A Comprehensive Guide about Fixed Gear Bike Vs Single Speed bike

Fixed gear bikes are also known as fixies and these bikes are called fixies because of fixed movement from pedals. The fixie moves forward or reverses with the movement of the pedal. What this means is if you move the pedal forward it goes in the forward direction and if you move the pedal in a reversed position, it will go backward.

In this article, we will discuss thoroughly the Fixed Gear Bike Vs Single Speed bike which will include key differences, salient features, and pros and cons of both classes.

In general dynamics, both these bikes are quite similar but fixed gear bikes do not possess a freewheel while single wheels will have it. In a fixed bike, the rear cog is attached to the rear hub so the movement of the wheel is directly proportional to the cog movement. In single-speed bikes, if you stop pedaling the back wheel does not stop moving. Fixie pedals work as brakes too as the one you stop pedals the bikes stop to move.

Models’ availability of both bikes

In the case of a single-speed bike, you can get any type to be it mountain, gravel, or road bike but in fixie, the availability of shapes and models is less.

Maintenance of Both bikes

As both bikes have very few moving parts, the maintenance is easy. The breakdown of these bikes is very rare and that is the reason for their rising popularity. It’s not about getting a bike, it’s about how to look after it and in the case of this bike the aftercare is easy and both types don’t incur much expense.


Both types have very simple mechanisms and dynamics. There are very few moving parts and designs are simple, so the prices are comparatively lower than other types like mountain and cruiser bikes. It will be very rare that the price tag of these will cross 1 grand.


This is one of the pros that the weight of both will be quite low. As the design is simplistic and there are not many parts the weight of these bikes is very low. Fixie weighs even less than single-speed bikes.

Pros and cons of Fixie Bikes


  • Few components in the bike
  • Low maintenance
  • Less weight
  • Low price
  • Simplistic design
  • Can be customized
  • Easy braking system
  • A good option for fitness lovers


  • Very few models are available
  • Free coasting is not possible
  • Not good for downhill biking
  • Legs take more energy due to continuous pedaling
  • Pros and cons of single speed Bikes

Pros and cons of single speed Bikes


  • Lots of options available
  • Less weight
  • Can be used for free coasting
  • Suitable for downhill biking
  • Prices are reasonable
  • Continuous pedaling is not required
  • Legs take less energy


  • Low top-end speed
  • Cannot move backward with pedals
  • More maintenance than a fixie

Can We freewheel on a fixie?

As we mentioned in pros and cons of fixie to that freewheeling of it not possible.

Can we stop pedaling on a fixed gear bike?

The motion of the fixie is directly proportional to the movement of the pedal. As soon as you will stop the pedal it will stop moving.

Speed of Fixie vs single speed

The speed of the fixie depends on the biker as it needs continuous effort in the form of pedaling and you can’t free coast or downhill too meanwhile the single speed bike will give to benefit in the shape of free coast. So, in a nutshell a single speed will have more speed than a fixie.

Are fixies secure?

It is a never-ending debate whether fixie is dangerous or not. Most of the fixie models will have a front brake too so it makes it secure in the braking aspect but sometimes bikers may need to keep moving without pedaling so in that situation it will not be a favorable option.

 Why do fitness freaks love fixies?

On a normal bike, you can coast freely and the calorie burn will be way less than fixie because on a fixie you will have to put effort till your journey ends. If you love stationary bikes then you will love fixie too because both can help you to lose weight.

Structure of frames

Both fixie and single speed are available in alloy and steel frames but the steel frames models are heavier than alloy frames. On the other hand, steel frames are more durable, robust, and long-lasting. The breakdown of these bikes is not easy and you can use them for years.

Our Take on fixed gear bike vs single speed bike

It all depends on your riding experience. What you are looking for and what are your end goals. Both these bikes are simple forms of bikes. Single-speed bikes give you more freedom during downhill tracks and you can free the coast. Fixed gear bike gives you a pure biking experience that you cannot get from any other bike.


I hope we were able to answer your query about Fixed Gear Bike Vs Single Speed bike. Please head over to the blog section of bikedestiny.com for more articles regarding bikes. happy reading

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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