The E-bike is an electric and motorized bicycle and one of the advancing inventions of the bicycle industry. E-bike is a type of bicycle that is run by its battery and a motor. In this post we will explore HOW LONG DO EBIKE BATTERIES LAST?

The motor takes power from its battery. So, its technology lies between a battery and a motor. That’s why having an e-bike is the desire of every biker and you also can reach your destination quicker than a regular bike through it.

Purchase Decision

Well, as a biker before purchasing an e-bike firstly you need to know. What are the types of E-Bike batteries and how do they differ? As Battery is one of the most important components when buying an electric bicycle. Because a battery regulates how long the e-bicycle can be used and how far it can travel on a single charge?

Well, we all know the battery is the costliest component of an e-bike so you should pay attention when you are purchasing your electric bike.

Lead acid Batteries:

These batteries are usually heavier than other batteries. They are easy to replace because they don’t stay long. These bikes are not used by professional riders because they are not durable for long distances. These batteries are cheap due to the quality of materials, that is why now they are being replaced in its industry.

Nickle batteries:

These batteries have a similar power capacity as Lithium batteries but they can hold 500 charge cycles.

Lithium batteries:

These batteries are most reliable and popular because of their high capacity and maximum power application. These batteries are long-lasting non-toxic, and lightweight and They have taken the market as one of the best batteries all around. Lithium batteries are formed from different formulas and molded into different shapes.

How long do ebike batteries last?

How long can a battery work in an electric bike?

Mostly an e-bike battery can hold 1000 charges and you can use them for between 3 to 6 years anywhere you want. But it depends on the maintenance of the battery and also the quality and type of battery. Because a high-quality battery can last 3 to 6 years. So, you should need to know before you purchase it.

How long can an E-bike go on one charge

How long can an E-bike go on one charge?

You can cover 20 -50 miles on a single charge with most E-bikes. But you can go farther up to 70 miles on a single charge through a battery. As the distance depends on Some factors like environment, wind, your weight, and the route also.

What are the most common kinds of batteries used in electric bikes?

Lithium based batteries are the most commonly used batteries in electric bikes because these batteries usually have a long life and improved technology than other types of batteries. You can get up to 1000 charge cycles through this long last battery. That’s why it is the preference of mostly bikers over others.

How much Does a Lithium battery cost?

Generally, the cost of a Lithium battery is between $300 per kilowatt-hour to $500 per kilowatt-hour. But Its price depends on some factors such as the quality, capacity, and brand.

There are many brands that manufacture batteries with their level of quality and price as Bosch is one of the most famous brands for manufacturing e-bike batteries.

Shimano is another famous brand for selling e- bike batteries in the market. Its battery is available in 420 wh capacity, standing with price between $500 to $750. So, we can say that the quality of e-bike batteries varies according to the prices of different brands.

How long does your electric bike last?

How long your bike lasts depend on many factors such as what type of battery it is. What type of ride are you going on? At which speed are you riding your bike? And how large is your battery?

How can you extend the life of your battery?

Generally, the prices of batteries are not cheap and cheerful and you can take them frequently. So, your concern regarding your battery life is most important. The tips and tricks you can work on for maintenance of your battery can make it last up to two years. Now as bikers we need to learn some tips and tricks as follows:

1: Charge it rightly:

You can take a long battery life of your electric bike by keeping some major steps in your mind while charging your battery and after every ride.

Turn off your electric bike. You should ensure that the battery has cooled down before connecting to the charger.

  Remove the battery pack from your electric bike.

A safe charging station is needed in your home that should be dry and cool.

Connect your e-bike battery to your charger and turn on the plug for charging.

 Your e-bike battery can last long if you keep charging your electric bike batteries between 20% and 80 %. Avoid charging your battery for longer than 12 hours and also don’t let the charging be too low. Avoid the over-recharging of your e-bike battery. There is an indicator in most every electrical bike which is a sign to tell you whether your bike needs charging or it is fully charged.

2: Avoid quick discharging:

You should not charge the battery before battery degradation. You should not discharge your battery frequently because it can create disturbance to your battery. As a lithium (Li-ion) battery has no memory it can be charged when required.

Avoid quick discharging

How do you Store your e-bike battery at moderate temperature?

The moderate temperature for storing the batteries is very important for the prolonged life of your batteries in the short and long term. Well, a high-quality e-bike can remain fixed in an extremely hot and cold environment for riding but for storing its batteries it should be moderate.

You can be stored at normal room temperature (55-77 degrees Fahrenheit). So, you should consider this practice as storing your battery at moderate temperature. So, you can store your bike’s battery as if it is a removable battery otherwise you have to store the entire bike indoors.

You will keep your battery warm in extremely cold temperatures. Because extreme cold weather can less than 50% of your battery life till the temperature rises again. Similarly, in summer you cannot stand your bike directly in the heat of sunlight and in high temperatures.

So, try to park your bike beside the house or under the shade of a tree. Because the battery cells can break down by overheating and it can cause damage to the life of the battery. So, you can store your e-bike battery at moderate temperature.

Use the original charger:

When you buy your e-bike it will come with a new battery charger, make sure you are just using this particular charger. Make sure to unplug at 100% because overcharging can cause degradation of your battery life and then disconnect it after charging.

Cleaning your Bike:

First of all, before washing you will Turn off your e-bike.

Before cleaning your bike, you will turn the system off as it is not on charge. Because e-bikes batteries are not fully waterproof.

Make sure that before removing the battery all its connections are turned off.

Wash your e-bike from low water pressure and don’t use a power shower. For quick cleaning, you can also use a simple cleaning agent because a harsh chemical can damage its outer parts.

Dry your e-bike fully after a wash:

Always dry your e-bike with the help of a microfiber towel because excessive water can damage the electrical components, especially the battery of your bike and it can cause oxidation and corrosion. In the end, make sure that your bike is clean from water and germs.

Never open your electric bicycle battery for repairing it because Lithium powder in the battery is very combustible. Which can cause bursts during its contrast with oxygen. So, return battery for a possible amendment if there is any fault in it.

How long does your electric bike last?

How long your bike lasts depend on many factors such as what type of battery it is. What type of ride are you going on? At which speed are you riding your bike? And how large is your battery?


Well, we all know that e-bikes are a famous mode of traveling because they have so reliable and durable batteries. Practicing proper battery care ensures that you can enjoy thousands of charge cycles. Generally, electric bike batteries can last up to 6 years.

As these batteries are mostly lithium batteries to be the most energy compact battery technology in recent years. They have a lot of power capacity and can travel far off on a single charge.

So, how long do e bikes’ batteries last? This depends on proper care and also the quality of your e-bike battery produced by high-quality manufacturers. So, there are many factors along with tips and tricks behind the longer life span of your e-bike batteries.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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