Bike Seat Pain Female – How do Women Cyclists Experience Pain While Cycling?

Let’s glance up at some usual issues faced by women cyclists and how we can prevent their aggravation!

Women have to go through a lot of problems while cycling and one of them is often overlooked, that is the “Pain” after a long duration of cycling. In this article we will explore Bike Seat Pain Female.

Previously, women weren’t very vocal about it and kept on suffering silently but now they are more open to constructive and fruitful discussions that can help them manage this pain.

Since most women believe that cycling is meant to be painful. No, it’s not. Through this discussion, we aim to break all the barriers that don’t let the women make the most of their cycling experience.

Women need to accept that cycling is a healthy exercise and not something that gives them additional health issues.

Addressing these issues is important to encourage female cyclist enthusiasts and help them succeed.

Moreover, we ‘ll be discussing the major causes that generate unbearable pain in women.

Why Cycling Can Be Painful?

In women, when the vulva gets continuous pressure, it can cause crotch pain. The vulva comprises soft tissues which are damaged when you rest on the seat and keep riding for a longer duration.

Along with the crotch pain, the region down there can often become swollen and numb.

Bike Seat Pain Causes

Riding for a long time can often cause soreness, which is usual, but having a disturbing pain along with swelling is intolerable.

Women get this pain around the vaginal area, where the skin is soft and sensitive so to minimize these issues, you need to get a proper saddle and comfortable cycling shorts.

Bike Seat Pain Causes
Bike Seat Pain Causes

What causes Excessive Pressure on Vulva?

  • Incorrect saddle height.
  • Wrong positioning of seat.
  • Inappropriate riding style.
  • The heavy weight of the rider.
  • Friction caused by undergarments and tight shorts.
What causes Excessive Pressure on Vulva
What causes Excessive Pressure on Vulva

How to Manage the Discomfort a Woman feels down there while cycling!

Women have to bear a lot of pain while they are cycling for a longer time. This pain and swelling down there is due to the increased pressure applied by the seat on the vulva. Moreover, it creates health issues like infections and ingrown hair.

To address this issue, we need to make women aware of the right choices that are much needed which include a comfortable and proper bike seat and wearing some protective cushioning things that help in minimizing the effect of this pressure.

Therefore, to deal with this problem you can take some preventive measures.

Here we are listing down some effective methods to reduce the discomfort.

Effective Ways to Minimize Discomfort

So, the idea is to make your cycling more Comfortable!

Some women run away from cycling and the sole reason for this is the unbearable pain.

 Let’s talk about some ways that can improve your overall cycling experience and let you enjoy cycling.

A Suitable Cycling Short

Biking specified shorts are a savior when it comes to preventing excessive pain. These shorts have a cushioning material for your butt region.

Just make sure you look for a short that fit you well otherwise they might not be effective in preventing pain and discomfort. We suggest you try out different brands and never compromise on the quality while you are making a purchase.

Nevertheless, a little pain will still be there.

Cycling Short
Cycling Short

No Undergarment under bike shorts

Women often ignore the fact that underwear is the major reason for promoting bacterial growth and unwanted infection. Wearing underwear is not recommended when you are cycling. Otherwise, the friction generated between the skin, bike shorts, and panties can aggravate your pain symptoms.

Going for padded shorts is also a good choice as they can trap the bacteria in your lower region.

A perfect Bike fit

Choosing the right saddle matters a lot when it comes to your comfort. It’s always a dream for a woman to be pain free while they are cycling. You can invest in a much padded saddle to make it more cushioning. Get the saddle adjusted as per your height otherwise, it will generate more pressure on your clitoris and lead to pain and unwanted infections in the future.

Your bike fit might change after some time so make sure you get this right. Also, try getting your body again in shape if you have gained weight after pregnancy or other bad eating habits.

A Smartly Chosen bike Saddle

First of all, you should set the saddle according to your height and the angle, which makes riding much easier and more comfortable.

If you observe that you are feeling a lot less comfortable on your bike, then you must have a look at your saddle’s angle.

The saddle should be at a balanced level in order to maintain the comfort. It should be leveled and a little pointing downwards 

Also, check from the back side that the alignment is as per the suitable angle and your height.

 Even a few millimeters can influence your comfort.

Use Creams

To deal with the friction between your skin, clothes, and the seat. Apply chamois cream prior to your ride. Gently apply it to the area which feels more pressure.

Prefer a chamois-specific cream over the others because they don’t damage the fabric of your shorts.

Standing up can be a savior

To completely stop the area from being hurt and sore, you can try moving to the standing style of riding a bicycle. In this way, there will be no pressure on your vulva and there will be no pain. However, if you feel a little tired then you can sit for some time. Be gentle to your skin down there as it’s the most sensitive region that needs extra care.

So, standing up can work wonders to help you deal with the conditions of pain, swelling, and numbness.

Standing up can be a savior
Standing up can be a savior

Making Hygiene your Top-Priority

Taking care of your hygiene is the most important part of managing the pain. It seems like an outdated idea but trust us it can prevent all the infections like candidiasis and UTIs.

These infections are caused by excessive sweating and friction produced by the long duration of sitting on the saddle. Keeping the area clean and dry can help you fight the bacteria. Also, make sure that you wash your undergarments after cycling.

Moreover, if you are just wearing the shorts then wash them after you are done with cycling and get into the most comfortable ones later to let the area breathe a little.

Always Change the shorts when you come back home after cycling

If you are not able to wash the shorts immediately then hang them in the sunlight to let them dry. Wear loose pants at home and keep the area down there clean and wipe it after you wash it.

Don’t make the mistake of sitting in the same sweaty shorts for the whole day because it just increases the probability of infection.

Wait until you are settled and don’t Panic

Don’t get discouraged when your initial stages of cycling are causing you unbearable pain. For beginners, it takes time to adjust the saddle accordingly and get the most comfortable riding angle.

There is no need to panic when you are a beginner and back to cycling after a break. Being consistent helps a lot. Having a fighter attitude against these small sores can definitely help you become a bike enthusiast.

Your skin just needs time to bear the routine pressure applied to it and once you get used to it, it’s a lot easier to manage.

However, if the problem of sores and bumps in your lower region persists that it is indicative of your inappropriate saddle and other misfits. Just make sure you are adjusting the saddle in the right manner and using the smart techniques while cycling. The above-mentioned tricks will help you a lot when you decide to beat this issue of painful sores.

How to deal with Saddle Sores?

Saddle sores can be a nightmare for any woman but we don’t want you to panic. Instead, deal with the situation smartly. Just keep the area clean and dry to discourage bacterial growth.

Saddle sores can be formed as a result of improper bike fit and uncomfortable cycling shorts. 

Nevertheless, sores can still appear so you can take some time off your cycling routine. Let the area down there breathe a little more and apply a soothing cream.

Excessive padding can leave you in dire straits

Heavily padded shorts can sometimes increase the problem by enhancing the pressure applied on the soft tissues. Moreover, you need to keep a check on your sitting style so that it doesn’t make the pelvic bones exert more pressure.

Wrapping up on Bike Seat Pain Female

The crux of the matter is that cycling should be a beneficial exercise for you rather than the cause of creating more trouble for your health. In the above discussion, we have tried to bring out the best methods that can help you fight the pain. we hope we covered Bike Seat Pain Female thoroughly to educate our fellow biking community.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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