How to Transport a Bike Without a Rack – Top 3 Methods

Have you been assigned to transport a bike, and there is no rack? You can perform this task by keeping your bike inside or on top of the car roof or securing it in the car trunk. We know that racks make the process hassle-free when transporting bikes from one place to another. In this post we will explore how to transport a bike without a rack?

Bringing a bicycle with the car is possible with the help of a rack. But without a rack, you can execute this process as well. Some prefer putting their bikes inside their cars or on the top zone of their car’s roof. You can also store them in your trunk vehicle. Let us have a look at the further details:

Method 1: How to transport a bike without a rack

Keep the bike inside your car

You can transport a bike without using a rack by keeping it secure inside your car. It is one of the easiest methods that you can follow. When touring or commuting for long distances in a car and carrying a bike as well, it is better to keep it inside your vehicle.

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We know that limited space is there when keeping the bike in the car, but you can take a few precautionary measures. To safely keep the cycle inside your vehicle, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1

The first step is to clean your bike. This is an essential step so that your car’s inside area does not become filthy. If you have cleaned the bike before pursuing this process, any dirt or stains will not go inside the vehicle. Your car interiors remain stain-free too!

It is recommended to use wet wipes to remove dirt and take off the bike’s mud. Remove dirt from the tires, frames, and even from the handlebars.

Step 2

Next, remove the wheels from the bike. Because of the limited and restricted space in the car’s interior, you have to take off the bike wheels. Make sure only to take off the front wheel; that is sufficient. Keep the wheels in a good wheel bag. In addition, keep the left cog-side downward of the back wheel to prevent spokes interference with the bike gears.

Step 3

Once you have removed the front wheel, start folding the rear seat. Your main job is to slightly disassemble the bike so that it can comfortably and smoothly get fit into your car.

Step 4

While securing the bike inside your car, there is a chance that oil or grease might leak. To prevent this situation, keeping the chain on the extreme smallest ring is recommended.

This practice decreases the chances of grease and oil leaking, and your car’s interior surface remains stained-free. Some like keeping a piece of cloth under the bike pedal to keep the vehicle’s interior dirt-free.

Step 5

The minute you have completely disassembled the bicycle, you can now keep it inside your vehicle. Most importantly, keep the bike securely on the drive side cup. Position in a way that the bike weight is distributed evenly!

The whole weight should not rest on the bike gears. In doing so, the bike may get damaged and especially its gears. Moreover, keep the pedals just below the 12 o’clock position so that the cycle remains stable as long as it is in the car.

Step 6

For fastening and perfectly securing the bicycle, use a bungee, or you can utilize a tie. This will prevent your bike from moving here and there while inside the car.

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Keep the bike on the roof of your car
bike on the car roof

Method 2: Keep the bike on the roof of your car

Transporting a bike seems hassle-free to do now. You can secure and fasten it on the roof of your car and carry it anywhere you feel like it. If you do not have a rack, you can follow this method.

Step 1

The primary and foremost step is to disassemble your bike’s front wheel. Disassembling a few bike components will help you transport the bike most safely. So, remove the front wheel and keep the handlebars positioned upward. Before placing the bike on the car roof, keep a blanket so that the area remains dent-free and no stains and spots come on it.

Step 2

Get a strong rope because this will help you securely and properly tie the bike to the car roof. All vehicle roofs have rails or crossbars, so look for them beforehand. Inspecting the rails will give you a clear idea of how to position the bike on the rooftop.

Step 3

Remember that transporting a bike without a rack on your car rooftop should be done carefully and attentively. Keep the cycle on the mid-section roof zone of your car. This will help you prevent blocking the rear windshield of the vehicle. Use straps for thoroughly fastening the bike.

Step 4

Double ensure that the straps are tightened, and they will not get loose as long as the bike is on the car roof. In addition, run the straps through the car’s door and avoid running them through the windows. This practice ensures and guarantees more safety. Your bike gets transported smoothly from one area to another as long as the vehicle moves.

bike in car trunk
bike in car trunk

Method 3: Keep the bike into the car trunk

The last and easy method you can follow regarding transporting a bike without a rack. Keep it in the car trunk; that is all you can do!

Disengage and fully disassemble the bike component and place it in the trunk of your vehicle. Get a suitable-sized box in which you want to keep your bike.

Insert some clothes and padding or foam inside the box so that your bicycle may not get any scratches

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Thus, we have shared many ways that help you understand how to transport a bike without a rack. You can share with us which method you find easier. And have you ever carried a bicycle inside the car, on the car rooftop, or in the car trunk? Forward to us your experiences!

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