Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500$ – 2024 | Buyer’s Guide

Most probably, you are here because you are a true thrill-seeker and want to enjoy the ride of a mountain bike but don’t have thousands of dollars in your pocket. Moreover, you’ve also heard that low-budget mountain bikes are not worth buying. Right?

In both conditions, you don’t need to worry at all. You can surely get a “Good Quality Mountain Bike” if you have less than $500 in your pocket. Undoubtedly, it’s a daunting task to find the most affordable mountain bike because you would surely not like to waste your money. We care for you; that’s why we are presenting you with the 10 best mountain bikes along with the buying guide so that you can choose one for you without any confusion and hassle.

Let’s discuss this in detail!

List of 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

  1. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike
  2. Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike 
  3. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  4. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike
  5. Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike
  6. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29ER Mountain Bike
  7. Batch the Mountain 29″
  8. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike
  9. Royce Union Mountain Bike
  10. Hiland 26 Aluminium Mountain Bike

#1. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

(Best for Jumping on Mountains)

The Schwinn brand has a special place in the riders’ hearts, and it always provides them with the best quality bikes like Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike. It is designed in a way so that it can absorb all the shocks of the jumping due to its front fork suspension performance. That’s why it is especially for those who need an affordable mountain bike that is best for jumping.

The Aluminum frame of the Schwinn Bonafide also adds to the best jumping features and is light enough to make it perfect for convenient mountain rides. Additionally, the 2.25″ wide knobby mountain and 29″ tough rubber tires have symmetrical thread design and deeper grooves essential to provide the hills’ extremely biting grip and stability. The maintenance of the wheels is also very easy.

Interestingly, it is also equipped with mechanical disc brakes so that you can apply the brakes instantly in a safe way. You can also switch from one speed to another as it offers a total of 24 speeds. It only weighs 39 lbs. Undoubtedly, Schwinn Bonafide is no less than a blessing for off-road jumping lovers!


  • 29″ wheels
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar
  • Precise gear shifting and Shimano shifters
  • 24 speeds bike
  • 17″ Aluminium frame


  • Pedals are not so good
  • The seat sometimes feels uncomfortable 

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

1.	Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

  • Best for Jumping on Mountains

#2. Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike 

(Best for Brakes Types)

If you are a woman and want to get a great mountain ride with a high-performance mountain bike at a fair price, then Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain is available to fulfill your dreams!

With a weight of 32.5 lbs (although a little heavier than a bike of this type), this wonderful bike has a reliable and sturdy Aluminium frame that is easy to handle and gives the riding durability. Incredibly, it can take the rider at the speed of 21 with the Shimano drivetrain, which is highly manageable with the pedaling. Its Shimano elements ensure its reliability and the valued features with the high ease of use. If you are climbing uphill or downhill and you have to stop immediately, then the hydraulic disc braking system assists you in doing this with great comfort. 

The tires are highly adapted to the rough terrains, and they exhibit a size of 26″. The unique geometry and the bike’s design suit women and give a smooth ride even on a long journey. The mechanical disc brakes enable a rider to stop classically on the slippery road. 

The other prominent features include; hardtail suspension and 18-speed gears, and women’s saddle perfect for their body. What can be better than this!


  • 21 speed Shimano drivetrain 
  • Easy to assemble and maintain 
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Easy gear changing 
  • 26″ tires
  • Hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes 


  • Brakes and gears need adjustment 
  • The seat post has no cushion 
  • A little bulkier 

Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

  • Best for Brake Types

#3. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire 

(Best Fat Tire Mountain Bike)

Mongoose Malus is one of the best hardtail fat tires mountain bikes and is ideal for running on the roughest terrains like unpaved roads and dirt trails. It is made by one of the best brands of mountain bikes known as Mongoose. It is a bigger size, and fat tires make it perfect for the taller and bigger riders. 

The Mongoose Malus Fat Tire bike has a steel frame and is strong enough to carry you safely. Its 4″ wide and 29″ high tires made it suitable to enjoy any mountain ride. The rear and front disc brakes are there to assist the riders in controlling the ride conveniently. Additional features include a quick-to-adjust seat post and handlebar, 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, twist shifters, etc.

It only offers seven-speed numbers, which are less than the other MTBs, but that’s not a big deal. Still, it’s a great bike, and such features are negligible at such a low price!

The lightweight yet strong alloy rims can withstand tough weather conditions. A Shimano internal gear hub lends you an excellent mixture of low maintenance and effortless shifting. Why overlook it when you are getting all the needed features in a single bike!


