How much does it cost to put a hitch on a car?

You might be wondering How much does it cost to put a hitch on a car? The average price falls between $100 to $150! This is the rough figure if you have to install a hitch on your car. In addition, the trailer hitch installation price range differs and varies a lot depending on which installer you have picked and what vehicle you want to drive it with!

Why put a hitch trailer on your car?

The practice of putting a hitch trailer on cars has become common. They help you transport your belongings with ease. If you are going out for a 10-day trip and your luggage compartment looks huge, towing a trailer behind the car is recommended. This way, you can quickly and conveniently accommodate enough camping gear. Lots of trailer hitches are available in the shops; pick the one that gets fit with your vehicle. Moreover, a high-quality trailer hitch gives a smooth moving experience.

Tow package installation cost
Tow package installation cost

How much does it cost to mount a trailer hitch?

As mentioned above, the average price is $100 to $150! If the hitch installation process comes out to be lengthy and complicated, the price may go higher. Furthermore, the hitch parts cost between $25 to $200, and the labor cost ranges from $100-$250.

Different parts of trailer hitches and their average costs

A tow hitch or a trailer hitch is a common device that gets attached to your vehicle for transporting belongings. A massive variety of trailer hitches is available, and you must pick the one that matches and fits perfectly to your towing needs. Some hitches are permanently mounted, and some can be detached and removed. Below you can get an idea what are the primary parts and essential components of a ball style trailer hitch:


Average Price: $100 and $250

It is an integral part of the trailer hitch. It bolts to the vehicle’s frame. Even more, it establishes a structural connection between your car and what you have planned to tow. The price of a receiver costs between $100 and $250. And the price may vary depending on which brand you have picked. You must understand that the hitch class determines the receiver price as well. It tells how heavy-duty your receiver is!

  • Class 1 hitches look the least sturdy and robust. You can only mount them on cars and crossovers. In addition, their GTW capacity is 2,000lbs.
  • Class 2 hitches are meant for cars, crossovers, and minivans. 3,500lbs is their GTW capacity.
  • Class 3 hitches can be installed on crossovers, minivans, and even on SUVs and trucks. Their holding capacity is up to 8,000lbs.
  • Class 4 hitches are explicitly meant for trucks and SUVs, and GTW capacity reaches 10,000lbs.
  • Class 5 hitch is a heavy-duty hitch meant for trucks and SUVs. The holding capacity falls between 16,000lbs and 17,000lbs. 
  • Class 6 hitches are suitable to be mounted on trucks. They deliver a GTW capacity ranging from 18,000lbs and 20,000lbs.

Ball Mount

Average Price: $10 and $50

It is another critical and crucial part of the trailer hitch. This respective part gets inserted into the receiver and connects with the vehicle. They cost between $10 and $50. Besides, the price varies depending on the brand, quality, and style you have picked up.

Different parts of trailer hitches
Different parts of trailer hitches

Hitch Pin

Average Price: Below $20

These are ā€œLā€ shaped pieces made of metal. They are accompanied by a small clip hole and inserted into the receiver. The hitch pins lock the ball mount properly into the receiver, and they cost below $20 because of their typical and straightforward designs.

Trailer ball

Average Price: $5 and $40

The trailer ball sets up a firm and solid physical connection between your car and the trailer you want to tow. It costs $5 to $40. Most importantly, the price varies depending on the quality and size. Smaller balls tow minimum weight, and larger balls pull more weight.

Safety Chains

Average Price: Below $20

These are metal chains, and their primary objective is to make sure that you have set up and mounted the trailer hitch properly. These chains remain attached to the car and the trailer. They are available at a low price, and you can conveniently purchase them for below $20.

Wiring Harness

Average Price: $10 to $50

The wiring harness comes in the form of a collection of wires. These wires get connected and firmly attached to the car and the trailer.

Their main job is to turn on the brake lights of the tow vehicle and the trailer. The average cost falls between $10 to $50!

How much time is needed to put a hitch on the car?

The installation of a hitch on the car is not a time-consuming process. It takes approximately 30 minutes or less. Once the hitch gets mounted and secured, you can lower down your car, and the installation process will get completed at that moment. Complicated hitches need more time for mounting and installation. In this case, you might need professional service.

If you have a bit of know-how on putting a hitch on your car, you can perform this installation process on your own. Besides, get guidance from your fellow friends who already know and possess the expertise to put a hitch trailer.

Practice performing this process, and you will definitely become experienced in it. However, if the trailer looks heavy and the process seems challenging to complete, seek services from a professional.

Conclusion about How much does it cost to put a hitch on a car

Now, you know how much it costs to put a trailer hitch on the car! Wrapping up, the average price falls between $100 to $150. You can cut down the labor cost if you manage to complete this installation process on your own.

The trailer hitch installation costs vary significantly and widely depending on which installer and the towing vehicle you have picked. You can share with us anytime if you have ever put a hitch on your car and whether you were successful in this installation process or not!

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