Can you raise the handlebars on a mountain bike? 3 Awesome Methods

Mountain bikes are fun to ride. But your riding time may turn out to be problematic if its handlebars are not correctly adjusted. We have been asked frequently that can you raise the handlebars on a mountain bike? You can go through this guide that tells you how to raise or increase the height of the handlebars to a preferred level. Allen key is needed and nothing else!

The height adjustment is needed because of many reasons. For example, riders adjust the height of their handlebars to improve visibility, ensure comfort, and reduce the probability of having an injury.

How to raise the handlebars of your mountain bike?

Allen key is the primary item needed to perform this process. The method can slightly differ depending on the mountain bike version you have got. Some bikes have a threaded headset stem, and a Thread-less Headset Seam accompanies others.

In both cases, you have to loosen the bolts with the help of an Allen key. If you do not have an Allen key, you can use a wrench. Simply adjust the size and height of the handlebars and secure them back together.

In addition, the handlebars of mountain bikes come in the form of flat bars. They remain to be completely flat and slightly inclined. Their handlebars are known for their durability, stability, and versatility. Moreover, they are lightweight and compact.

Before starting the process, determine whether your bike uses a Thread-less Headset Stem or if a Threaded Headset Stem injects it. Afterward, you can proceed to the following steps:

Adjusting the handlebars height of a mountain bike that functions on a Threadless Headset Stem

  1. Get an Allen key or wrench.
  2. Remove the long bolt located on the stem cap.
  3. Hold the Allen key and start loosening the smaller bolts located on the Threadless headset seam.
  4. Next, pull off the handlebars carefully. When pulling, make sure that you do not break or bend them at all.
  5. Locate the main tube and add spacers to it. For increasing the height, spacers are added, and for reducing the height, you can conveniently remove these spacers later on.
  6. Later on, you must reattach the stem and stem camp back on your bike.
  7. You will see that the handlebars have become entirely loose. Adjust their height accordingly and securely fasten and tighten them back together.
  8. Most importantly, the stem is an L-shaped piece. It is made of metal and located between the handlebars and the remaining frame of your mountain bike.
Adjusting the handlebars height of a mountain bike

Adjusting the handlebars height of a mountain bike that functions on a Threaded Headset Stem

  1. The first step is to loosen the bolt. You can conveniently spot it on the Threaded Headset Stem.
  2. Take a wrench and properly loosen the locknut.
  3. Pull the stem from your bike and bring it in a free position.
  4. Determine beforehand what handlebar height and position you want to see and adjust it accordingly.
  5. Once the adjustments are made, reattach the stem and screw it back again correctly.

Why is there a need to adjust the handlebars of your mountain bike?

The mountain bike riders need adjustment in the height of the handlebar for boosting visibility, ensuring a distressing-free ride, and professionally improving the bike performance.

In addition, the height adjustment is made depending on the rider’s height and age. For example, a different handlebar height is meant for kids and adults. It is recommended to raise and regulate their heights once per year. A lowered handlebar height is advisable for aged people to get a more comfortable riding experience. Lastly, this practice also prepares the bike for recycling.


Thus, that is how you can raise or increase the height of the handlebars of your mountain bike. Allen key is primarily used to perform and successfully execute this process. The usage of the Allen key conveniently increases the height of the handlebars up to your desired expectations. In addition, the long bolt gets entirely removed from the stem camp, and adjustment is made accordingly.

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