Eurobike Road Bike Review: Specs, Features, Pros & Cons

Get ready to know about Eurobike Road Bike in the detailed discussion of the Eurobike Road Bike review we shared below for you! Eurobike is one of the top leading bike manufacturing companies and they have been introducing some great and superior bike models for the riders for the last so many years. The reason why this brand is the most demanding one is because they design bikes which are equally popular for both beginners and advanced riders.

And Eurobike EURXC550 700C Road Bike is one such perfect example of it!

Let’s get into more discussion about what this bike is all about and who can use it!

Overview of Eurobike Road Bike Review

Eurobike Road Bike has become the most favorite one among the bike riders due to so many reasons which makes them popular one in the market. You can pick this bike to escape yourself from the open roads or even commuting yourself from one town to another one. In short, you can have this bike by your side for riding into shorter trips very easily.

Eurobike Road Bike has a modern design, powerful material use, great component and the intelligent construction which makes it to be the most top favorite one.


  • Size: 54 Cm
  • Color: 3-Spoke
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Break Style: Disc
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension Type: Rigid
Pros & Cons of Eurobike Road Bike

Important Features about Eurobike Road Bike


This bike has a frame made up of steel which makes it extremely durable to stay for a long-lasting time. When you are purchasing any bike, the first thing you need to consider is the quality of the frame which should be built from durable materials.

Carbon and aluminum bike frames are great in offering extra durability and lightness. But they are a bit expensive as compared to steel frames.

21-speed Shimano shifting system

Another best thing about this bike is that it is primarily included with the gear system and speed range. And for that sake, the bike is available with the Shimano TZ-30 & TZ-50 shifters as well as SHIMANO A050 21-speed gear.

This has been one of those components which are rare in bikes to experience. Even the high-priced bikes do not have this function in them. With this shifting system, bikers will have greater control over their speed once they change the gears.

In addition, this great shifting system will also offer huge versatility during controlling speed at different turfs. Hence, it is not at all limited to the specific track and you can adjust the system according to your preferences.

Dual braking system

In order to bring some ease in the operation, the bike is offered with a dual braking system. It has a braking system which is smooth, flexible and much more precise to prevent the accidents.

This bike is available with aluminum dual disc brakes which are measuring 160mm. They are often incorporated into the structure in a way which is helpful for the riders to bike safely even at maximum speed.


As regards the wheels are concerned, the bike is using 3-spoke wheels which are elegantly designed to stay functional with the bike. Wheels are made from aluminum which makes them lighter and long-lasting to withstand in any weather condition.

Plus, the wheels are wider enough which will enable the biker to ride on various terrains and road surfaces. In order to relax the ride a bit more, the bike has freewheeling to stop the pedaling for a second when moving in forward motion.

Eurobike EURXC550

Ergonomic seat with powerful handlebars

Seat and handlebars are designed just to offer great posture and have an excellent riding position. Handlebar is in iron racing and is located at the right spot. It is often providing an excellent control when riding a bike on rough trails without even straining your back.

Plus, the seat is also adjustable over the desired heights and is offered with lower back support along with a comfortable sitting posture.

Color Options

This great EURXC550 road bike is offered with the stunning metal piece. It is available in 3 various eye-catching colors such as sleek black color with the flashes of red and shade of white color.

It has a premium appeal which will make you fall in love with the bike at first sight.

Size & Design

As the size and design is mentioned, the bike is available in the two spoke wheel design including with the 3-spoke wheels and has the multi-spoke wheel. Both are durable equally but the 3-spoke wheel is the cooler one and it has a cleaner appearance.

In addition, the multi-wheel spoke design is also exhibiting the high strength and great durability. The frame is available in two different sizes, which are 49 cm and 54cm. Choose the one which gives your ride a comfortable experience according to different road surfaces.

Pros & Cons of Eurobike Road Bike


  • Great modern design
  • Reasonable
  • 21 various speeds
  • Dual system of Disc brake
  • Shimano Shifter along with Derailleur
  • Steel powerful frame


  • Assembly is bit tricky
  • Does not include water pot mount

FAQs about Eurobike Road Bike Review

1. Are pedals included in this road bike?

Yes, smooth pedals are included for a comfortable bike riding experience.

2. Can this bike easily fit a 6’4” man?

No, it won’t! It will be uneasy because this bike is only suitable to fit the rider of 5’10”.

3. Is the bike already assembled?

No, you have to assemble it yourself with the instruction guide shared with you.

4. Is this a 26-inch mountain bike?

You cannot call it as a mountain bike. Its wheel size is not the 26 inches one, but the 700c.


To end the whole discussion, we definitely recommend you to go with this amazing Eurobike road bike right now and make your bike riding experience a worthwhile one. It’s a perfect choice for all the entry-level bike riders in terms of great performance and durable nature.

For us, it is more reliable and convenient to use compared to its competitors. By it now!

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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