How to Install Water Bottle cage on Bike without holes – [6 Best Methods]

Carrying a bottle of water on your cycle isn’t the most difficult issue these days. Backpack pockets are useful for carrying a bottle of water but water bottle cages are considered more reliable and useful. These cage carriers, as per the name implies are particularly intended to hold your flask of water firmly while your focus is on the path or road….. In this post we will explore different methods on How to Install Water Bottle cage on Bike without holes.

Introduction on Installing Water Bottle cage

The issue with all these bottle guards is that they must be placed by drilling an incision or hole in the cycle. While, if we look at the newer versions of cycles or motorbikes, we see that they have incorporated braze on bottle cage incisions, therefore, the older models must be changed.

A little drilled hole may not appear to be an issue for those wanting to create the dent; however, for others who want to take their bottles in the crate or cage carrier without modifying the framework of their cycles, it might be a great deal to them. Moreover, drilling holes in the framework of cycles is extremely risky and will shorten durability and temper of the cycle’s frame. It is possible that it will break the frame sooner or later.

As a consequence, it isn’t ever an option and is never suggested.

Except for drilling holes, there are other ways to put a bottle carrier onto the frame of your bicycle. It’s incredibly simple with a few tools and doesn’t require any incisions in the frame.

Using Hose Clamps:

Hose claps are widely available at every hardware store. It is quite effective to install a water bottle carrier or a cage onto your cycle without drilling any holes. These hose clamps also aid in the bottle holder to snug fit to your frame.

Simply release the hose clamp all the way. Put the bottle cage anyplace in the design of the frame where you want it to be placed. Then, with a screwdriver, tighten the clamp till it comes to a complete stop. But avoid from tightening it too much or it may break off.

Sometimes using a hose clamp fades out the paint and scratches it from the frame of the bike. To protect your bike’s paint from scratches and damage, use an inner tube or tape as a protection over the bike’s frame.

How to Install Water Bottle cage on Bike without holes

Applying a Zip Tie:

Zip ties are often used to bind various items. Zip ties can be used to secure a cage or bottle holder to your bicycle frame. It is considered as one of the simplest methods for inserting a bottle cage onto the bike frame without creating any holes.

Simply install the holder of the water bottle in the desired location on the frame of the cycle, and then secure it with many cable ties.

With the Assistance of tabs:

You may also use taps to connect a water bottle holder to your cycle. The use of electrical tapes is considered as one of the most common methods. Attaching a couple loops of tape to the cage that will hold the water bottle will result in much tighter cage stability.

Various types of Bottle Cages

These are the methods for attaching a standard cage used for holding a water bottle to the cycle. However, some bottle holders or cages provide an alternative method in which you may not need to drill any kind of incisions in the frame of the cycle. Let us now discuss some of these water bottle cages or holders.

Various types of Bottle Cages
Various types of Bottle Cages

Bottle Holder for Handlebars:

Some bottle holders or cages offer the choice of attaching them to the handlebar of the cycle. These carriers may be found at almost any bike or accessory store. These are really contemporary.

The advantage of utilizing a bottle holder for handlebar is that you can readily retrieve your water bottle while cycling without having to bend your body to approach the bottom of your bike or any other location.

Strap-On Water Bottle Cages

Strap-on water bottle cages are versatile and can be attached to various parts of your bike, including the frame, handlebars, or even the fork. They come with adjustable straps that secure the cage in place. These are an excellent choice if your bike lacks pre-drilled holes.

Bottle Cage Holder with Quick-Release:

This option is available on the most recent and innovative cages used for holding the water bottle. It is owing to the requirement to connect or remove the bottle holder as needed. This option is available on the most recent and innovative bottle cages. It is owing to the requirement to connect or remove the bottle holder as needed. You may not always need to bring extra bottles depending on your rides. This bottle cage holder with quick-release is ideal in this case. You may also use the quick-release option to reattach it whenever you feel the need to attach it back to the cycle.

Water Bottle Bags for Seats:

It’s a bag style bottle holder cage that can store one or more bottles. It is often affixed to the rear of the seat post of the cycle. One may also carry any additional tools and items in these types of bottles carrying bags.

Where Should One Mount a Bike Cage for Water Bottle?

You’ve undoubtedly seen how the water bottle cage is put on the down tube of every bicycle that you’ve seen, with a water bottle stowed on it. While you may place it in the exact spot, when it involves carrying your container of water or bottle, the entire cycle is your play area.

To put a water bottle holder or a cage, there isn’t any such optimal position on the cycle, however, the frames are precisely where one can attach and clamp without any hesitation. Furthermore, frames are considered more reliable and durable, and enable the cyclist to reach for the water bottle while riding. Mounting a cage for water bottle on the frame also ensures that no view or leg mobility is hindered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to install a water bottle cage on my bike without drilling holes?

Some bikes, especially lightweight or specialty models, may not have pre-drilled holes for a water bottle cage. Installing one without drilling holes is a practical solution to stay hydrated during your rides.

What types of bikes commonly lack pre-drilled water bottle cage holes?

Road bikes, triathlon bikes, some mountain bikes, folding bikes, and certain specialty frames may not have pre-drilled holes for water bottle cages.

conclusion on How to Install Water Bottle cage on Bike without holes

The handlebar is the most practical spot on the cycle for us to attach a cage for handling water. Cages with handlebars are considered as one of the instances of a water tank at the end of your arm. While we appreciate the convenience of a water bottle container attached to a handlebar, there is also danger of breakage and injury if your installation is too hefty or obstructs your turn.

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