Mongoose Dolomite VS Malus – 18 Reasons to/NOT to Buy

Here we are sharing with you a detailed comparison between two fat-tire mountain bikes Mongoose Dolomite VS Malus.

Mongoose is a big name in the cycling industry. The different types of bikes produced by this brand are most tempting and are definitely worth purchasing for all the bike lovers out there.

Mongoose is famous for its durability and promising quality. It’s very important for a biker to have a strong grip over the bike that can glide easily on all types of roads.

Likewise, when it comes to fat tires bikes, it manufactures two types of bikes that are best for riding in the mountains and snowy areas. These bikes are famous for their maneuverability because they provide enough control to make a seemingly difficult ride much easier. Also, they make sure that you don’t get any strain on your muscles.

Although, it varies on individual preferences and interests which bike you are going to get for your biking venture.

 In this article, we will be comparing Mongoose Dolomite VS Malus the two fat tire bikes based on their key features which include durability, size, weight specifications, pedals, brakes, and gearing systems.

Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes

As the name suggests fat tires are the thicker type of tires with wider rims. The width of these tires is up to 5 inches. These bikes require sufficient inflation pressure.

Fat tire bikes are also called “Mountain Bikes” because of the tough framework and high traction capabilities for off road riding.

The Basic Idea Of What These Bikes Are?

If you are looking for a bike that can endure all sorts of conditions and never leave you alone in the mountains then these bikes are your type. The fat heavy bikes might scare some people but that’s what makes them capable enough to bear heavy weights and mountainous roads.

These fat tire type bikes are specially designed for the bikers who love to roll over their bikes on snowy, muddy, and hilly roads.

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What’s Extra In These Bikes?

Now, you can get on the off-roading journey without the fear of getting in a troublesome situation. Because Mongoose’s huge fat bikes have exceptional features that don’t let you struggle over muddy and bumpy surfaces.

These bikes are manufactured with a strong framework that lets them withstand a huge amount of pressure. The big tires are thick and provide much better traction for your bike.

Plus, there is a wide range of options available for speed along with the different gearing mechanisms so that you can roll over muddy surfaces effortlessly.

Because of their amazing off-road riding capabilities, people are likely to purchase them. With these bikes, you can ride on any terrain in a way that provides you with a wholesome and safe experience.

The mainstream market is full of options when it comes to fat tire bikes. Out of all these, we are comparing the two renowned bikes, Dolomite and Malus, manufactured by Mongoose.

With any further ado, let’s dive into the details of Mongoose Dolomite and Malus.

Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes
Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes

What Makes Them Similar?

The features shared by these bikes are described below:

●     Cruiser Design Hardtail Frame

 The steel frame makes it the strongest and durable which allows it to withstand every harsh condition. Whether you are on a mountain or a bumpy icy road, these frameworks work in conjunction with the fat tires. Because of this steel body, it never shakes on the road and provides a smooth ride.

●     Dual Disc Brakes

Mongoose always makes sure that the brakes are working efficiently. Both of these bikes have dual disc brakes which are more powerful and reliable therefore allowing you to ride in all types of harsh conditions.

●     4-inch Knobby Tires

The bikes have knobby tires which are not just for grabbing the attention of bikers but they let you roll over the unstable and uneven hills and grounds.

The width of 4-inch makes these bikes unique from the same old styles. Also, these are large and heavy which requires you to be a little energetic while pulling them. So, when it comes to tires, both of them bear the same characteristics.

●     26-inch wheels

The 26- inch refers to the diameter of the wheels, the larger diameter helps you roll over every kind of obstacle that might hinder your way. These wheels make rolling over much easier.

●     Alloy rims

The wheels are enclosed with double walled alloy rims. These alloy rims offer a strong, masculine build to your bike. Also, they don’t add up much weight thus making you more comfortable.

Mongoose made sure that both the bikes have alloy rims. These alloy rims last so much longer and remain functional even after long periods.

●     7 Speed Gearing Systems

The 7 speed twist shifters make sure you are able to ride on a bike at a maintained speed. With the 7-speed feature, your bike can easily ride over bumpy, rough, and inclined roads.

