Mongoose vs Schwinn – Which One Should You Choose?

If you are looking for a new bike and want to invest in a good bike so you don’t have to regret your purchase decision later on then you need to evaluate all available brands closely and carefully.

Whenever you explore bike markets whether it is online or physical stores like Walmart two brands will pop up everywhere, yes, I am talking about Mongoose and Schwinn. These 2 brands have ruled bike markets for a long span of time because of quality, service, and research on bikes.

In this post, we will intersect the comparison of Mongoose vs Schwinn which has been a hot debate in the biking community. Although we know that mongoose always dominated the BMX bikes market and Schwinn ruled commuting and road bikes segment but both these brands produce similar types of bikes too so we can learn about the pros and cons of both brands.

The Main Difference between Mongoose and Schwinn is Built Quality and prices. Both these brands belong to the same parent company so you will see some similarities too. The parent company of these brands is pacific cycle group which owns several bike brands.

From the perspective of a bike enthusiast, I know that both of these brands have provided customers with quality products and excellent service but they have been market rivals too.

Mongoose Vs Schwinn comparison

History of Mongoose bikes

In 1974 a BMX biker Skip Hess started out a company in southern California with the aim to make the most comfortable and durable BMX bikes of the world. Skip Hess wanted to test cast magnesium when could withstand the stunts of BMX bikers.

Skip Hess named his brand Mongoose bikes and this company, which earlier started as a BMX manufacturer expanded its product line and introduced other types of bikes like mountain, road, and kid’s bikes.

Mongoose entered the mountain bike market in 1985 and introduced several models in the market but the most successful model was the mongoose amplifier which took the market by storm and became one of the most demanded mountain bikes of all time.

Mongoose has many unique selling prepositions and easy to assemble is one of them. Mongoose has always been known for its research and development to incorporate all helpful features in a single bike.

Mongoose Dolomite

Mongoose Mountain Bike Review

Pros and cons of Mongoose Bikes


  • Top-notch built quality
  • Higher quality frame and other parts
  • Available in almost all price ranges to cater to different market segments
  • Easy to assemble and awesome after-sales service
  • Manufacturing all types of bikes


  • Prices are higher than Schwinn
Mongoose fat tire bike

Mongoose Malus

History of Schwinn bikes

Schwinn is a more mainstream and old bike company compared to the mongoose. Schwinn is one of the top 15 bike companies in the world which was established in 1895 by a German immigrant whose name was Ignaz Schwinn.

This company has survived 2 world wars and dominated the bike market in different eras. The unique selling proposition of Schwinn is the reliability and quality of the brand. Schwinn first introduced BMX bikes in 1956 which is delayed entry in this segment of bikes. Later on, in 1995, it introduced a series of lightweight mountain bikes.

In the United States, Schwinn has a very good brand reputation. The parent company of Schwinn is the pacific cycle group. You will be surprised to know that the parent company of both Mongoose and Schwinn is the same which is the pacific cycle. Pacific cycle owns instep and kid TRAX too. The headquarters of the pacific cycle group is in Wisconsin.

Pros and cons of Schwinn bikes


  • One of the most reputable brands
  • Manufacturing bikes of all segments
  • Prices are lower than mongoose
  • Beginner-friendly bikes
  • Durable and quality frames


  • Apart from frames, other parts of the bike are inferior
Schwinn Mountain Bike Reviews

Features of Schwinn


One type of bike can’t cater to the needs of all individuals. Every biker has a different set of requirements ranging from size to budget of the bike. A child can’t ride an adult bike and similarly, an adult can’t use a BMX bike for daily commuting. Schwinn offers too much variety that it can fulfil the needs of the whole biking community.

Mongoose is not far away from Schwinn in offering a variety of bikes and covers almost all segments of bikes but they are far behind Schwinn in this segment. In BMX and fat-tire bikes mongoose has edge over Schwinn but overall, in terms of variety Schwinn is the clear winner.


  • Durable and great in performance


  • Requires a complex assembly

Schwinn Kempo Mountain Bike

Brand reputation:

Although the parent company of both these brands is the same which is the pacific cycle group but still both of these brands are totally different in brand identity. Schwinn is a century-old market player but Mongoose is a 50 years old brand. The USP of both these brands is different.

Schwinn is famous for affordability and variety and the mongoose is known for durability and BMX bikes which is a niche market. In big cycling events like tour, de France Schwinn will not have much presence because it does not target top athletes and markets itself as an affordable bike manufacturer.

Mongoose on the other hand has big marketing budgets and brand ambassadors which ultimately build its brand reputation. So, in terms of brand reputation, Schwinn is lagging behind mongoose.

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Suspension of both bikes:

Mongoose has always been known for powerful suspension while the suspension of Schwinn has been on the lower side. The composition material of mongoose is more powerful and durable compared to Schwinn bikes.

Terrains and trails:

Schwinn bikes are better suited for paved roads and flat tracks but mongoose bikes can tackle difficult trails and harsh terrains due to having durable frames and components.

Customer service:

Due to belonging to the same parent company the customer service of both these brands is quite similar and up to mark. However, several models of mongoose come with a money-back guarantee while due to budget-friendly options Schwinn doesn’t offer these guarantees.


Mongoose bikes are suitable for veteran bikers and Schwinn bikes are more suitable for beginners.

Final Verdict:

Schwinn and mongoose both are awesome brands so it depends upon your usage, experience level, terrain, and trails that which bike you should buy. Please head over to different sections on to explore the world of biking.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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