The 8 key Difference Between Men and Women Bikes

Women bikes always had fewer features than men bikes but the difference has been reduced drastically in recent years. Now you will find almost similar features in both gender bikes but still, both bikes are different. In past women, bikes had more feminine looks and low quality but the evolution of these bikes has been amazing. In this post, we will talk about the difference between men and women bikes.

Women’s bikes always have been aesthetically more pleasing than men’s bikes while men’s bikes are traditionally sportier. At first glance, you may not be able to differentiate both types but after having a close look you will observe that women’s bikes have a smaller frame.

 Why there are different bikes for men and women?

It is due to anatomical reasons. Both men and women gave different body structures. Women tend to have short torsos, longer legs, and less height while men tend to be taller so to cater to these anatomical differences manufacturers made separate models. There are unisex bikes too which can be used by both genders. In general, the best bike for me is the bike that fits me regardless of my gender.

Major differences men vs women bikes

1)    Frame structure

Most of the women will have short torsos; short arms and long legs so bikes for them need to be built which can support this anatomy. The top tube of women’s bikes will be shorter than other types of bikes. This structural difference reduces the distance between the seats of bikes and handlebars. The shorter distance between the seat and handlebar will make the bike comfortable to sit on.

Women-specific bikes will feature step-through frames while men’s bikes will have crossbar frames. Crossbar frame can expose underwear and legs so step through helps biker in this regard.

Difference Between Men and Women Bikes

2)    Saddles

Saddle comfort plays a big role in the pleasant ride. A saddle with the wrong size and adjustment will ruin your biking experience as it will put an effect on most of the parts of the body. Saddle sores and bum bruises are common issues faced by bikers.

The seats of women bikes will shorter and wide which supports wider hips length. Saddles are very easy to replace because there are unlimited shapes and sizes of saddles so to cater to different types of bodies.

To protect the perineum the saddle of a women’s bike will have a hole which is known as a center cutout. This also helps in airflow.

3)    Handle bars

Narrow bars on bikes support the anatomy of females while wider bars are perfect for male bodies. The position of bars in female bikes will be lower too compare to guys’ bikes. The grips in men’s bikes will be wide for a strong grip meanwhile women’s bikes will have grips with fewer diameters to accommodate smaller hands.

Handle bars of women bikes

4)    Brakes

There are no major differences in braking system sets of different types of bikes. Although the brake levers of men’s bikes will be larger than women’s bikes to support larger hands and strong grip.

5)    Size of bike

Even if we don’t consider the parts of the bike the size of women’s bikes will be smaller than men’s bikes because the structure of female body supports it. Small size provides it with more stability and road grip. The control of small-size bikes is way better than larger bikes which obviously help female riders.

size of bikes

6)    Crank length

The balance of bikers largely depends upon the length of the crank so it is very vital to have a bike with the right crank length. The women’s bikes come with a shorter crank so they can reach pedals easily. Meanwhile, men’s bikes come with larger cranks. The average length of the crank in female bikes is 16.5cm but on the other hand, it can reach 17.5cm in men’s bikes.

7)    Stem

The stem of women’s bikes will be short as it makes steering easy and less twitchy. Men’s bikes mostly come with a longer stem. Some bikers don’t consider the length of the stem at the time of purchase and then change the size of the stem later on but it is recommended to check the size of the stem at the time of purchase and select the one which is best fit for you.

8)    Suspension of bike

Suspension of bikes helps to absorb the impact. Most of the time all bikes will have the same suspension but few body structures may need specific suspension requirements which can be adjusted at the bike station.

Frequently asked Questions

Can women ride bikes made for men?

Anyone can ride any bike but gender-specific bikes come with a few features which help you to ride comfortably. Women can ride men’s bikes but the ride comfort will be compromised. It’s all comes to personal preferences too, in the end, it is you that decide the best fit.

In this article we have looked into the difference between men and women bikes however any difference does not give a license to discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, body type, or structure. The classification of bikes is done for the comfort of bikers and it is all up to the biker what he or she decides.

Finally, if you ever decide to buy a new bike, do testing of your bike and learn about sizes. We hope this article has enhanced your learning. Please check other resources on our blog Happy reading.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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