10 Assault Bike Benefits: Pros, Cons, Cost, and More

If you are a fitness enthusiastic person then you will often look for new additions to your gym collection. The air bike which is also known as an assault bike which is a brand can be a great choice for your garage or home gym. We will explore assault bike benefits in this post along with disadvantages too.

Air bikes are stationary bikes in nature with compact structures and a very simplistic approach towards workouts. These bikes are known as fan bikes too because of having a jumbo fan in front of the bike which works on the principle of wind resistance. After creating resistance, the air blows onto your face and that is why it is called an air bike.

Air bikes aka fan bikes provide you with a total body workout and most of the body muscles will work which results in optimum performance. Some of the muscles involved in a workout while using an air bike are mentioned below

  1. Biceps and triceps
  2. Lower, middle chest, and lower back
  3. Glutes and calves
  4. Calves and delts
  5. Hamstrings and glutes

As we move handlebars in on assault bikes so it helps the upper body and the pedaling covers the workout of the lower body. This is one of the reasons that assault bikes are the first choice of military personnel. Few models of assault bikes come with wind guards to stop too much airflow on your face.

As we know, resistance in fan bikes is created by wind and there is no concept of magnetic resistance and that is why these bikes do not come with any button to adjust the resistance. If you are fond of high-intensity interval training workouts then air bikes are best for you.

As we discussed above assault is a brand name used for air or fan bikes and is manufactured by assault fitness based in California. There are three models of these bikes available in the market which is the following:

  1. assault elite
  2. assault pro
  3. assault classic

All of these models have the same design and frame structure which include a 27-inch steel fan, adjustable seat wheels to move the bike, moving handlebars, and an electronic console to monitor your workout session.

The assembly of air bikes is easy and the presence of moving tires makes it easy to move to different places. Since these bikes don’t use electric power so this feature makes them a great fit for garage gyms too.

All models introduced by assault fitness comes with warranties for different parts

  1. Assault classic has 5-year frame guarantee
  2. Assault pro has 3-year frame guarantee
  3. Assault elite comes with a 10-year frame guarantee and free 1-year labor
Aerobic conditioning booster

All of these modes are similar in size but quality and feature are different as the price tags are also different for all models. Elite assault bike is the most expensive model in the market which comes with additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in assault fitness application to track your workout performance. Now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of assault bikes.

Assault bike Benefits

Simple machine for all

These bikes are easy to use for every kind of person because there is very minimal effort to assemble them. The absence of tricky parts makes these bikes the first choice of many fitness geeks.

Total body workout helps in weight loss

If you have gained weight and want to use any stationary bike to lose weight then air bikes can be a great fit for you. Total body workout burns more calories than other types of workouts. On traditional stationary bikes, you move your legs by pedaling hard but in these bikes, you move the handlebars too which increases the metabolism of the body.

weightloss with assault bikes

An effective calorie burner

Assault bikes burn calories at 1.5x more rate than other types of stationary bikes. The performance of these bikes is better than recumbent and spin bikes in terms of calorie burning.

Improved stamina

In assault bikes, you will challenge your body by putting most of the muscles at work which ultimately leads to increased stamina.

Budget-friendly option

As compared to other types of stationary bikes like spin bikes and recumbent bikes the price tag of assault bikes is much lower and it provides value for money. The durability and fewer breakdowns make it an even more affordable option. If you want to buy a machine that can tune all of your muscles at one time then this can be the perfect buy for you.

Makes your body more flexible

Air bikes bring more flexibility and balance to your body. As your muscles become more active and stronger the impact on your body on a larger scale becomes immense.

flexible body byassault bikes

Aerobic conditioning booster

The delivery of oxygen to your muscles becomes smoother when you increase the use of air bikes. The metabolism and endurance of your body increases with time after using this bike.

The brain becomes more active and powerful

The absorption of more oxygen in your body affects the activities of the brain too. The brain starts to work effectively after getting more oxygen.

Pros and cons of assault/air bikes


  • There is no motor or electronics in air bikes so you save electricity too.
  • Overweight people can use these bikes easily
  • We can move air bikes easily to new workout places
  • It costs less than the other types of exercise bikes


  • These bikes take more storage space
  • Air bikes don’t come with aesthetic looks


Finally in a nutshell we will summarize air bikes aka assault bikes. These bikes can be a great option for you if you are not fond of aesthetic looks but a utility exercise bike with multiple benefits.

 air bikes

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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