Comprehensive Guide on How to Derestrict an Electric Bike?

E-bikes were developed as an alternate mode of mobility. Because of their creation, you can now ride electric bikes instead of driving a car when you don’t feel like driving. You may also use an E-bike if you want to have fun while riding a bicycle. Professional riders often use electric bikes in races.

If you’ve ever sat on or ridden an electric bicycle, you know what I’m talking about. It not only allows you to cycle enthusiastically, but it also provides tremendous acceleration. While this is a nice feature, it has also been a disadvantage of e-bikes. This is due to the strong acceleration, which enables the bike to exceed the legal limit of 25km/h for this type of bike. But what does it imply to “derestrict” your bike? In this article, we will teach you how to derestrict an electric bike?

What is Derestricting an Electric Bike

What is Derestricting an Electric Bike?

Derestricting an electric bike means eliminating the pedal assistance limit that prevents your bike from surpassing 20 miles per hour. The restriction is intended to protect your bike’s motor from unleashing all of its energy, allowing you to surpass the specified speed. Derestricting, also referred to as tuning, is feasible since the manufacturer establishes the electric bike’s limit, implying that eliminating the manufacturer’s settings will allow the cycle to use its maximum motor power.

When the pedal aid feature is activated, the bike slows down when approaching the 20 mph limit. When that threshold is reached, the e-bike will continue to function, but its motor will no longer help you accelerate. On a downhill, for example, you may surpass 20 mph. The bike will enable you to do so if it happens organically, but it will not help you in exceeding the specified limit.

What is Derestricting an Electric Bike

How to Derestrict an Electric Bike?

You might be wondering how do you override the speed limit on an e-bike. The following methods can assist you in that:

  • Manual Derestriction
  • Derestriction using a Toolkit

These are the two techniques for removing the restriction from your e-bike. If you want to derestrict your bike, you must realize that you are entirely accountable for the repercussions of your actions. This is one of the considerations you should make before considering derestricting your bike.

1.      Manual Derestriction

Using this approach, you will not need any additional tools or equipment to modify the e-assisted bike’s speed limit. You’ll only need to manually alter the sensor’s speed reading to change how the transmitter transmits data to the controller. 

On most electric bikes, these components include the sensor itself, located on the frame’s base, and an accompanying magnet situated under one of the rear wheel’s spokes. At first, you need to manually count the number of revolutions completed by the magnet as it rotates around the wheel’s axis, keeping in mind that the larger the wheel, the faster the machine will travel.

The speed control will record different values if the magnetic sensor is moved from the wheel to another bike area, allowing support at faster speeds. For example, you might put the sensor on the pedal, which typically rotates slower than the wheel. As a result, the controller perceives the magnet revolving at a lower frequency, signifying a slow speed than is indeed the case.

2.      Derestriction Using a Toolkit

This method includes the electric bike speed limiter removal. Riders, bikers, and aficionados have long complained about the 25 km/h speed limit as a detriment to the whole biking experience. As a consequence of these rising worries about eliminating an electric bike’s speed limit, some manufacturers have taken it under consideration. Instead of utilizing potentially futile approaches, they have developed e-bike kits to help with the deregulation of electric bikes.

The tool kits follow the same idea of altering speed rate and misrepresenting speed statistics like the conventional technique. However, because they are so helpful, it is frequently easy and quicker to restore to the normal state if you want to cease derestriction. These kits are divided into two types: those that require disassembly and those that do not. They are available for purchase on a variety of platforms, and installation is always simple.


After reading the complete article, we sincerely hope that now you know how to derestrict an electric bike? Manual tuning and tuning kits are both excellent tuning methods that may be used to bypass your e-speed bike’s assist limits, allowing you to ride as fast as the engine can give!

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