BMX VS MOUNTAIN BIKE – 12 Major Differences

Getting into a rhythm will be much easier once you understand the type of bike you need!

Cycling can be something really therapeutic and enjoyable once you get into it. Your cycling experience will eventually be influenced by different factors and the choices you make but which companion you choose matters the most.

in this article we will explore BMX VS MOUNTAIN BIKE from all aspects.

By the way, here, I am referring to the type of bike you choose to ride on. Being a cyclist, we want to explore every type of road from rough terrain to steep hills, and mountains. For this, you have to make the right choice of a bike at the right time.

For riding on mountains and hills a Mountain bike is the preferred one. While for the smooth tracks you can take your BMX with you. Both of these bikes possess incredible features to be used for their respective purposes. And here we are helping you to decide which one you should choose.

Before getting into the depth, we will discuss what both of these types of bikes are offering to their users and what keeps them apart.

What is A BMX bike?

It is a bike that has a special set of features that are designed for letting you participate and perform well in off-road racing by doing a variety of stunts, and tricks.

What is A BMX bike
What is A BMX bike

Pros of BMX

  • If you want a fun ride then get yourself a proper BMX Bikes because its light weight and it won’t burden you.
  • BMX is an extremely economical option when it comes to bikes.
  • These bikes don’t require long servicing and offer maneuverability too.
  • Suitable for urban environments.
Pros of BMX
Pros of BMX

Bad sides of BMX

  • Not suitable for long-duration rides and heavy racing.
  • Not offering comfortable saddle positions.
  • Might not be suitable if you have back issues.
  • A single-speed system doesn’t enable you to ride over hilly areas.
  • Doesn’t absorb shocks as mountain bikes do.

A Mountain Bike

These are the heavy bikes specified for off-road riding. Their wheels are larger and the frame can be easily distinguished from other bikes.

Pros of Mountain Bikes

  • MTBs are equipped with proper gearing systems meant for making rides simple.
  • Many versatile bikes have by default settings for commuting better.
  • Offers easier handling on different surfaces and terrains.
Pros of Mountain Bikes
Pros of Mountain Bikes

Bad sides of Mountain Bikes

  • More expensive than BMX bikes to purchase.
  • Might not look so cool.
  • Bulky.
  • Not easy to transport.
  • Not so easy to handle for beginners.
  • Required much more maintenance than other bikes.

For What sort of purposes BMX bikes are preferred?

You can get a BMX bike if you are an enthusiast racer. These bikes offer incredible features which make them suitable for tricks, and stunts.

Moreover, BMX is carried by kids too and helps them roam around their neighborhood while making them feel safe.

Why are BMX bikes so called?

Technically speaking, BMX is by far the most advanced option for riding on rough terrains. These bikes are loaded with all the qualities that help you fight against the obstacles that might disturb your riding.

BMX refers to bicycle motocross,by Motorcross it defines its ability to work the best in racing.

Are BMX bikes a Suitable option for Adults?

A 20 inch wheel size BMX bike works well for most of the riders but for tall people above 20 inches can work better.

 You can choose whatever suits you the most in BMX. There are so many good options in the market like Mongoose which have a variety of bike models in an affordable range.

What makes both of these types Apart?

Regular bikes must always be a little light in weight with such handlebars that aid in providing a better grip.

A BMX possesses narrow tires and offers more speed for smooth surfaces, unlike the mountain bikes which are for rough roads.

Apart from this, there are some other factors too which make these bikes different from each other.

Why would you need an MTB?

MTBs are for riding over the hilly and steep roads. Also, if you love to go to the mountains then you will need a mountain bike.

If you’re eager to ride and do a lot of off-road riding then the mountain bike can serve you in this regard.

Therefore, we can label an MTB bike as the ideal one for navigating on the roughest surfaces.

Can you utilize a dirt jumper as a replacement for MTB?

Yes, you can utilize a dirt jumper in place of a mountain bike. But that’s definitely not a smart decision when you have the option of getting an MTB. The prime reason for not preferring dirt jumpers here is their dirt-specified geometric design and single-speed gearing system.

Apart from this, it also doesn’t provide a comfy ride and makes riding a little more difficult. So an MTB is the best option.

Which Mountain bike is suitable for Kids?

You can get a 20-inch wheel mountain bike if you want your kid to be good at cycling in the mountains.

Huffy and other big names have been producing a bulk of kid bikes that are under $100.

BMX VS Mountain Bike

We can’t simply decide which one is a better bike. Because both of them are best in their own ways.

Having all the pros, you need as a biker. It depends on you whether you are a street biker or a mountain lover and your preferences will be according to it.

Faq about BMX VS Mountain Bike

What is the Difference in the bike’s wheel size?

BMX possesses smaller wheels ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches.

The most famous and popular BMX wheels are of sizes 26 and 29. On the other hand, the wheel size of MTB and you will have to face a lot of challenges while riding in the mountains. The larger wheels offer more traction and less slipping. The tires range from 27 to 30 inches in size.

How are the frames distinguished?

The BMX bikes possess a rigid frame that is capable enough to ensure aggressive treatment too.

Most of the bikes have the same-sized compact frames.

On the other hand, the frame of an MTB is quite flexible and absorbs shocks and strokes while offering good traction.

Are steering wheels different in both?

The handlebars and front wheels of BMX allow you to have a full rotation of 360 degrees.

Because of the absence of hand brakes or even gear shifts on the handlebars of few BMX versions.

It offers enhanced maneuverability in comparison to an MTB for surprising turns and different biking tricks.

The handlebars and frame of MTBs are smart enough to handle the hard obstacles and any bumps while keeping the rider in a secured position and in charge without losing any balance.

What if I ride a BMX in the Mountains?

Using a BMX bike in mountains is a silly idea since it will not give you good performance on the hilly and bumpy surfaces of mountains.

For mountains, you need heavier bikes that offer enhanced traction.

What’s the right time to ride a BMX?

If you’re planning a trip on the mountain roads then get a mountain bike. A BMX bike would be great when you love the jumpy roads and enjoy faster rides on regular roads. 

How do we decide which one is better?

Both the types are fine in their own ways and cannot be compared. Just like different cars have different purposes, so is the case with bikes.

If you are into racing and want to do really well at stunts then get your hands on a BMX.

Apart from this, it does not have much to offer for mountain roads so for that you will need an MTB.

Can you perform tricks of BMX bikes on a mountain bike?

To perform stunts and biking tricks you need freestyle sort of bikes because the regular bikes are not designed to perform these biking stunts.

Can you perform some biking tricks on a BMX?

Mountain bikes always have been specified for riding over rough surfaces and are not to be used on the usual roads.

We recommend a BMX bike for doing a variety of riding tricks as these are light in weight and offer more steering capability.

Loaded with a bunch of useful features BMX bikes are helpful for performing tricks.

What makes both of the bikes offer a different Ride!

MTBs offer the most comfortable plus smoother ride, unlike the BMX. Both of these bikes have different specialties and allow the rider to have different rides.

Whether it’s a difficult road or a smooth one, MTBs can resist all the obstacles. While BMX can only ride better on regular surfaces.

Because all the shocks are absorbed by the rider’s legs and arms while they are on the BMX. Also, these riders must take care of their safety while they are riding on rough roads.

We hope that now the picture of the MTBs and BMX is quite clearer in your mind.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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