InStep Bike Trailer Reviews: A comprehensive Guide

Read out the below InStep bike trailer reviews to see if it is worth investing in or not. InStep trailers are among the great and most popular bike trailers that the parents can choose for their kids to have a comfortable ride on.

And thus, the main reason for InStep bike trailer popularity is its affordable nature and being an extra functional product to ride on all the time.

The simplest trailers from the InStep are accessible in two different models: the single version known as InStep Sync and the double version known as InStep Take 2. Both of them are incredible to work as single role trailers.

Can you quickly set up these trailers?

The reason why InStep trailers are so popular is that they are easy and quick in set-up. Assembly and unboxing are done in just five minutes through the manual guide available with the package.

You can arrange the canopy; wheels, and the two bars get arranged in just no time with the help of additional tools. Thus, it’s a complete delight for the eyes to see how smoothly it gets installed together in no time.

Will this trailer be fitted for your bike?

Both the versions of InStep Sync and Take 2, are available with the universal coupler, which is easy to be attached with any bike.

The tow arm can get fitted with a coupler without any hassle and can be secured at one place with the pin. This pin is then attached to the rear axle of the lead bike.

In this way, any of the bikes can be used to haul the trailers hence.

Are the trailers durable?

You will find the InStep bike trailers have durable frames for long-lasting use. Both are made from durable steel, which let the kids stay protected from any accident or injuries.

Are the trailers durable

Covering the exterior

Both trailers are covered with nylon material on the outside. This nylon is relatively thin and flimsy, especially compared to Thule and Burley trailer covers made from thicker and more durable materials.

The sides and front of the garment are made of nylon, while the back is made of mesh for ventilation.

Mud-spurts will be kept at bay by them, but don’t expect them to be as durable as the trailers mentioned previously.


In addition, hammock-style seats are seen on the trailers.

A hammock-style seat consists of a piece of fabric stretched across the trailer.  

Despite its comfortable design, this type of bench seat isn’t as supportive as the bench-style seats that are reinforced. Hammock-style seats usually sag under the weight of a child as they lack a reinforcement system.

A case in point is the InStep Take 2, which accommodates two children and ends up with their bottoms almost touching the ground due to a bulge in the middle. The InStep trailers, however, have nylon straps that can be adjusted to avoid sagging.

There is still a tendency for the seats to sag, although we are happy to say that the sagging is much less than that seen in more expensive trailers.

InStep bike trailer instruction

Trailer bottom

Legs and feet can be placed comfortably on the trailer bottom of the Instep trailers. In addition, we recommend extra caution when entering and exiting the trailer since it is also unsupported.

Mesh helmet recess

On the upper side of the seat of the trailers, you will also find a mesh layer that supports the back of the helmet and prevents the child’s head from being pushed forward by its weight.

The only quarrel we have with this recess is its setup, which starts higher than most (15 inches above the bottom of the seat), making it unsuitable for young/smaller riders with heads that won’t fit at that height.

What is the smoothness or roughness of their pull?

Unfortunately, here’s where these trailers fell short.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both trailers having 16-inch pneumatic tires on plastic rims.

Tires on paved surfaces rattle very little, and surfaces are very smooth. If you plan to ride your bike on the paved roads around your neighborhood, this is the perfect bike trailer for you and your little one.

On 16-inch wheels, the maximum speed is ten mph, instead of 15 mph with 20-inch tires on more expensive models.

Your child will feel the effects of bumpy trails, especially when travelling at such high speeds. There is no suspension system to cushion the impact of bumps due to the type of wheels.

InStep’s 16-inch wheels and plastic rims are far superior to more expensive trailers, which feature 20-inch wheels and metal rims; the smooth ride and durability are unmatched.

While they roll smoothly, their performance is not comparable to that of higher-end trailers such as Thule and Burley.

It would thus be best to stick to kid-friendly routes such as paved roads for these trailers.

Where does storage fit in?

Because they are very portable, these trailers are designed to be user-friendly.

All InStep trailers are equipped with quick-release wheels and a collapsible frame.

This flexible nature is excellent not only because the trailers can easily be folded and unfolded when needed, but it also makes transporting them simple.

InStep Take 2 and InStep Sync to provide excellent family riding experiences thanks to their small, convenient storage space and easy transportability. 

How to Attach an Instep Bike Trailer

How to Attach an Instep Bike Trailer?

Suitably connecting a bike trailer to your bike can be one of the most troublesome experiences for a biker. But we’re making it simple for you!

Before writing this guide, we have tried and tested a bunch of bike trailers from almost every brand. However, InStep bike trailers didn’t disappoint us when it comes to the overall quality, durability, and basic features. Also, these trailers have been the most affordable ones.

While manufacturing the trailers it is kept in mind that they are compatible with your bike. Instep bike trailers utilize a coupler attachment system.

If you have a road bike then it will be easiest for you to attach a trailer with it.

Can your bike trailers get attached to any bike?

Yes, bike trailers can be attached to any type of bike including road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, e-bikes, and even disc brake bikes. Some people experience a little difficulty while attaching a bike trailer to a thru-axle bike which can be resolved by using an adapter. 

Most of the bike trailers are compatible with every type of bike. Whether it is a quick-release or thru-axle type of axle, you can learn to attach the trailer in one go. 

If you are struggling to connect your Instep bike trailer to your bike then you have landed at the right place.

 Here’s a detailed guide on how to attach an Instep bike trailer.

Steps to Attach the Instep Bike Trailer to your bike!

The attachment task is facilitated by a coupler attachment system, secured via using a pin, and easily connected to the rear axle of an adult bike.

Keeping an additional coupler attachment can get you to connect your bike trailer to another one too.  The hitch joint is tougher than higher-end trailers, but at slow speed, it doesn’t pose any problem. 

We have lined up a list of simple steps by which you can attach your Instep bike trailer and carry it along with your bike.

Join the Coupler with Axle

Before you get on the first ride, you need to connect the Instep hitch or coupler to the rear axle of your bike.

 There is no need to remove the hitch when you are not pulling the trailer because its small size is unnoticeable and won’t disrupt your regular ride.

Extend and Lock the Tow Arm

The next step is to Unfold the tow arm from underneath the trailer. Now, secure the clasp by inserting the pins into the holes of the trailer.

Attach the Tow Arm to the coupler 

By Inserting the trailer arm into the hitch of your bike you can align the holes at the end of the hitch.

 After you are done with aligning, secure the clasp by pushing the retaining pin underneath.

There is a Nylon strap around the frame of your bike. You might safeguard it by clipping it to the D-ring.

We hope that the above guide certainly helps you in attaching the Instep bike trailer to your bike.

Conclusion on InStep Bike Trailer Reviews

There is much to say about the InStep trailers! But all of us can agree that these budget trailers are great options for parents looking to start riding with their kids but who are not quite ready to make a significant investment or for people who will be sticking to paved roads.

Final Verdict on InStep Bike Trailer Reviews

in this case, you will be making one of the best decisions of your life if you choose to purchase either of these trailers based on how many children you have.

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