Are Thule Roof Racks Universal?

Thule is known for producing various kinds of roof racks. We have been asked multiple times that are Thule roof racks universal? They are available in different shapes and sizes. But the Thule roof rack system is not universal and compatible with all vehicles.

If you have planned to get a new roof rack for your car or truck and you have chosen the Thule brand, make sure the model is compatible and gets trouble-freely fit onto your vehicle.

What is a roof rack?

A roof rack is used for transporting extra luggage. It maximizes the space on your vehicle, and you can easily carry bulky and oversized size items on it. In addition, they are easy and quick to mount. People use these racks for carrying their extra luggage, kayaks, bicycles, canoes, or skis.

Thule Bike Rack

Is Thule Roof Rack System Universal?

No, the Thule roof rack system is not universal. This brand does not make roof racks for all vehicles. If you have picked the rack manufactured by Thule, check beforehand whether it is compatible with your car or not. Thus, no universal rack system is offered by Thule.

Some vehicles have rain gutters; in this case, you must invest in rain gutter roof racks. However, you should get a rack system generally featured with removable designs for a car without rain gutters. It comes with rails, clamp mount, as well as fix-points systems.

Thule roof racks quality
Thule roof racks quality

Thule roof racks quality

Thule roof rack system looks quality-oriented and top-notch. Their installation and the mounting process are quick to follow. The package includes all components which you need while mounting a rack on your car roof. Moreover, Thule racks allow you effortlessly to carry skis, bikes, and kayaks on your vehicle’s roof. They have got the reputation of making next-generation and highly advanced roof racks.

No doubt, this brand has always stayed one step ahead and makes excellent quality racks. Their experts work closely with the car industry personnel and manufacture racks that can get fit on 98% of vehicles. Besides, their products are tested to beyond standards.

For Thule, safety is their priority; that is why their rack kits ensure that you and your car remain safe. The specialized Thule Test Center inspects the products before they are officially available to the consumers.

They pass their roof racks through many crash tests and wear and tear simulations. Even more, their racks withstand extreme heat and cold and tolerate excessive damp and sunlight conditions.

Benefits of using Thule roof racks

Thule roof rack system looks world-class. Below you can see what is so special about their racks:

  • The Thule rack system maximizes and enhances the storage space. It gets easy for you to carry your camping gear, including fishing gear, kayaks, and skis, on the car roof.
  • Stylish roof racks make your vehicle more eye-catchy looking. A car with a bare roof looks dull. But when any car gets accompanied by a cargo box or crossbars, it seems unique and versatile.
  • Roof racks prevent your car’s interior from getting damaged. When a person tosses lots of camping gear inside his vehicle, the chances are high that its interior will get dents and scratches. Thus, roof racks are meant to keep the car’s interior damage-free.
  • You get ample space for storing your sporting equipment, all thanks to Thule roof racks. They make your luggage storage system more diversified and spacious.
Benefits of Thule roof racks

Types of Thule Roof Bars

Basic types of Thule roof bars are there, and here we have mentioned the general information about them:

  1. Raised Roof Rails are mounted on SUVs and estate cars. In addition, their installation process gets started from the front section of the roof and ends at the back. You need a professional to mount such a roof rack on your vehicle. They have been named ‘raised’ roof rails because there exists a gap between the rail component and the roof.
  2. Solid Roof Rails are assumed to be the modern and highly latest version of roof racks. You can mount and set them up on your estate cars. Here you will find no gap between the car roof and rail.

3.    Roof Bars come with fixed points! You can integrate these fixed points into any vehicle. Moreover, they are installed on vehicle body styles that look like a saloon, MPV, or hatch. The fixed points are four in number, and they remain generally hidden under the roof cap.

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Reasons- Why is the Thule Rack system not universal?

·       Though Thule racks are available in many styles, sizes, and shapes but they are not universal to get connected on all vehicles.

·       This brand does not stick with one style and uniform manufacturing principle. They keep revising and upgrading their designing and production concepts, which is why universality is lacking.

·       You can only mount their racks on the roof of your car or at the rear hatch or install them at the hitch receiver.

How to Buy a Roof Rack?

You can keep in mind some tips that help you buy a correct and perfect roof rack:

  • Look for the roof rack that comes with smoothly arched bars. It should get fit and mounted perfectly on the roof.
  • High-end roof racks are engineered on Wind Diffuser technology. Such racks reduce noise and improve fuel economy.
  • It is suggested to pick up a roof rack that gets encased by a Trail Edge design. Such a design brings down aerodynamic drag.
  • Its internal structure should be durable and robust-looking. It needs to have a substantial load bar.
  • The presence of an upper T-track lets the user carry out an effortless and fast installation process.
  • The aerodynamic load bar injected in a roof rack offers a quiet ride.

Pros and cons of Thule roof racks


  • Versatility
  • High Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Attachment
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Interchangeable Components
  • Wide Range of Accessories
  • Resale Value


  • Cost
  • Specific Fit
  • Potential Wind Noise
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency
  • Initial Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Thule roof racks come with a warranty?

  • Thule typically offers warranties on their products. Warranty terms may vary depending on the specific components and regions, so it’s essential to check the warranty details for your specific roof rack parts.

Can I use a Thule roof rack in combination with other roof-mounted accessories, such as a sunshade or roof box?

  • Yes, Thule roof racks are often compatible with a variety of roof-mounted accessories. However, it’s important to ensure that the combined load does not exceed your vehicle’s roof weight limits.

How do I select the appropriate length for Thule crossbars for my vehicle?

  • Thule provides fitment guides that specify the recommended crossbar length for your vehicle. It’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure proper fit and performance.

Can I remove my Thule roof rack and reinstall it without affecting its stability or performance?

  • Thule roof racks are typically designed for easy removal and reinstallation. As long as the components are properly reinstalled, they should maintain their stability and performance.

Conclusion Are Thule Roof Racks Universal

Thus, Thule roof racks are not universal. They are not meant to get mounted on all vehicles, but one should not disregard their quality, performance, and construction.

This brand is known for producing complete and high-end rack systems. Their racks have low-profile and aerodynamic designs. Moreover, they show the strongest and maximum carrying capacity. You can share with us if you have bought a Thule roof rack and your overall experience!

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