How to reset a wordlock bike lock – 4 Magical Methods

Bikes and setting their locks go hand in hand. What to do if you have forgotten the lock of your bike? Do not worry; you can still reset it. The guide below is super beginner-friendly to follow. There are several methods to cope with this issue like a flip switch or twist mechanism and in this post, we will explore thoroughly how to reset a wordlock bike lock.

Wordlock Bike locks work, and it looks likewise, you have spotted the rest of the combination bike locks. The only difference is that they do not use numbered dials; they use letters. On entering the correct word, the bike gets unlocked.

The only problem is that lots of riders forget these passcodes. They fail to recall the combination that was previously set and locked by them. You can definitely follow the steps below and see the exact process of resetting the wordlock bike locks.

Guide to Unlock Wordlock Bike Locks

Guide on how to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

You can reset the password by removing the toothed end located on the locking mechanism. Inspect and carefully see what kind of locking mechanism is installed in your bike. Thus, you can reset the password with a flip switch mechanism or twist mechanism.

The Flip Switch Method

  1. The first step is to look for a small lever or switch.
  2. Push the small lever and move it in a downward position. That is how you can bring the locking device properly to the resetting position.
  3. Use the marking ridge. You can now enter the new passcode for opening the Wordlock.
  4. The minute you have entered a new password, move that lever back into its previous position.
  5. That is all; your new bike code is reset with success.

The Twist Mechanism Method

  1. Look for the spin switch. In addition, this switch has arrows, and the password is recorded on it. 
  2. Now, rotate the switch and bring it into the resetting position.
  3. Rotate it fully and adequately until it gets stopped to rotate any further. You will see that the locking device of your bike gets entered into the passcode setting position.
  4. Use a small marking ridge. Think about an easy code that you do not forget later on and make it enter into that spin switch,
  5. Upon entering, rotate and secure the switch again.
  6. Voila, your new code is reset!

Guide to Unlock Wordlock Bike Locks


According to experts, you can either utilize the custom set combination method or the default combination for unlocking the bike lock. Below you can see further details:

The Custom Set Combination Method

If you know exactly the combination, it will be relatively hassle-free for you to unlock the passcode.

Align the combination that you have previously set. Do the alignment with the help of small notches of the locking mechanism. In addition, input your combination and let the lock get opened.

The Default Combination Method

Suppose you have entirely forgotten the passcode; there is no need to worry and panic at all. You can unlock it by following the default combination method. At times, the default password is SHED. Enter this password, and you are done! Moreover, some old combinations and popular choices include Bike, Fast, Tree, and Loop. You can also try them out while unlocking the bike lock.

Alongside, the Scroll & Pull Picking Method helps you unlock any combination, including the Wordlock. If you can think of ways when unlocking and resetting the four dial Wordlock, feel free to share with us.

Remember that each dial has ten letters, and there is a total of four dials. It means that 9,999 possible combinations are there! Entering 9,999 combinations needs 3,333 seconds, or you can say approximately 55 minutes and 33 seconds. 


So, what’s the bottom line? The guide, as mentioned earlier, is beginner-friendly and easy to follow when it comes to resetting wordlock bike locks. You only have to push the lever and bring the locking mechanism to the proper and desired position. Enter the new code, voila, that is done! Either follows the flip switch mechanism or twist mechanism; the choice is up to you.

I hope we were able to educate you about your query. What else you want to know, please share with us your queries. Head over to our blog section and dive into the ocean of biking


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