How To Jump a Mountain Bike with Flat Pedals

You might be wondering how to jump a mountain bike with flat pedals? A simple procedure is followed, and here you can check that out. There is a proper way to perform this stint if your mountain bike has flat pedals. Never put your body in any danger without having proper knowledge and training for jumping.

It is done by pre-loading the bike, lowering your chest, and using your arms to lift the front wheel. Flat pedals help you ride freely and smoothly on rough terrains. You can do bunny hopping with them. You can have them for making drop-offs, BMX jumps, and ramp-to-ramp jumps.

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The process starts in this manner! Firstly, you have to pre-load the front-end section of your bike. Lower your chest and make it reach close to the handlebars. In addition, use the strength of your arms and shift your whole-body weight while lifting the front wheel. Opt for scooping motion, shift your body weight forward on the bars and jump safely. Below you can see further details:

The popularity of flat pedals among mountain bike riders

Flat pedals have become a popular choice among mountain bike riders. They help you ride safely and securely around the downhills and rough paths. Moreover, they are versatile to use for extreme and long-distance riding times. Some brands have manufactured flat pedals that guarantee to be bullet-proof and withstand bumps and shocks.

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Guide on How to jump a mountain bike with flat pedals

  1. Pre-load your front wheel. It is the first and most crucial step you have to execute. You will eventually make a good and safest jump if you make a good start.
  2. Before jumping, take your body off the seat and crouch a little bit over the bars.
  3. Pull up on your bike handlebars and shift your entire body weight on the bike.
  4. Avoid going upwards and pulling up the front wheel by pushing your body backward.
  5. Keep the pedal cranks in sync and parallel the ground before you make a final and full-fledged jump.
  6. Once you have brought the front wheel up, shift your body forward, and rotate your wrists forward.
  7. Scoop up the pedals with the help of your feet, bend your knees and push your heels.
  8. Finally, pull up the bike and keep your toes wholly pointed down.

How to make the flat pedal jumping more convenient?

We know that a few riders have found flat pedal jumping quite challenging. But there is a proper way to make it more convenient and manageable.

First of all, practice a lot; that is a sure-shot tip that you must follow. Place anything on the ground, like a small branch, and try jumping over it using the mountain bike. Practicing can make you a pro to jump such bikes with flat pedals.

You have to learn how to pre-load the front wheel properly. Lift it correctly and jump with ease. The general rule is to lift the front wheel as high as possible and get the clearance and utmost ease.

Moreover, you must lower your seat to jump a bike with flat pedals. It is believed that a lower seat gives ample room and space to make the safest jump. It effectively helps your body crouch and returns your bike seat to the normal riding position.

More tips to jump a mountain bike safely with flat pedals

  • Keep your feet in the correct position once placed on the flat pedals. Avoid putting too much weight on your arms and jump athletically.
  • Make your whole-body work together; that is the primary and fundamental principle.
  • It is better to wear special shoes for mountain bike jumping. You might have heard about the sticky shoes? They help you immensely, making the perfect and safest jump on all terrains. However, sneakers are enough for you if you have an expert-level jumper.
  • Pedals should neither be too heavy nor lightweight. Keep their size and weight balanced. Look for durable pedals that must withstand shocks, bumps, and rock collisions.
  • It is recommended to make an arc-shaped jump. In doing so, you will be able to jump higher and safer. This kind of jump reduces the total air time and delivers more momentum.
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Thus, that is primarily how you can jump a mountain bike with the exclusive use of flat pedals. Let us know which riding style you prefer the most and how you jump when such a situation comes in front of you! Stay tuned.

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