  • 26″ wheels
  • Steel frame
  • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Strong braking force
  • Suitable for taller riders


  • No color options
  • Speed numbers are less

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire

  • Best Fat Tire Mountain Bike

#4. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

(Best for Quality) 

If you are looking for a mountain-type bike under an affordable range and quality features, then Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension will give you a perfect package!

It has an incredibly light frame of Hydroformed Aluminium that can carry the rider to the hills with ease. This perfect mountain bike offers an ideal height, which can only be possible when the ride is equipped with sufficient wheel size. FSX 1.0 gives a 26″ wheel size and the black color with a narrow eight chain that works amazingly when you apply the brakes.

Shimano M190 Rear Derailleur gears and Suntour long-distance forks assist the rider to enjoy the ride even on the bumpy terrain. The Aluminium handlebars are easy to handle even on sunny days because they do not get hot, and the 27.2 alloy seat post enhances the comfort. The powerful brakes system gives a Shimano speed of 24 that is smooth enough to take the rider to the horizon breaking the rules and limits of the boundaries. With adjustable Coilover rear suspension gives a smooth shift on the rough terrain. 

Moreover, it is wonderfully specified with the double-wall rim wheels, adjustable preload, and stainless steel spokes. 


  • 26″ wheel size 
  • Hydroformed Aluminium frame 
  • Shimano 24 speed 
  • Narrow 8 chain 
  • M190 Rear Derailleur Shimano gears
  • Aluminum handlebars 


  • Sensitive chain 
  • Not recommended for the large adults 
  • Tires more suitable for the roads 

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • Best For Quality

#5. Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

(Best for Taller Riders)

If you were searching for a more stylish, strong, and high-performance mountain bike, then your wait is over now. We introduce you to another marvelous mountain bike model of the World’s famous brand Mongoose known as Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike.

The 18″ Aluminum frame is lightest and strongest enough to support the rider more easily than other frame materials. The 29″ strong tires can fit the adults on the bike and have a strong terrain grip. These 29 x 2.35-inch extra large tires make your ride perfect and provide high stability. 

Interestingly, it comes with 21-speed SRAM twist shifters. It is famous for being the mountain bike having the best dual suspension. Both rear and front suspensions are ideal for lowering tension and shocks in your ride.

Additional features include 5 LED headlights, 3 LED taillights, quick-release mount, 30-40 feet range, tool-less handlebar mount, and three modes on each light. You’ll fall in love with this bike that has dual shocks, padded seats, and satisfying bike grips, especially for men who are between 5’4″ to 6’2″ in height!


  • Strong Aluminum frame
  • 29″ wheels size
  • Suitable for riders between 5’4″ to 6’2″
  • Padded seats
  • 21 speeds SRAM twist shifters


  • A little heavy
  • Some users didn’t find the quality good

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

  • Best For Taller Riders

#6. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

(Best for Easy Riding)

If you are searching for a mountain bike that not only gives you the easiest mountain ride but also offers you the chance to ride on every pavement with ideal specification, then Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er will give you all this!

Amazingly, it has a hand-built hydroformed hard tail Aluminium alloy frame that works with great ease on dirt paths and hard terrains. The 29″ large double rhymed wheels can smoothly roll over through the hurdles and the obstacles. The front and rear discs are mechanical and stop with great power and efficiency. For a more controlled ride, the seat post has a diameter of 30.9mm that enhances the stiffness and the grip. With a number speed of 24 and an updated drivetrain, it assists in getting an 80mm suspension fork.

With an integrated shifter and KMC z72, it incredibly makes the braking easy. Pedals are the most significant part of a bike, especially when you have to climb the mountains; then, the pedal activity must be smooth and quick to reach the destination. This product gives you MTB Alloy 9/16″ pedals with MTB black saddle.

The other specifications include Alloy Triple 42/34/24 crank and butted frame. But if you want to take a ride on this bike, it is highly recommended to go to the workshop near you to tune it properly. Go and enjoy the ride!


  • 29″ wheels 
  • Hydroformed Aluminium alloy frame
  • 24 speed 
  • Mechanical brakes 
  • MTB Alloy 9/16″ pedals
  • 80mm suspension fork 


  • Fade on the downhill
  • Less grip 

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

  • Best For Easy Riding

#7. Batch the Mountain 29″

(Best for Rugged Mountains)

When you are looking for an adventure to climb the hills, you need a bike that can give you comfort in every terrain, especially on the rough pavements. You can find this in Batch the Mountain 29″!

