How to Mount a Bike Rack without Eyelets – Top 5 Methods

If you are a bike enthusiast and go on bike expeditions then You might be wondering How to Mount a Bike Rack without Eyelets? Yes, it seems possible to do now! There are bikes with and without eyelets. You can conveniently install a rack even if it does not have the eyelets. The below-mentioned will tell you the exact process of how it goes.

P-clamps are used for carrying out this rack mounting process. These clamps come in the form of metal bands and get fit around the tube. Most importantly, racks help the rider carry important stuff, but how to install them if your bike lacks eyelets? Here P-clamps can help you out.

Why mount a rack on the bike?

Racks matter a lot for riders! They enhance the utility aspect of the bike and are meant to be highly useful for touring cyclists. In addition, a bike rack improves and escalates your overall travel experience. It transforms your cycle to become an efficient carrier option. Put your important stuff on the rack instead of carrying it on your shoulder. Above and beyond, racks or carriers are also spotted on cars, buses, and other vehicles. They function as luggage carriers and facilitate the process of carrying loads.

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Methods to attach a bike rack without using eyelets

If you have been given the task of connecting a standard bike rack and there are no eyelets, you can follow the below-mentioned hacks. You will definitely find these solutions most practical and easy to follow.

Method 1- Using P-Clamps

P-clamps are at times popularized with the name of cushioned metal-made loop straps. For mounting a rack without eyelets, using P-clamps is the most effective solution. They can be easily purchased from any hardware store. Moreover, choose the size that gets fit and properly adjusted onto your bike.

Simply open the clamp, position it over the fork blade, shut it down and tighten it up. You can even place the clamps on the seat stays. Even more, these metal clamps have built-in eyelets. You can hassle-free use them for connecting rear and front racks on your bike.

If you do not intend to carry heavy luggage, P-clamps are sufficient for you. However, they remain not a suitable choice for carrying big loads. For those tourists who have planned to go on countryside hiking for at least a month, it is recommended to get clamps made of heavy-duty materials like stainless steel or titanium. Heavy-duty clamps offer extra strength for carrying heavy bags. 

Using P-Clamps for mounting racks
Using P-Clamps for mounting racks

Method 2- Using seat-post clamps

How about using seat-post clamps for mounting a bike rack if it does not have eyelets or braze-on? Yes, you can follow this simple solution. The seat-post clamps are used for connecting the seat-post bike rack. These clamps function as upper eyelets letting the person quickly and effortlessly install a rear rack. Note down that they are available in different sizes. You must pick up the size that matches the diameter of your seat-post tube.

  1. The first step is to get a seat-post rack. Remove all its parts so that it gets smoothly and seamlessly inserted.
  2. Start assembling the central parts of the rack. You must attach the fender guard properly at the lower part. Later on, tighten and secure the Allen bolts. 
  3. Make the rack fit appropriately. If you think there is a need for padding, then go ahead!
  4. Properly mount the seat-post rack to the bike frame. Make it fixed with the help of clamps and tighten it as securely and firmly as possible. 
  5. Secure the frame straps to the saddle post and rack.

Method 3- Using a Quick release skewer

Experts have advised using a quick-release skewer for mounting racks on bikes with no eyelets. A few of the rear bike racks let the person secure the rack with the help of a quick-release skewer. It is located on the rear wheel.

In addition, this skewer comes in the standard size, or you might have spotted it in the elongated shape. Those bikes accompanied by elongated quick release points can conveniently and quickly connect a standard bike rack to the rear wheel.

Method 4- Using thru-axles

Lots of methods allow you to connect and attach the racks on bikes with no eyelets, and among them, you can use thru-axles. Some racks can be attached to the disc brakes with thru-axles. In addition, the upper part of the rack gets fixed and connected to the seat stays.

Using thru-axles for mounting racks
Using thru-axles for mounting racks

Method 5- Using saddle rails

Using saddle rails for mounting racks
Using saddle rails for mounting racks

You can quickly and hassle-freely mount a rear bike rack using saddle rails. This respective method can be followed if your bike lacks eyelets or braze-on. Moreover, the rider enjoys a firm and secure hold while carrying a weight on the rack.

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Types of racks

The rear racks get attached to the bike side of the bikes. They feature rails and help you secure panniers and bags, baskets, and other essential touring items. Besides, the rear racks are utilized for accommodating netting and bungees. If your bike does not have a rack, it will become more challenging and troublesome for the rider to attach a basket or pannier or even a trunk bag.

On the other hand, the front racks get attached to the sides of the bike front fork. On these racks, you can secure pannier bags. It is believed that front racks give the rider ample and maximum storage space. They are positioned above the front wheel, and you can even attach a basket to them. Some riders like to strap their luggage as well.

Conclusion on How to Mount a Bike Rack without Eyelets

Thus, for efficiently carrying and transporting your touring luggage, mounting a rack on your bike is a must. You do not have to worry if your bike has no eyelets. You can follow the hacks mentioned earlier and solutions for quickly installing the racks. we hope after reading this comprehensive guide you will know How to Mount a Bike Rack without Eyelets

These days, we have come across many quality racks with no eyelets; you can try searching for them. Readers can share how they attach a rack with their bike if they spot no eyelets! Stay tuned for more updates.

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