A Comprehensive Guide on How to Store Mountain Bikes? 6 Methods

If you are into cycling, your interaction with mountain bikes must not be new. However, even the veterans find it challenging to store mountain bikes.

Mountain biking gives you an ideal opportunity to interact with nature and pursue your adventure and fitness goals. Besides this, it is also an effective means of commuting that helps you evade traffic rush. However, keeping a mountain is not a piece of hot cake, especially when you have limited indoor space. Thus, you must know how to store mountain bikes in any case. Now you must be asking questions like how to store mountain bikes in a small apartment? Or is it ok to store mountain bikes vertically? Don’t worry!! We will address all your concerns. 

How to store mountain bikes?

Storing mountain bikes can be challenging, especially when the weather is not the same in your city. When the area you are living in receives heavy rain showers, you cannot park your bike outdoors as you usually do. Consider the following ways to know how to store mountain bikes. 

Bike Cover

Covering the equipment is one of the best techniques to save it from damage from rain, dust, or some other danger. Mountain bikes are no different. So, if you want to park it outside the premises, the cover is the best option. However, bike cover must be chosen wisely according to the size and weight of the bike. Plus, the bike cover’s material should be capable of preventing the cycle from rust and corrosion. 

bike cover storage


Ceiling and wall hooking is another method of storing mountain bikes. These hooks are V-shaped and drilled into the wall or ceiling to hang the bike upside down from the rear wheel. Hooks are simple to use and are also readily available at bike shops at affordable prices. However, the bike is raised to the hook level, which can be tiring for the person lifting it. 

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Racks are usually installed in mountain bike garage storage to save space. Different types of racks are used to store bikes, depending on the area available in the garage. Some shelves allow you to store mountain bikes vertically. However, vertical placement is not recommended for specific models of mountain bikes. In addition to this, a free-standing storage rack is another type of rack that enables you to hold mountain bikes anywhere. These racks are easily movable.

Furthermore, racks are also customized to store different mountain bike models. Customized is also the best way to store a full suspension bike. Finally, you can also get a bike parking rack for indoor spaces. 

mountain bike garage storage

Paid garages

If you live in an apartment or your garage is already occupied with other things, a paid garage facility is a viable option to store mountain bikes safely. It is highly recommended to locate a garage facility that is in proximity to your residence. Plus, the storage shed should have enough space to park your mountain bike.

Other considerations to store mountain bikes outside

Equipment for storing mountain bikes such as racks, hooks, and bike covers is not enough. It would help if you considered a few other tips when parking a bike outside your home, office, or another place. 

Bike lock

Weather conditions are not the only risk to your mountain bike. Your bike is also vulnerable to theft crime. The best prevention method is to lock your bike when parking it for a prolonged time.

Check for moisture

It is better to wipe the bike’s frame when you store the bike for a long time. This will prevent the cycle from catching rust.

The other essential tips include the following

  • Remove water bottles before storing
  • Clean the mountain bike
  • Lubricate chain and other moving parts
  • Inflate tires


The safety of the mountain bike is always at risk whenever you are storing it outside. Your ride is vulnerable to changing weather, dust, rust, theft, and much more. However, procuring the appropriate racks, hooks, and cover can protect your mountain bike. Hopefully, all your concerns about how to store mountain bikes will have been addressed. 

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