This product has an incredibly lightweight frame of 6061 Aluminium that rolls over to the rocks and stones easily. The Shimano shifters give a speed of 3×7 drivetrain. If you want to climb up or down the steeper hills, the gearing is perfectly adapted to provide a safer ride. This bike assists in getting suspension travel of 100mm with a Suntour XCE 28 fork. The Front Derailleur is a Shimano Tz-30, and the rear derailleur is a Shimano RD-TY300. The crankset or the chainset combines three alloy gears, i.e., 24/34/42T, which efficiently converts the reciprocating motion into the rotational movement with the chain of KMC Z51. 

For more improved forward motion, it is equipped with the cassette of Shimano MF-TZ500, 14-34T Freewheel. The tires are ideal in size because they give a classy height with a 29″ wheel size. The steel QR hubs and double-wall rims provide strength to the tires to move smoothly on every type of road. 

Moreover, this product contains 31.8mm alloy handlebars and stem, a single saddle, and a rear rack mount for daily use. Have fun with The Batch!


  • 3×7 speed 
  • Aluminum frame 
  • KMC Z51 chain 
  • Double-wall rims of wheels 
  • Easy to manage handlebars 
  • 100mm suspension travel 


  • No seat clamp
  • No bar tape

Match the Mountain 29 Bike

Batch the Mountain 29

  • Best For Rugged Mountains

#8. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

(Best for Durability)

Schwinn High Timber is among the best quality mountain bikes which you can get at an affordable price. This highly durable bike is mainly made up of a strong and sturdy material, i.e., steel. But the steel made it a little bit heavier. You don’t need to worry about it because manufacturers also have the option for you to buy this model in an Aluminium frame; that’s amazing.

Its 20″ wheels are specially designed for unpaved off-road riding so that you can enjoy the ride in a perfect way. Most importantly, if you have to travel from the gravel or dirt trails, this bike will suit you better due to its high traction ability. 

One additional feature that made it perfect for you is its speeds variability. You can choose between 7 to 21 different speeds according to your requirements. Mechanical disc brakes are there to support you in your ride so that you can easily and powerfully stop in every path condition. The gears are also easy to change with the greater shift. The versatile design of Schwinn High Timber is ideal for providing you with the ride you have wished for so long!


  • Steel frame
  • Highly durable
  • 20″ wheels
  • Strong Knobby tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 7 or 21-speed twist shifters


  • Not so good for bumpy rides

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

  • Best For Durability

#9. Royce Union 

(Best Trial Bike for Beginners)

If you search for modern trail bikes with great trail geometry and efficient performance, then Royce Union will prove the best!

Mainly, this product is made up of the light-weighted frame of Aluminium alloy. The high-quality dual hydraulic disc brakes give an incredible stopping power in the case of any emergency, along with the 22 speed Shimano SLX 2×11 drivetrain that offers a wonderful smooth rider on the recreational and moderate trails. It gives 100mm of suspension travel with the front SR Suntour XCT fork that absorbs all the shocks during the bumpiest rides. 

The 29″ wheel size with 19″ frame size gives the rider an ideal height and comfort. Suppose you are a beginner and want to learn cycling, then WTB trail II grips assist you in managing the ride even in the long practice or journey. The bike is equipped with super quality Shimano components than the high number of gears, i.e., 22 are not a problem as in the other bikes. 

Moreover, the product contains knobby tires, an attractive paint job, and fits every pocket with a limited warranty. So, what are you waiting for!


  • 22 speeds 
  • Aluminum alloy frame 
  • 29″ wheel size 
  • WTB trail II grips 
  • Shimano components 
  • Dual hydraulic brakes 


  • A little heavier due to front suspension 
  • Chain quality is not good 

Royace Union

Royce Union

  • Best Bike For Beginners

#10. Hiland 26 Aluminium MTB 

(Best Mountain Bike for Kids)

Cycling is best for the kid’s health and recreation, so we must start this under a fair range of prices and that you can find in Hiland 26 Aluminium MTB!

The amazing kid’s friendly Shimano 24 speed drivetrain is the best way to take the rider safely and securely. Along with this, the frame is made of H300 Aluminium and gives a total weight of 32.8 lbs to the product. This three-grey spokes style product is best for children over the height of 5’1″ allows adults and the kids to handle the bike on every type of terrain, either the gravel or the dirt. It comes in a classy white and grey color. Although it comes in different sizes, the size varies with the height. If you want to climb, then a high number of gears assists you in more controlling the ride. 

To add more fun to the ride, the front fork suspension with the rear derailleur Shimano helps shift the trails. It has free pedals that wonderfully assist in making the child trained. 

Moreover, the Hiland 26 Aluminium MTB is 85% assembled, so you do not have to bother about the assemblage because it requires a little assembling after unboxing. Its special features for kids make it worth buying!


