Engwe Electric Bike Review: The Best & Most Affordable

If you are planning to buy Engwe electric bike, then hold on for a second and do check out our below Engwe Electric Bike review to see what this bike is all about.

Engwe Electric Bike is an all-terrain powerful bike which is an affordable piece to invest in right now. This bike has fat tires which are convenient to drive on any sort of terrain to have a smooth riding experience on any road surface. Plus, it is coupled with the 614Wh battery to have an excellent riding experience.

What else does it offer?

Let’s check out the review below for a detailed discussion.

Overview of Engwe Brand

Engwe EP-2 Pro is a great electric bike which is all moped with the excellent performance beyond the expectations. For a biker ride, who don’t not think about the investment before purchasing any bike and just need something which is powerful, for them we have the best recommendation here. 

This bike has a speed power which is 38 km/h at the range of 80 kilometers. It is often designed with excellent material quality which showcases how durable it is. Hence, you don’t need to bother about getting your bike damaged in adverse weather conditions. It’s a love at first sight bike for any bike rider!

In addition, it is a lightweight option and is aluminum-resistant based mixed with the anti-rust and anti-exposure. It weighs around 29 kg and is offering customers with the freedom to choose from different colors including orange, dark grey, traditional black and white, green and red finishes.

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  • Motor is 750W high-speed powerful brushless gear motors
  • Maximum Speed is 45 km/h
  • Battery power is LG 48V 12.8AH
  • Maximum Range is 60 km at electric mode or 120 km at the assistant mode
  • Charging Time is around 6 hours
  • Tire dimension is 20” x 4.0” Fat Tire
  • Maximum Load capacity is 150 kg
  • ​Rider’s Height should be 5.1-6.5ft
Motor Power (W)750W750W1000W
Battery Capacity48V13Ah Lithium-Ion Battery *148V13Ah Lithium-Ion48V19.2Ah Lithium-Ion
Range per Charge34.17 Miles 90 miles93Miles
Top Speed (mph)28MPH25MPH31 mph
Frame MaterialAluminum AlloyAluminumAluminum Alloy
Foldable DesignnonoYes
SuspensionFront SuspensionFront SuspensionFront Suspension
Weight (lbs)76.72lbs74.8lbs 79 lbs
AccessoriesLED Lights, FendersRear RackLED Lights, Fenders
Price Range$1,149.99 to $1,449.99$1,199.991,599.99  – $1,799.99
AvailabilityCheck RetailersCheck RetailersCheck Retailers

Important Features of Engwe Electric Bike

Unisex Folding Frame

This bike has the frame made up of powerful aluminum allow which is coated with the anti-rust as well as anti-exposure paint. In this way, the frame will showcase the brighter brushed finishing which fades at all. It even grants the glossy black finishing with white and red combination for an urban cool vibe.

It is a lot easy and convenient to store this bike due to its foldable design nature. In just 10 seconds you can fold it easily or can unfold the bike frame.

Power System

As we talk about the power system, the bike has a powerful 250-watt brushless gear motor. Although it is not that much powerful, but it is efficient and reliable to use for the whole day.

Battery of the bike is based on 48-volt/8 amp-hour lithium with which you can ride the bike for maximum 19-20 miles on the pure electric mode. But with the assisted mode, you can cover 32-37 miles.

In just 6 hours, you can completely charge the battery to run it for the next whole day. Battery has the removable nature so you can charge it at any place without any hassle.

LCD Display and Controls:

  • Engwe electric bikes typically feature an LCD display that provides information about speed, battery status, and assist levels. Riders can easily control the level of assistance using the display.
Pros & Cons of Engwe Electric Bike

Brakes, Gears, & Support Modes

As far as the brakes and gear system is concerned, this bike is available with front and rear disc brakes along with the Shimano’s 21-speed gears. By changing the gears over this bike, it gets easier for you to enjoy the longer rides and can easily tackle the rough terrains.

You are free to choose any of the power level or support modes according to your convenience. Power levels are categorized as pedal assist, full throttle and pedal only. It is easy to adjust the power level. You just need to press the left button, located under smart LCD display to meet all your needs.

Full-Suspension E-Bike

Due to front suspension fork as well as center shock absorber, this bike is available with various benefits. It adds extra traction over the rough terrains which make the ride so much smoother and easier to ride on over uneven grounds.

Durability and Build Quality:

  • Engwe electric bikes are generally well-built with durable materials, and they can handle the demands of daily commuting or outdoor adventures. The frame is often made from lightweight yet sturdy materials like aluminum.

