Bullhorn vs Drop bars – 8 Major Differences

Your bikes can fly when you make the right choices!

Comfort is everyone’s top priority and when it comes to cycling bike enthusiasts really don’t want to compromise on that. As a cyclist, you are often in the dilemma of which sort of handlebars you should go for?

The dynamics of cycling are often overlooked but they must be kept in consideration when you set up your bike.

We’ve been getting queries from bike nerds who have been researching this a lot and keep on thinking about ways that could increase their ease of cycling. in this article we are going to discuss Bullhorn vs Drop bars.

Of course, the handlebars are going to influence your experience as a cyclist.

Drop Bar and Bullhorn: Compared

All we need is a feature that doesn’t make us feel tired while we are cycling for a longer duration and also helps us take the uphills.

Both of these handlebars are quite similar in navigation and aerodynamics. Therefore, comparing them is essential to differentiate between both types and also it will help us choose what suits us the most according to our routines and cycling habits. The bull horn lets you get a wider viewing angle while you are on the bike.

Whereas on the other side, the drop bars are a perfect option when it offers an optimum descending power to their users. All the key features present in the handlebars will be compared in this article.

Here’s a list of key features present in both, and we’ll be comparing them one by one.

A list of Top-Key Features

●      Bullhorn handlebars

Bullhorn handlebars are so-called because they give a bull horn-like appearance. They give you a bossy attitude while you are riding and these are also good for climbing uphill’s as they are much better at transferring weight to the front wheel.

The enhanced maneuverability also aids high speeding and offers a good grip to the riders.

Bullhorn handlebars
Bullhorn handlebars

●      Drop bars

Drop bars offer a range of aerodynamic handling positions to their riders. They are preferred for racing, providing the riders with a good grip while distributing the weight to both wheels.

Drop bars handle bars
Drop bars handle bars

-Hand position


Bullhorns provide three different handling positions to its users for advanced stability and higher speed.

Apart from this, it allows two secondary positions on the sides and the curved one. Meanwhile, three primary hand positions are available for more stability and speed.

There are three switching positions available in bullhorns.

Drop bar hand position
Drop bar hand position

Drop bar

The drop-bar offers much better control and authority to the rider. Now, you will be getting one additional secondary position and also three primary positions which are hood, drop, and top.

Climbing power


Climbing uphill can be quite an effort-consuming task sometimes but with these types of handles, you’ll get sufficient space to paddle. For single gear bikes, these are suitable handlebars.

Drop bar

 A downside of drop bars is that they don’t provide enough power leverage when paddling on the uphill.

Descending power


The above features discussed were focused on uphill riding.

Meanwhile, when you are on the way downhill then you will be able to ride much faster on a bull horn. The descending power plays its role when you are riding towards the downhill.

Drop bar

Drop Bars allow more sound aerodynamic features when you are riding downhill.

Aerodynamic position
Aerodynamic position

Aerodynamic position

Drop bars

An ideal bike is equipped with sound aerodynamic features.

If you are searching for a bike with extended speed then drop bars aren’t going to disappoint you.

Drop bars enable you to lower your body and let you relax your back. This can make your position more aerodynamic and offer much ease to change different positions.

Bull Horn

On the other hand, when your bike has bullhorn handlebars, it’s going to offer a variety of aerodynamic positions by tucking and bending the elbows.

The issue is we cannot keep our body in this position for an extended period of time.

You can always have the option to change the position Though, it will be a little challenging to maintain that position for a longer duration.

Shifter installation


Being a racing enthusiast, you need a smooth shifting of hand whenever you feel it right. Bull horns lack a little convenience relative to the drop bar. Although, they give you a bunch of options for installing down tubes and bar-end shifters but not easy to shift.

Drop bar

With these types of bars, you will be equipped with a bunch of STI options that aid better braking capabilities.

Also, you will be offered a much higher performing bike with these handlebars as it does not need you to take your hand away from the hood and break much more easily.

Brakes setup


The brake position directly affects the performance of the bikers and the bullhorn has a default brake position. It needs livers lined up in a much more accessible manner.

Drop bar

The livers of the drop bars are fitted into the hood. So, in this way you can ride ruthlessly at a moderate speed.

Added with the enhanced control, these are better in braking positions.

Road visibility


Bullhorn leads the race between all those handlebars as it offers more visibility. Also, it makes you feel free on the road and helps you observe it better.

Drop bar

Equipped with a befitting design, they still don’t allow you to look at the road; instead, your eyes might be looking towards the road beneath you.

These handlebars are limiting the road visibility and can cause danger to the rider.

Road visibility drop bars
Road visibility drop bars



A positive side of Bullhorns is that it increases your bike’s climbing abilities.

When you are on the go on the inclined roads, here, you need to have advanced control and better stability which is provided by the bull horn handlebars.

Drop bars

The aerodynamics of drop bars can offer more paddling efficiency and let you ride faster. But bullhorns handlebars are better when it comes to sprinting smoothly.



Accessories are also an essential factor in bikes. In most bikes, the bullhorns have a basket or a rack attached to them.

This lets the riders have sufficient cargo which they need to place the extra stuff.

Drop bar

Apart from having some other good qualities, it lacks cargo and other additional things like a rear mirror which can help you better analyze your surroundings.

Drop Bars are an essential placement that can be utilized to maintain your safety when you are on the road.

 There is an additional option to install the mirror wherever you want.



Both bullhorns and drop bars are aerodynamic and are specifically designed to boost the rider’s performance.

Bullhorn bars are the perfect befitting handlebars for bumpy roads. Plus, they don’t disappoint you in climbing and providing comfort.

Drop bar

Drop bars are suitable for a range of bikes and they are quite effective in sprinting.

Also, they have multiple uses and high performance.

FAQ’s about Bullhorn vs Drop bars

1. Are drop bars overrated?

No, these are not overrated but an absolute smart purchase for track racing. Because they offer the best aerodynamics and help you ride a little faster without compromising on the control.  For practicing on the paved roads, these handlebars are easier to use.

2. Are Bullhorns good or bad?

According to our in-depth research, these handlebars let the rider ride much safer and provide them with the most efficient and responsive braking.

Therefore, these bars are suitable for climbing and riding on and off roads.

3. Are Drop Bars not suitable For Commuting?

No, drop bars are quite good for commuting because of the aerodynamics feature. Plus, enough leverage makes them commute better.

4. Do Drop Handlebars make the rider feel uncomfortable?

Drop bars will turn out to be a little uncomfortable for most of the bikers. Yet, you can get used to the riding style. The better your riding style, the better comfort you will enjoy.

With that said, you can manage different riding positions for longer hours with drop bars.

Moreover, the bars and hoods offer an intuitive hand position.

4. Do drop bars cause any harm?

Drop bars can hurt the bikers sometimes because they turn your back and let you ride lower, keeping your eyes fixated on the ground. This limits your road visibility, making you susceptible to accidents.

However, once you get habitual to using them, you can focus more on the roads while cycling.

5. Do Drop bars provide enough comfort to your back?

Drop handlebars aid your back in a way that it doesn’t keep the strain and helps you position your hands in an easy position. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t change the handling position for a longer time and expect that it doesn’t hurt.

Final word on Bullhorn vs Drop bars

Your riding experience is directly influenced by the type of handlebars you choose. Therefore, we hope that the above described has helped you understand the differences between the two basic types of handlebars built for different purposes.

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