How much weight can a bike rack hold?

Bike racks make your vehicle so much more versatile to use and amplify its storage space as well. Do you want to know how much weight can a bike rack hold and tolerate?

Here we have penned down complete details for our readers. A tremendous variety of racks is available, and each shows varied holding capacity. Their use will become pointless if you mount more equipment than their weight-holding limit. Let us have a look at the remaining details now:

How much average weight do bike racks withstand?

On average, bike racks hold 17kg to 85kg weight. The number may vary depending on the model, size, and construction. Different bike racks offer various weight-bearing capacities. For example, a mountain bike rack holds more capacity than a racing bike or downhill bike rack. Overall, the average bike weight varies and falls between 9 kg and 18 kg. Or you can say it is in between 20 lbs. to 40 lbs.

Different bike rack types and their weight holding capacity

You might know that bike racks are of varied types and the commonly used are boot bike racks and hitch bike racks. You can learn about their weight holding capacity now.

Boot bike racks weight holding capacity

These racks are attached to the boot side of your car. They conveniently carry and transport one to three adult and massively sized bikes. In addition, these racks are lightweight and 100% compact. You will find them extremely easy to load and unload.

Your bikes will stay safe and sound until they reach their desired destination. If there is no roof rack installed on your car, it is suggested to have the boot bike rack. This works as a great alternative. Thus, it can transport and hold the weight of 2 to 3 bikes. The average range falls between 30 to 45 kg.

Boot bike racks weight holding capacity

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Hitch bike racks weight holding capacity

The hitch bike racks offer maximum weight holding capacity. Moreover, they comparatively look sturdier and remain durable enough for the longest time. You can make them installed on any vehicle with ease.

Besides, they can effortlessly carry and load up to four bikes. You might have noticed that these racks are always mounted and attached to the vehicle’s tow bar. Undoubtedly, they have become a popular choice. Hence, the average weight holding capacity offered at their end is 30 to 60 kg.

Roof bike racks weight holding capacity

Roof bike racks smoothly carry and load bikes without damaging them. You can even customize them to make them get fit into your other outdoor equipment like snowboards and paddleboards. These racks are known for their versatility and remain conveniently and ideally positioned on the vehicle.

Their only downside is that they are a bit more expensive. Thus, the average roof bike rack weight holding capacity lies between 17 and 20kg.

Roof bike racks weight holding capacity
Roof bike racks weight holding capacity

Platform or tray rack weight holding capacity

These racks have become a popular rack design for carrying bikes and other essential outdoor equipment on your vehicle. They can take 2 to 4 bikes and hold a weight of up to 65 kilograms.

Hanging racks weight holding capacity

Most importantly, these racks look a bit less extended and less versatile than platform bike racks. They can carry 2 to 4 bikes, but the overall weight-bearing capacity substantially depends on the bike model.

Vertical bike racks weight holding capacity

A vertical bike rack successfully holds six bikes. These racks believe to be the largest-capacity racks.

Important things to consider

  • When buying a rack, make sure to choose the model that holds and transports the bicycle by its wheels and not from the frame. The chances of getting a damaged bike increase when a rack transports your bike by grabbing the frame.
  • There are two rack weight classes. Remember that the first rack class holds weight up to 40 pounds. On the other hand, the second-class rack tolerates up to 60 pounds.
  • Look for the rack that is easy to lift, quick to install, and hassle-free to maneuver.
  • Choose the rack that fits and remains compatible with your bike model.
  • If you have a big bike and want to transport it, choose the rack that holds and quickly grab bigger tires.
  • Try picking up those racks that can carry extra weight for electric bikes. Experts have recommended using a tow bar bike rack for electric bikes. These racks are known for their durability, strength, and stability. They tend to quickly and smoothly carry the weight of two to three electric bikes. 
  • If the rack weight holding capacity reaches its maximum limit and you still keep on loading bikes on it, there is a chance that your bike’s suspension and steering will get damaged.
  • You can have normal bike racks for road bikes. Such racks should not accompany electric bikes.
  • Calculate the total weight of your outdoor equipment that you wish to carry on the rack and then choose the rack model accordingly.
  • It is advisable to get your hands on the more versatile and high-end bike rack models. Such models carry and tolerate more weight.

Conclusion on How much weight can a bike rack hold

Thus, a bike rack can hold 17kg to 85kg. This is the average weight figure that we have shared with our readers. Presently, an enormous variety of bike racks is there. They differ in terms of construction, style, size, and shape. Choose the rack that fits perfectly on your vehicle. i hope we were able to educate you on your query that How much weight can a bike rack hold.

If there is no compatibility between the rack and vehicle, you will fail to mount and install that rack. In addition, every rack has a maximum weight holding capacity, and if that limit gets crossed, your equipment or the bikes transported on that rack will get damaged. Thus, different racks remain meant for racing bikes and mountain bikes. For the downhill bikes and cruisers, a differently styled rack is there. Stay tuned.

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