Tires & Lights

The main highlight of this bike is the 20 x 4 inch tires which gives the entire riding a smooth experience. These wide tires have the better grip which is rather filled with the 0, 2 to 0,8 bar. This will hence ensure a better shock-absorbing effect.

Apart from that, metal fenders are also available on the rear and front wheels. Luggage rack will double in which the pillion seat can handle the maximum weight load of 150kg. The rest of the important features are mechanical disc brakes and the brake light attached with the brighter LED headlight.

For Whom Engwe Electric Bike is best suited?

This amazing ENGWE Folding Full Suspension Electric Bike is the best choice for all those bikers who don’t have enough space to position it. It can also be a great choice if you are a serious bike rider or are fond of visiting the steep hills all the time.

Plus, it can be equally best for the riders who are planning for the recreation or for transportation to commute to long distance areas.

What are the main drawbacks of Engwe Electric Bike?

There are a few major drawbacks about this electric bike which has been a source of bit disappointment for the buyers. It is quite difficult for you to replace the bike handlebars. If you still want to get the new handlebars, you have to first get the new display panel.

Plus, it is a bit heavy which is not easy for an ordinary person to make it move from one place to another.

Pros & Cons of Engwe Electric Bike


  • Durable and portable
  • Modern construction
  • Practical flooring support
  • Relaxing saddle
  • Removable frame of battery
  • Excellent brakes included with LED brake lights
  • Competitive pricing for the features offered.
  • Good range on a single battery charge.


  • Lacks fixation once folded
  • Limited top speed due to regulatory restrictions.
  • The range may vary depending on terrain and usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Engwe electric bikes suitable for off-road or outdoor adventures?

  • Some Engwe electric bike models are designed for off-road use and outdoor adventures, featuring features like suspension and durable construction. It’s important to check the specifications of the specific model for off-road capabilities.

Are there different sizes or frame options available for Engwe electric bikes?

  • Engwe may offer a range of frame sizes and styles to accommodate various riders. It’s essential to choose a frame size that suits your height and riding comfort.

Can I add accessories to my Engwe electric bike, such as a rear rack or fenders?

  • Yes, many Engwe electric bike models allow for customization with accessories like racks, fenders, lights, and more. This helps enhance the functionality and utility of the bike for specific needs.

What is the warranty coverage for Engwe electric bikes, and how can I access customer support?

Warranty coverage and customer support may vary by model and region. It’s advisable to consult the manufacturer or authorized dealers for details on warranties and support.

Are Engwe electric bikes suitable for beginners or riders with limited cycling experience? Engwe electric bikes can be suitable for riders of various skill levels, including beginners. The electric assistance can make pedaling easier, but it’s important for all riders to practice safe and responsible cycling.

Can I ride an Engwe electric bike in the rain or adverse weather conditions?

Engwe electric bikes are generally designed to withstand light rain and wet conditions. However, it’s recommended to avoid heavy downpours, and proper maintenance and care are essential to prevent water damage.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with my Engwe electric bike?

If you experience technical issues with your electric bike, you should refer to the user manual for troubleshooting guidance. For more complex problems, contact Engwe’s customer support or an authorized service center.

Can I fly with an Engwe electric bike, and what are the regulations for transporting it on a plane?

Air travel regulations for electric bikes vary by airline and country. Before planning to fly with your Engwe electric bike, check with the airline for specific guidelines and packing requirements.

Are there specific maintenance tasks I should perform regularly to keep my Engwe electric bike in good condition?

Regular maintenance tasks include keeping the chain clean and lubricated, checking tire pressure, ensuring brakes are functioning correctly, and inspecting the frame, wheels, and other components for wear and tear. Regular maintenance contributes to the bike’s longevity.

Conclusion of Engwe Electric Bike Review

The ENGWE EP-2 Pro electric bike is no doubt an all-rounder offering superior biking experience with great handling. The only disappointment of this bike is its lack of fixation within folded state which is quite unfavorable to notice. Plus, the handlebar has an unsightly cable management which might disturb a few riders.

But apart from this criticism,

Final Verdict

  • Price
  • Value


ENGWE EP-2 Pro electric bike offers you great handling with wide tires and is smooth to ride on rough terrains. And you should never forget its impressive e-folding nature which makes it easy for you to move it from one place to another.

Are you ready to buy ENGWE EP-2 Pro electric bike?

Engwe EP-2 Pro

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