. The running capabilities of border collies are top-notch, and that is why they manage to herd the cattle. The heat tolerance level is up to the mark, and they can adjust with strangers.

Now we will talk about tips and training required for your Dog.

Border collie

Use a dog biking leash.

This is an important step when you start biking with a pet. Biking leash prevents Dog from running ahead of you. In addition, most bike leashes come with a shock-absorbing feature that absorbs sudden pressure of pulling if Dog is distracted by anything.

Selection of dog breeds

Always select a good dog breed that is suitable for mountain biking. We have discussed some of the excellent dog breeds appropriate for biking above.

Selection of Mountain Bike

The selection of the right mountain bike is very crucial when you are mountain biking with Dog. If your trail is snowy, then a fat tire bike is better but most of the time, hard trail bikes give better results as they will have rear suspension instead of front suspension.

Use a Bike Trailer while Mountain Biking with Dog

Dog trailer is an extraordinary component that you can attach with your bike if you want to roam with your Dog. Not every breed of Dog will run with a bike due to certain factors. Here we can use bike trailers. The benefit of having a trailer is that you can save your pet from adverse weather conditions.

We have a dedicated post about trailers for pets where we have reviewed some of the best available models.

Top 10 Best Bike Trailers for Dogs That You Can opt for Biking Around Town

Bike Trailer for Dog

Give rewards to your Dog

Rewarding your dogs with treats when they follow your commands develops an obedient behavior. It becomes so easy to train your dog step by step when Dog realizes that he will get something in return.

Give rewards to your Dog

Keep your dogs hydrated.

Always bring a dog water bottle with you. Dogs need to be hydrated after running with you on track. We never know that we will get water for our dog on track if the dog collapses due to heat or dehydration; you will be able to help your pet.

Don’t bike with Dog on a hot and humid day

Even if your dog belongs to a heat-tolerant breed, never test the limits of your Dog. The same conditions apply on a snowy day. The idea is that you never want to try your Dog in adverse weather conditions.

Use tracker on the collar of Dog

There are specific dog trackers available on marketplaces that you can use on the dog collar. Always use these dog trackers to track down your pet using the tracking feature in case of any mishap where you lost your dog.

Show your command to Dog

Dogs can be distracted by anything like small animals, moving objects, and anything that attracts them, so you need to train them so that they don’t run towards distractions. The obedience training will play a significant role in Dog’s safety on trial.

Make sure your Dog is old enough.

If your dog is too young and your body structure is developing, you need to wait for the right time. Always go for biking when the Dog is fully grown. Regular inspection of pets from the vet will make things easy for you to decide about the right age when you can take the Dog on track.

Make sure your Dog is old enough

Don’t change trails frequently.

If your dog is familiar with a trail, you should stick with it as pets tend to memorize the track, and when you change it frequently, it can confuse them.


Dogs can make your mountain biking experience more enjoyable, but you need to take precautionary measures for your pet. I hope we were able to educate you about this topic. Please head over to our blog bikedestiny.com to read the more awesome post about biking. Happy reading.

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