Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport?

Cycling is beneficial but we can’t stay blindfolded to the severe consequences of mountain biking..

Sports that involve a high risk of injury and high speeds are often considered extreme sports. To be able to get yourself into an extreme sport requires a high amount of energy and strength. Mountain biking has its own risks and challenges for even those who have mastered it are still at risk of accidents. in this post we will explore Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport.

Any mismanagement and carelessness might cause them to pay a high price. Mountain biking caused a lot of deaths in the past. Despite this, people are still into this extreme sport and the demand for mountain bikes seems to be increasing every day in the market. Those people who love to go for new adventures every day seem to find mountain biking a really amusing hobby. It involves off-road cycling on rough surfaces of mountains.

Pros of Mountain Bikes
Pros of Mountain Bikes

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, riders use heavy and specified bikes for mountain biking. Riders spend hours in practice before they become experts in mountain biking. Make sure you check the weather updates before you start the adventure in the mountains. The dry and hot weather is perfect for riding on the mountain.

What are the risks involved in Mountain biking?

Imagine you are on a mountain and riding on a heavy mountain bike. Even if you have the best bikes you are still prone to get hurt. Because it’s not a usual road but a mountain that has a lot of slopes, steep hills, and sharp surfaces.

Some trees and bushes also try to hinder your tires too. It requires you to sustain your balance at each and every moment.

When you are biking towards the downside, there are visible chances of getting slipped off and getting yourself injured.

The small injuries are mostly normal for a mountain biker and they are used to getting them. But if these bikers get a head injury, then the consequences might be really severe. Since it’s the prime reason for most deaths.

Is Mountain Biking equivalent to risking your life?

Some serious injuries can definitely lead a person to death if he rides ruthlessly on mountains. So, of course, mountain biking is a sport that has a bunch of risks involved.

If you look up the stats, most of the deaths are caused by head injuries.

Apart from this, Mountain biking cannot be completely discouraged because of the risks because it also benefits you in maintaining your body and it’s equivalent to a cardio workout.

However, it could be assumed that mountain biking can also increase your life by offering a good calorie burn plan.

Moreover, it is also a therapeutic sport for people who suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

How Do You Protect yourself while you are riding in the mountains?

Since mountain biking is quite an extreme sport, you need to take some precautionary measures. You can keep a check on the following things before you start an adventure with your bike.

Check your equipment. You need to analyze that each and every piece of equipment on your bike completely satisfies you.

●     Make sure you have a Helmet

As we have already discussed above, head injuries are the riskiest ones. There are hundreds of helmets in the market to save you from head injuries. So, make sure your helmet is properly fixed on your head before you are on the go.

Along with a helmet, you should also have some other accessories like knee pads, elbow pads, and body armor. Neck braces have become the new essentials for bikers.

Mountain Bike Helmets
Mountain Bike Helmets

●     Stay Ready

It’s really essential to warm up your muscles before you are heading on an adventure. The warm-up increases the blood flow and makes your muscles ready for intense exertion.

Warmups are really essential in preventing muscle injuries. There are higher chances of having muscular pain and injuries if you go without having that warm-up.

●     Check the vehicle you will ride on

If you are a beginner and have just started to hike in the mountains. The fact that you must know about the features of your vehicle should not be overlooked at any cost.

Analyze the vehicle and the place where you will be taking it. Take smarter steps before you start your journey.

●     Keep yourself Hydrated

Make sure you are treating yourself with excessive fluids to stay hydrated and energetic.

Otherwise, you will feel a huge burnt-out condition.

Would you prefer Mountain Biking Alone?

Because of the dangers involved, it’s not recommended to go into the mountains alone.

Even if you are equipped with all the essentials, there are still chances of getting into trouble, especially if you are new to mountain biking.

It’s a huge risk of going to the mountains alone especially if you are just a beginner and don’t have any idea about the location and the tracks. Moreover, if the mountains are farther than your family might not be able to reach you on time if you get stuck in an undesirable situation.

●     Take your phone along with you

Keep your phone active wherever you go, to let your loved ones know about you if you don’t show up for a long time. Keep your location turned on.

Moreover, tell people about what you are up to and where you will be spending hours. It will facilitate any future search carried out.

●     Have a spare wheel with you

Be prepared for any mishap and take a bunch of spare parts with you.

●     You should know where you are Riding

Have an idea of the ride trails before you leave. Check the maps and understand your ways properly. Preplanning is the best way to avoid unwanted circumstances.

●     Stay Energetic

Have some snacks with you if you don’t want to faint. Moreover, maintain a good water intake and take a water bottle with you.

●     Lookup to the Weather forecast

You should always stay updated about the weather conditions because it’s a really influential factor when it comes to riding over mountains.

Conclusion on Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport

Mountain biking is a great sport for all kinds of age groups. We need to understand that every sport has its own risks and it totally depends upon the athlete how he brings the best out of the sport. I hope we were able to answer Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport? Please subscribe our blog for future updates.

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