Fat Bike vs Road Bike: Great Comparison of Both

Fat bikes are a new sensation in the cycling community due to their durability and are extremely helpful in tough conditions like snow and the beach. We have been asked this question consistently which bike is better so we are here a comparison post for fat bike vs road bike.

Fat bikes are picking up popularity due to their adaptability to snowy tracks, sandy tracks, and off-road tracks. The stability it provides because of having big tires has no match. On the other hand, road bikes are for proper tracks and they can’t handle bumps and tough terrain like fat bikes. 

Fat bikes provide great traction control and the center of gravity is low in the case of fat-tire bikes.  In terms of speed these bikes lag behind road bikes. Road bikes offer much more speed and maneuverability than fat tire bikes. It’s not easy to lift and transport fat bikes too because of much more weight than road bikes. Road bikes are lightweight and are easy to handle.

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As we have mentioned above now even electric bikes and scooters come with fat tires which emphasize the importance of fat times. There are few models of fat tire bikes that even match road bikes in terms of speed and then additional stability and balance make them the first choice of many bikers. Road bikes are less expensive in price and there is no issue of speed in them but it does not offer the same traction which bikers can get from fat tire bikes.

Mongoose fat tire bike

Why it is harder to pedal a fat tires bike?

These bikes have heavy tires which require more pedaling power but when you are on an electric fat tire bike it makes it much easier for the biker. If someone is shifting from a road bike to a fat tire bike then he will have to build leg muscles and raise the strength of his legs.

Performance of Fat tire bikes on paved roads:

These bikes are not made specifically for paved roads. The basic purpose of fat tires is to bypass the hurdles of tough terrains so if you want to bike on just paved roads then you should opt for a road bike which will offer you much more speed and you will be able to get it at fewer prices too.

Comparison of tires of different bikes

Mountain bikes: 1.9 to 2.6 and rims 25to 30mm

Fat tire bikes: 3.8 to 5.2 and rims 50 to 100mm

Plus, tires: 2.8 to 3 and rims 34 to 40mm

Pros and cons of fat tire bikes


  • Fat tire bikes are best for snow, sand, and mud.
  • The distribution of weight is great on fat tires.
  • These tires come with the feature of flotation
  • Great traction control and road grip
  • Tires do not slip easily on slippery surfaces
  • Provides comfort and smoothness in ride
  • Tires can survive low air pressure too. Even works with 5 to psi pressure.
  • Absorption of shocks and bumps is great
  • Supports upright position which will help to reduce stress on back and neck
  • The suspension fork enhances the quality of the ride
  • All-weather bike.
  • A great option for beach
  • Good for building endurance and strength of legs
  • A great option for bike packing, long touring, and expeditions
  • Stability gives protection and confidence to beginners
  • Aesthetic looks make it unique and cool


  • Legs need to be strong for pedaling
  • Heavy due to big tires
  • Slower than road bikes due to big tires and weight
  • Maneuverability is not great
  • These bikes are not budget-friendly
  • Replacement parts will not be available on every bike station
  • There will not be too many options in terms of frames
  • Many bikers complain about knee pain after using fat tire bikes
  • Transportation of these bikes is not easy
  • Adjusting tire pressure is a pain point

Pros and cons of road bikes


  • The availability of parts makes them an easy choice
  • Road bikes are faster
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • More efficient
  • A great option for paved roads and daily commuting
  • These bikes are very budget-friendly
  • There are too many frame models available
  • Maneuverability is great
  • Suitable for beginners
  •  More versatile


  • You can’t use them on every type of terrain
  • Break down are common
  • The comfort level is not the same to fat times bike
  • Road grip and traction is not great
  • Not an all-weather bike
Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes
Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes

Final verdict on Fat Bike vs Road Bike

In a nutshell, we will suggest you consider your environment and level of usage before choosing any bike from these. If you want a daily usage bike for the paved road then a road bike is a great option but if you live in a harsh climate then fat tire bikes are a great fit. I hope you like our comparison of a fat bike vs road bike.


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