How To Prevent Chafing While Biking: 10 Easy Steps!

Chafing is a common issue for cyclists and if you do cycling frequently then you will be quite familiar with chafing. We have discussed a quite similar topic in our previous post that why your bum feels bruised after cycling which you can read here. In this post, we will talk about the reasons for chafing and how to prevent chafing while biking.

Biking is a passion for many bikers but biking comes with a few complications too and chafing is one of them. It can ruin your trip and can make you feel worse during or after the trip. Chafing is caused by friction and happens when your inner thighs are rubbed against each other. It can be a reason saddles soars. After a biking session, your bum will be so tender that it will be easily exposed to soars. We can’t get rid of these issues all together but there are a few preventive measures that we can take to reduce the chance it’s happening.

Preventive measures to get rid of chafing and saddle sores

Right saddle and seat height

The selection of a proper saddle is very vital for the comfort of the ride. You need to select a saddle according to the style of your riding. There are unlimited styles and models of saddles are available from different brands. You need to analyze whether the saddle is a good fit for you. A good saddle keeps you balanced on both side bones and allows free movement on a saddle while pedaling.

Seat height is one of the other reasons which causes chafing. If your seat is too high then you will move more on the saddle to reach to pedal which will create friction on the inner thighs. Lowering your seat height also impacts your inner thighs and created friction.

Right saddle and seat height

Application of chamois cream

We have talked about chamois cream previously too in our post related to bum bruising. This is one of the best moisture and lubricant a biker can apply on thighs and chamois to reduce friction factor. This cream is anti-bacterial and prevents infection too. The main components of chamois cream are aloe Vera, shea butter, and different types of oils. Chamois butt’r crème is one of the best chamois creams which we recommend to our readers as most of its ingredients are organic and natural. You can buy it from the link below.

Selection of right shorts

You need to select the right biking shorts for your biking expeditions. The shorts should have chamois so you can apply chamois cream to them. The sizing also plays a role so always select the right size for you.

Changing your shorts

Cycling shorts are a very vital part of your gear. If the biker is not wearing shorts then his gear is not complete. Biking shorts absorb sweat and reduce friction. Change is of you biking shorts frequently is also very necessary to maintain hygiene.

Should not be obsessed with hair removal

Commonly, bikers shave legs for speed increase and it looks aesthetically good too. Removal of hairs from legs is not harmful but if you will remove hair from the area around your genitals then you can face a few issues as these hairs reduce friction and act as a natural barrier against sweating. Regrowth of hairs after shaving also creates a few complications.

Should not be obsessed with hair removal

Washing of chamois

Make sure your chamois is in hygienic condition and you wash it regularly. As we apply chamois cream and it absorbs sweating too so proper wash is necessary.

Give yourself a break

Never go hard on yourself. Always give your body a break so it can reset itself. Some bikers go to an extreme level of excitement but this can ultimately break down their body. There should be persistence but resting your body is very vital.

Common anti-chafing solutions

If you don’t have chamois cream then you can take help from other temporary solutions like Vaseline and dusting power which can help to reduce friction to some extent.

Recommendations for female cyclists

  1. Hairs follicles are the main reason behind saddle sores so don’t go excessive hair removal. Keep things balanced as we discussed above that hair around genitals can provide a cushion.
  2. You need to clean yourself after peeing. Don’t leave any chance for bacteria to breed. Hygiene always help for healthy skin
  3. Choose a women-specific saddle. Always go for models made specifically for the female cyclist.
  4. Use a female variant of chamois cream.
female cyclists

Frequently asked questions by bikers about chafing

What to do after you are exposed to chafing?

Try to take a break and implement all checks we have suggested above.

  1. Buy biking shorts and if you have one already then wash it
  2. Chamois cream is compulsory before the next ride

Why I should not wear underwear with shorts

There is no concept of wearing underwear with biking shorts. If you already doing so then you need to stop it. It will only increase the friction element.

I hope you enjoyed our post about how to prevent chafing while biking. Please head over to the blog section of and enjoy tons of material about biking and issues faced by bikers.

What to do after you are exposed to chafing

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