  • 24 speeds
  • H300 Aluminium frame
  • The high number of gears 
  • Present in every size
  • Easy assemblage tools 
  • 3 prong spokes


  • Handlebars are cheap 
  • Downshifter cause stress 

Hiland 26 Aluminium MTB

Hiland 26 Aluminium MTB

  • Best Mountain Bike For Kids

Comparison Table

ProductWheel Size (Inches)Price

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

  • 29 & Frame Material is Aluminum
Check Price On Amazon

Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike 

  • 26 & Frame Material is Aluminum
Check Price On Amazon

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Mountain Bike

  • 26 & Frame Material is Steel
Check Price On Amazon

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • 26 & Frame Material is Hydroformed Aluminum
Check Price On Amazon

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

  • 29 & Frame Material is Aluminum
Check Price On Amazon

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29ER Mountain Bike

  • 29 & Frame Material is Hydroformed Aluminum Alloy
Check Price On Amazon

Batch the Mountain 29″

  • 29 & Frame Material is Aluminum
Check Price On Amazon

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

  • 20 & Frame Material is Steel
Check Price On Amazon

Royce Union Mountain Bike

  • 29 & Frame Material is Aluminum Alloy
Check Price On Amazon

Hiland 26 Aluminium Mountain Bike

  • 26 & Frame Material is H300 Aluminum
Check Price On Amazon

Buying Guide for Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 

Mountain bikes are of different types because they have additional features and specifications, and your ride depends on them. So, if you are interested in purchasing a mountain bike under an affordable range of $500, then give a read to this guide!

The important considerations are:

1.     Types of Mountain Bikes 

Several types of mountain bikes vary in their features and performance. The five main types are as follows:

        I.            Fat-tire MTB’s 

The name indicates that it is equipped with tires of broader size, i.e., 3.7-5″, giving high stability during off-road rides. 

     II.            Park Bikes 

These bikes contain suspension travel of ~200mm. These downhill mountain bikes are heavier in size that give a smooth ride on a bumpy path. 

   III.            Trail Bikes 

Trail bikes are the best if you want to enjoy your ride with your family and friends and do not want to get disturbed during your journey. They give suspension travel of 120-140mm. These are the most typically used bikes. 

   IV.            All-Mountain Bikes 

If you want to add adventure to your life by riding strong uphill and downhill terrains, this type of bike helps you get your desired results. 

     V.            Cross Country Bikes 

It is considered the best for off-road rides and climbing purposes. It gives suspension travel of 800-100mm.

You can choose any mountain bike according to your taste.

2.     Wheel Size 

The wheel size of 27.5 or 29ER is sufficient to give you enough acceleration that is mandatory for your ride. Always try to prefer the large wheels over the smaller ones because the larger tires offer high acceleration. All bikes have different tire sizes, so we must consider this crucial fact. 

3.     Study Frame Material 

We always prefer the reliable bike so that we can enjoy an uninterrupted journey. In this case, the bike’s frame matters a lot because it is the structure of the bike and your ride completely relies on its material. An aluminum frame is the most recommended because it is lightweight and easy to handle on rough and bumpy terrains. Moreover, the aluminum is heat resistant, and the bike does not get hot on sunny days. 

4.     Suspension 

Suspension is not necessarily present in all bikes, but if you want to purchase a bike to climb up the hills that are the bumpiest parts, you need a smoother ride that is only possible with the help of fork suspension that absorbs all the shocks efficiently.

5.     Braking System 

Brakes are indispensable on a bike. It saves rider accidents and severe injuries as mountains are considered the most unpredictable rides because you can face any emergency cuts and situations. Here you need a highly efficient braking system. Under 500 mountain bikes allow you to get the ideal braking system that can stop immediately, is easy to operate, and is very suitable to manage. 

6.     Comfortable Seat 

The seat is the main element in the bike, which decides the intensity of comfort or discomfort. The adjustable and cushioned seat is the most recommended so that the rider can go to long distances with great ease because the seat is capable of absorbing the vibration and the shocks. 

7.     Drivetrain and Gears 

The rocks, pebbles, and dirt are the greatest hurdles in a mountainous ride. 18-27 speed MTB gears are the most suggested. With the 24 speed, you can get a combination of 3 front sprockets and 8 rear cassettes. 

For climbing up, use the lower gear settings with high traction and the downhill shift to the high gear settings that give the smoothest paddling on the ground. 

Final Verdict on Best Mountain Bikes Under 500


The 10 best mountain bikes under 500 are in front of you. Hopefully, everything is crystal clear now. Don’t waste much time overthinking; go and get one for yourself!

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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