How To Remove Bike Chain Without Master Link: Problem SOLVED

The bike’s chain is the key component in many of the issues. Maintenance and timely replacement are required. Learn here how to use a chain riveter and get instructions on how to accomplish it….

One of the most significant things to perform as a bike rider is to replace the chain. Your bike chain will eventually wear down and rust, and at that point, you’ll need to remove it and replace it.

It’s still conceivable, of course. Using a chain tool and turning it counterclockwise, as well as other simple actions, it is possible to remove the chain link from a bicycle. Read this article for the solution to the query, “How To Remove Bike Chain Without Master Link?”

The chain may be quickly and easily removed by using a master link. A new bike chain may be installed with minimal effort and minimal equipment. But would it still be as simple as it should be if the bike doesn’t have the master link?

At What Mile Marker Should You Change Your Bike Chain?

It’s possible that the pins that connect your bike chain’s links will wear out after a lot of miles have been ridden. The chain on your bike will wear out and need to be replaced when it stretches too much or rusts.

Another clue that your bike chain needs replacing is if it makes noise or if shifting gears is difficult. 

An essential portion of your bicycle chain that can be quickly removed is the master link. It’s an easily distinguishable detachable link that may be used with any chain.

The master link is easily identifiable since it is a different color than the rest of the chain. When tried to compare to the other links, it also has a higher shine. When you study the chain attentively, you will see that the master link stands out.

To detach the chain, just twist the link off using pliers and use this crucial component. You may easily unlink the remainder of the chain from the master link by pushing and twisting it.

It expedites the process greatly and eliminates the need to find a professional bike technician.

How to find master link on bike chain

To what extent, though, would the job be the same if we eliminated it?

Of course, dismantling the bike chain won’t be a walk in the park. It’ll take some effort, but you can still disassemble your bike’s chain without the master link. Basically, all you have to do is follow these simple yet powerful instructions:

  • Prepare your bike by cleaning the chain and the bike.
  • Turn off your bike’s derailleur and stop using the brakes.
  • Inject the pin into one of the chain links using the chain tool.
  • Keep driving the chain tool into the link in a circular direction.
  • Take off the link’s pin using your chain tool.
  • Simply jiggling the link will cause the chain to separate.
  • The bike’s chain has to be taken off.

Getting your stuff together:

  • Device for cutting or removing links from a chain.
  • Towels or a degreasing agent.

Having an understanding of the procedure

  • Preparation and Cleanup.

Cleaning and prepping the area is essential for any kind of maintenance or repair work to go well. At this point, you’ll want to gather the equipment you’ll need to dismantle the bike’s chain.

It is possible to remove the bike’s chain with the use of a chain spade or chain breaker.

Remove a rivet from your bicycle frame and start dismantling the chain with this handy device. You may now clean your bike’s chain as you have the necessary gear at hand.

How to remove bike chain quick link

Using a towel or grease removal solution, you must remove the grime and oil from the bike chain. To remove your bike chain in this method is simple. Then, you may suspend or mount your bike so that you’re at the right height and angle to remove the chain.

  • Turn off the derailleur and the brakes.

If you unlock the brake and release the derailleur gear on your bike, you may easily remove the chain. This pair fastens the bicycle chain to the frame. Therefore, the work will be more difficult if they are firmly fastened to the bike chain.

Knowledge of the inner workings of a bicycle chain is essential for grasping this concept. The components of your bike chain are:

  • Distinctive Coverings
  • Layers inside
  • Rollers
  • Pins

More than the others, we’ll be working with pins and chain rollers. In conjunction with the chain tool, these two will make it possible to disassemble the bicycle chain.

Bike Chain removal Tool

Tools for the Bike Chain are a Common Accessory for Cyclists

You may have a chain wear tool, new pin or master link, chain tool, and master link pliers on hand to make chain maintenance for your bike much simpler, as recommended by REI.

  • A chain wear gauge may be used to determine how worn a chain is and, in turn, when it should be replaced.
  • The chain’s endpoints will be connected by a master link. When fixing a chain, you might also need to purchase new pins.
  • If you need to replace a broken pin in your chain, you may do it with the assistance of a chain tool.
  • You may use master link pliers to easily remove and replace the master link.

With the prongs of the chain tool firmly lodged between both the links, you may crank the tool’s handle clockwise to drive the pin deeper into the link. Repeat this procedure until you are positive that the pin has reached the exact middle of the chain loop.

Constant rotation causes the rivet to be driven away from the chain. As such, it might be seen as a sign that the link in the chain can be severed.

One of the simplest procedures is removing the pin from the link using the chain tool. To lock the handle in place, spin it counterclockwise until it clicks. Then you may pull the chain gear out of your bicycle chain.

Now you may go on to the final two stages.

How To Remove Bike Chain Without Master Link

One of the simplest procedures is removing the pin of the chain tool from the link. Turning the knob counterclockwise will cause it to cease rotating. Once you’ve done that, you may remove the chain tool from your bicycle chain.

From here, the final two measures can be taken.

You should feel more prepared to fix and maintain your bike after reading our comprehensive guide. We apologize if some of these instructions seemed unclear or illuminating; we made every effort to present them in a straightforward and helpful manner.

The condition of a bicycle chain may be evaluated with a chain gauge. A chain loses its effectiveness as it expands. Your chain will be good as new after a simple cleaning and lubrication. It’s better for the environment if we can avoid constantly replacing things.

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