How To Get Rid Of Rust On A Bike – 4 Effective Ways

You must pay proper attention to the maintenance of your bike if you want to see your bike as new and perfect. Because once you buy a new bike, it can turn rusty after some time that can hurt the performance of your bike. It can ruin the shine of your bike and can slow down the performance of the bike chain especially. In this blog post, we will talk about how to get rid of rust on a bike.

Several reasons can cause rust in Bikes like moisture is one of them because metal is always affected by the humidity in the presence of oxygen. This moisture might be in the water form or the air. So, washing and keeping your bike dry can protect it from rust. A single wipe with any rag when your bike gets wet can protect your bike from rust.

You can also save your bike from rust if you stand it under the shelter after having a ride. It’s about all your concern regarding your bike. Because it is not easy to spend a lot of money regularly on a new bike after the old one is destroyed by rust, it is not so difficult to keep your bike free of rust, but it can be possible by regular maintenance.

If there is any rust in your bike, you can get rid of it like a professional by yourself. You can use household items and cleaning agents for its cleanings, like baking soda, coke, Vinegar, lime juice, a dry rag, steel wool, lubricant, rust remover, and toothbrush for applying on the metallic parts of your bike. These things will make your Bike rust-free and new as well. You can follow all the steps given below to remove all the rust from the frame and other parts of your bike.

chain rust of bikes

1: How to get rid of rust on a bike chain by using lime juice and bike chain oil:

You will wipe down your bike with a rough and dry rag in the first step. After that, you will check your bike’s chain to degrease it quickly.

You will degrease it with the help of all-purpose cleaners and degreasers. It will make the job of cleaning the chain significantly quicker. By this, you will be able to decide how you can remove the rust from it, or you have to change it because of too much damage as an alternative way.

In removing rust, you will need the following things as Bike chain oil, a dry and clean piece of cloth, a bowl, brush, and Lime juice. After properly cleaning the chain, you will give chain oil on every chain link in a proper sequence by dripping tiny drops on it.

Then you will wipe it off with a piece of dry cloth. You are needed to do this work full of concentration and patience. If there is still rust on the bike chain, you will DE-attach it from the cycle. Now you take a little bowl, a soft sponge, and lime juice.

Then you will dip the soft sponge in the lime juice and scrub it on the chain to remove rust. You will scour the chain until it is immaculate and free of rust. After that, you will wash and dry it thoroughly with the help of a piece of dry cloth.

At the end of this process, you will reattach the chain on the bike again and then apply a tiny amount of lubricant to it.

Three kinds of Chain lubricants (lube) are available in the market dry lubes, Wet lubes, and round lubes. You will apply dry lubes to the chain because they gain less dust. It will improve the quality of your bike by running rapidly and smoothly.

Prevention measures to save bikes from rust

Using Baking Soda for the removal of rust:

You can remove the rust from your bike easily by using baking soda. Because it is a natural way to remove the rust from metal, it can work as a rust cleaner effectively.

Using this method, your bike will be rust-free, and it will look like a gorgeous one after some time. Things you will need for this purpose, baking soda, water, and a small bowl for making the mixture. You will make the mixture like a thick paste of baking soda and water in the bowl and a tiny amount of lime juice if you want to take an extra effective result.

You will mix the water and baking soda in an equal amount. There is no fixed quantity of mixture. It’s about the need for your bike. In the next step, you will apply this thick paste with the help of a bit of brush. You will use it entirely for all the rusty parts of your bike.

This paste should not drip down. It must be thick enough for its stay on all the components of your bike. Now you will leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. All the rusty parts of your bike will absorb this mixture in a given time. It will increase the effectiveness of your bike.

After the allotted time, you will scrub this mixture with the help of steel wool or a sponge. This scrubbing will remove all the rust from your bike. After this process, you will wash down your bike and dry it thoroughly with a piece of dry cloth. Once you get rid of rust from your bike, your bike will run faster and smoother.


Application of Wd40

This is one of the finest chemicals available to fight the rust issue. Wd40 helps to remove surface rust easily and if you are using it for chains of the bike then you just have to apply some drops of lubrication oil on it.

Vinegar and Coca Cola

Both of these edible ingredients are acidic in nature and you will find them in the kitchen of every household. If the frame and other parts of the bike are affected by normal rust then simply apply coco-cola or vinegar by spray method. After spraying leave the bike for some time and rub the surface with a brush to wipe off the rust.

Prevention measures to save bikes from rust

  1. Never leave your bike in outdoor conditions where it will be exposed to rain, sunlight and humidity.
  2. Always store bikes under shade or indoor garage to save it from extreme weather effects.
  3. Wipe your bike before storing it.
  4. Rain water will erode bike slowly so you have to clean your bike after biking in the rain
  5. Oiling your bike parts, especially chains, will increase the life of these components.


I hope my fellow bikers will now be able to deal with the problem of rusting after applying these tips.  As a biker, I will suggest to my fellow bikers that care and some precautions can save your bike from rusting. Please head over to the blog section of to read more content about biking.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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