How Long Do Mountain Bike Tires Last: 6 Tips To Maintain

It is a universal truth that mountain bikes tires are more durable and long-lasting than other types of tires but this does not mean that you can use these tires for unlimited seasons. You bought a mountain bike recently for biking on hard rocky terrain five days a week then be realistic and prepare yourself to change tires very soon.

How long do mountain bike tires last depends on how you use them. If the biker uses them on hard rocky and bumpy terrain and usage is above par then the life span of these tires will fall drastically. Meanwhile, if you use your bike on pavement and smoot track then you can use these tires for multiple seasons.

We will discuss mountain bike tires, the lifespan of these tires, and tips to maintain in this blog post.

Parts of mountain bikes don’t come cheap, everything like chains, tires, and brakes have hefty costs and there are many factors that determine the life of each part. For tires factors involved are mentioned below.

  1. Riding style of biker
  2. Terrain and type of track used for biking
  3. Quality and brand of tires
  4. Maintenance
  5. Usage of bike

When you need to change tires

 Sometimes bikers change tires even when they don’t need to replace them. Whenever the fabric of the bike is damaged and knobs of tires lose 50% depth it’s time to replace it but before that, you don’t need to change even when tires seem old by look because that is just a wastage of money. If tires have wear and tear and any lumps and bump it’s a sign that it has completed their lifespan. Small holes and cracks do not bother the tire of a mountain bike so ignore small cracks.

How long do mountain bike tires last?

The lifespan of different types of tires varies.

  1. Road bike tires last for 1000 to 3000 miles
  2. High bike tires last for 2500 miles
  3. Conventional bike tires last for 2500 miles
  4. Racing bike tires last for 1000 miles
  5. Touring bike tires lasts for 4000 miles
  6. Mountain bike tires last for 3000 to 8000 miles and it varies depending on many factors which we will discuss below.
how long do bike tires last

Why do I need to change my tires?

There are many reasons those make you bound to change your tire some of them are listed below

  1. Safety: worn-out tires can put you in a difficult situation when you are on bumpy and hard terrains.
  2. Control: if your tires are out of order then you can lose control of the bike on difficult turns. Investing in tires is better than involving yourself in any mishap. New tires give you greater control over your bike
  3. Peace of mind: if your bike is fit from every aspect, it gives you confidence and peace of mind. You can focus on biking instead of thinking about the maintenance of the bike.

The average cost of replacing tires

The average cost of tires will fall between 30 to 99$ and it varies according to model, company, and size. In recent years the built quality of tires has gone down too much so always choose tires carefully after complete evaluation.

Deciding Factors of Lifespan

Quality of tire

This will play a vital role when you need to replace your tire. The selection of tires should be according to the terrain you are going to bike. Low-quality tires won’t last longer than 1500miles but quality tires can go way longer.


If you are biking on pavements or high roller then your tires will not face any issue of aging for a great period but on bump and harsh terrains, the lifespans fall quickly.


Your usage lifestyle also impacts the life of tires. If you use a bike frequently and on most days of the week then expect wear and tear on your tire.

Dirty tracks

Dirty tracks not only reduce the lifespan of tires but also impact other parts of the bike like chains, rotors, brake discs, and wheels.

Style of biking

If your riding style is skiddy then erosion of tires will be faster and wear and tear will be quite often.

Weather conditions

In a few regions, bikes are always exposed to moisture. Few tracks will always have water and tires will remain soaked. Water creates erosion of rubber which reduces the lifespan of tires.

Tips to maintain the tires of mountain bike

  1. Always clean the tires of your bike after having a biking session. The dirt should be removed from tires if you are storing your bike for a longer period.
  2. Always check the air pressure of the tire before the ride and keep it on an optimum level. Never ride on the bike if the pressure is too low.
  3. Never ride on a punctured tire as it will tear it further
  4. Inspect your bike regularly and check all parts of the wheel including tires
  5. Use special protectants which can save tires from many environmental factors.
  6. Never overload your bike.


I wanted to keep the post concise and to the point as I don’t want to drag the topic. I hope you got a new piece of knowledge after reading this post. Please head over to the blog section of and explore the world of biking.

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