Both of the bikes have the same gearing systems.

●     Pedals

For easy pedaling, both of these bikes are equipped with lightweight pedals that are also ready to bear high speed biking.

●     Brakes

The brakes also work efficiently. Although, there are some complaints about the braking systems making unwanted noises. But for some cyclists, it’s an enjoyable thing.

●     Durability

The fine quality steel makes the framework much more sturdy and long-lasting.

Mongoose Dolomite

Pros and cons


  • Attractive in appearance.
  • The bike’s braking system is incredibly efficient.
  • The framework is tough enough.
  • The bike requires a short period to be assembled.


  • Occasionally the brakes make irritating, howling noises.
  • The seat is uncomfortable.

Mongoose Dolomite

Mongoose Malus

Pros and cons


  • The bike comes along with a kickstand.
  • It is much easier to assemble it.
  • It is the most reliable.


  • The bike is quite bulky.

Mongoose Malus

What Makes Them Different From Each Other?

 Let’s get an insight into how the two bikes vary in their features …

Although, the bikes are produced by the same company and mostly look alike. But there are some features that differ in both of them making them slightly unique from each other.

●     Colour

Mongoose Dolomite comes in three different colors (light blue, red, and Navy blue), while in Malus, Mongoose offers four vibrant colors (silver/yellow, matte black, silver/black, and tan).

●     Affordability

The Dolomite bike is worth $240 whereas the Malus is $300. So, the Dolomite bike will be an affordable option.

●     Pedaling

The pedals in dolomite are specially for breach bruising. These pedals distribute the energy in an efficient manner providing much balance to the rider. Whereas the pedals in Malus are for ensuring much higher speed as compared to Dolomite.

●     Frame size

Both of these fat tire bikes are made up of high tensile steel frames but in different sizes.

Mongoose Dolomite has a frame of the size of 17-inch whereas Malus has an extra inch in the frame.

Luckily, both bikes are medium-sized making them suitable for bikers of varying heights.

●     Weight

Malus is the lighter one bearing 42 pounds while the heavier one is Dolomite bearing 52 pounds of weight.

●     Weight limit

After taking people’s reviews over these two bikes, we found that Dolomite can withstand up to 380 pounds of weight while Mongoose Malus 360 pounds.

●     Frame Style

Both the bikes are fat tires but Mongoose Malus is known for its Cruiser style frame.

In case you don’t know what, a cruiser style is, it’s a bicycle that utilizes balloon tires, a mono-speed drivetrain which is made-up of a whole steel stylish framework.

Not to mention, the Dolomite has a conventional mountain bike frame.

●     Bike Seat

Malus has a cruiser type of seat which is quite comfy as compared to that of Dolomite. The dolomite’s seat is a bit harder therefore it’s not so comfortable.

●     Bike Portability

Mongoose Malus is lighter than Dolomite. Both of them are heavy bikes but Malus wins the race as it is more portable.

Mongoose Malus VS Mongoose Dolomite target users

Mongoose is famous for producing high-end and top-notch bikes for every type of consumer.

The unique geometry of Dolomite might suit taller people. In contrast, Mongoose Malus works great for females too and the recommended height of the rider is shorter which is 5 ‘4-6’ 2.

Which One Should You Get?

It is certainly a difficult task to choose between the two best bikes of Mongoose.

Since the capabilities are quite extraordinary as compared to the traditional bicycles.

Before we give our verdict you must know that Dolomite is a better option for the male riders who love to ride over steeper terrains and that is only made possible by its frame. While Malus has a cruiser-style frame, therefore, making it suitable for less steep ones.

Final Verdict on Mongoose Dolomite VS Malus

According to our in-depth analysis, Malus is a better option with respect to its speeding and gearing systems.

Although, it’s pricier than Dolomite.

We are hopeful that on these bikes you can make the best out of your biking journey.

So now you know how the two bikes differ and also the similarities they share. Therefore, it’s easier for you to pick between the two depending on your choices and preferences.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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