Are Gt Bikes Good? [Top 8 Reasons to Have]

GT is an iconic bicycle manufacturer that has been around for a long time and produces a wide variety of bicycles. Nevertheless, they lost favor for a little period.

In this Post we are going to evaluate from all angles and perspective of veteran biker that are Gt Bikes good or not?

Their standing in the community has risen dramatically during the past few years. Due in large part to the Athertons’ presence on their World Cup slope team, which has led to multiple tournaments wins, the company’s reputation has undergone a dramatic transformation.

What kind of effects has this had on them in the present day? Is the GT line of motorcycles well-liked?

This Is How Fantastic GT Bicycles Are:

GT Bicycles produces a variety of bicycles suitable for a wide range of riding preferences. Some truly top-notch bicycles are the result of their application of cutting-edge engineering techniques.

Whether you are just starting out or have been riding for years, GT has a bicycle that will suit your needs and have you grinning from ear to ear. Their bicycles have finished in the top three in XC, EWS, World Cup downhill and BMX competitions, demonstrating their prowess.

An Outline of GT’s History:

GT Bicycles was founded in Fullerton, California, in 1972. Gary Turner, an expert welder and professional drag racer, built a bicycle frame for his kid Craig to enable him to compete in BMX races.

Back then, BMX bicycles were cumbersome and prone to breaking. Turner utilized his expertise from drag racing by constructing his motorcycles out of 4130 chrome-moly tubes, the same material used to construct the chassis of drag cars.

Once word got around the local BMX racetrack, Turner began producing bicycles for the other cyclists there as well.

The ball truly got rolling in 1976. At the Western Sports-A-Rama Mountain bicycle facility in California, there is a bicycle store called Pedals Ready, and Turner started making bicycles for them. In the marketplace, you may find them labeled as “Pedals Ready” or “GT” motorcycles.

Richard Long of Anaheim, California approached Turner a year later about stocking his store. Although the frames were labeled with the name “Gary Turner,” this is generally considered to be the beginning of GT Bicycles.

Outline of GT's History

Long and Turner, in 1979, purchased a production warehouse in an effort to boost output. As a result, GT Bicycles entered the world.

The first GT Bicycles model, the GT Pro, was introduced in 1980, and the firm started supporting BMX athletes the following year.

In 1985, the firm’s expansion allowed for the purchase of Dyno, a maker of accessories and garments. Following this, Robinson Racing, Powerlite, and Auburn Bicycles were all acquired.

However, the public’s interest in BMX racing declined dramatically in the 1990s, and therefore the sport went into a decline. After being pressured into selling a majority stake to Bain Capital in 1993, Turner and Long eventually went public in 1995.

Schwinn was acquired by Questor Partners in 1998, after a majority share was sold by Bain Capital. In 2001, Questor declared bankruptcy; in 2004, Pacific Cycle bought the company and subsequently sold it to Dorel Industries.

If you own a GT Bicycle, how dependable are they?

Reliability is a hallmark of the GT Bicycles brand. They’ve been making motorbicycles and freestyle electric bicycles of which are meant to be tossed around—for more than 40 years, and they’ve worked hard throughout that time to make sure they’re as durable as possible.

frame of gt bikes

When it comes to bicycles, what does GT specialize in?

Once specialized in making BMX bicycles, GT has expanded into other areas.

Along with a vast selection of Dirt bicycles, they also produce a variety of bicycles, including full suspension and hard tail options, along with dirt jump models.

While they do produce road bicycles, these are better suited to fitness and gravel riding than they are to competitive racing. There are also several women’s bicycles, children’s bicycles, and electric bicycles available.

How much do GT cycles typically cost?

GT motorcycles are shockingly cheap when compared to other, more prestigious manufacturers.

Prices for their BMX bicycles range from $2,800 to $5,500, with the Fury downhill bicycle costing £3,750. Priced at around £5,500, this carbon full-suspension trail bicycle is a steal.

One can spend anywhere from £320 on their entry-level BMX bicycle to £850 on their top-of-the-line BMX sports bicycle. The Force Current, an electric bicycle with full suspension, can be yours for $3,800.

How Long Do GT Bicycles Last?

In terms of durability, GT bicycles are second to none. The BMX bicycles can take a beating in the streets and the racetrack. The dirt bicycles can handle rough treatment from trail riders.

The Fury, for example, may be heavier than comparable bicycles from other manufacturers, but it has exceptional longevity.

How Long Do GT Bicycles Last

Where Do You Stand on Older GT Bicycles?

GT Cycles experienced a time when their bicycles weren’t up to par perhaps because of a change in ownership. The fact that they also produced motorcycles at lower prices for sale in sporting-goods outlets hurt their reputation for excellence.

Bicycles used to be of lower quality, but that hasn’t been the case as of the past decade.

When it comes to older models, are replacement parts still available?

Parts for motorcycles manufactured within the previous decade are still readily available, while those for earlier models may need an eBay search.

When riding a GT bicycle, what are the most common issues that arise?

The team of testers at GT keeps you apprised of any issues that may arise. Next, GT adds new information about ongoing safety concerns to its website.

The company’s motorcycles are functioning normally and have not had any significant problems.

Those who demand cutting-edge features on a bicycle may want to search elsewhere. However, for the money, GT cycles are hard to beat.

When compared to other popular brands, how durable are GT bicycles?

GT bicycles survive a long time because they are made of durable materials and have basic yet efficient designs.

If you bought a GT bicycle, would you still buy it today?

The price of a used GT motorcycle is reasonable. Despite the fact they aren’t a highly desirable second-hand brand, customers will not be out much money if they decide to sell their cycles because they are not very pricey to start with.

Could you tell me whether the GT Bicycles are still being produced?

To this day, manufacturers continue to create GT motorcycles. In fact, as the firm expands and prepares for the long term, they have just recruited new members to join their mountain biking squad.

Just What Does “GT” Mean in “GT” Bicycles?

The GT brand of bicycles takes its name as from the initial letters of the company’s creator, Gary Turner.

GT bicycles

What Company Is Responsible for the Production of Gt Bicycles?

In the United States, GT cycles are owned and produced by Dorel Industries. Schwinn, Mongoose, Cannondale, Iron Horse, Road Master and DYNO are all brands owned by Dorel Industries. Bicycles for Dorel Industry are all made in Asia.

Is GT a Respectable Brand for a First Bicycle?

Yes, GT makes quality and competent entry-level hard tail called the “GT Avalanche.”

Final Verdict on Are Gt Bikes good:

GT Bicycles are widely available in a variety of sizes, have a solid guarantee, and can be purchased all over the world, making replacement parts simple to come by. I hope we are able to conclude efficiently are gt bikes good or not.

GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike Review

If you want a high-quality mountain bicycle for about $500, we recommend the GT Aggressor. The tires on this design are 29 inches in diameter rather than the more common 27.5 inches, allowing for more speed and grip over rough terrain.

With the GT Aggressor Pro, you’ll be able to dominate the tough single-track terrain.

This baby has badass attraction just by looking at it, thanks to its daring frame structure, a tripled triangle that usually only appears on the most stylish fixates. This stylish entry-level MTB demonstrates aggression in its ability to match the rigid cornering and ability to handle demands by single tracks.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the meat of our review of the Gary Turner (GT) Traditional male Aggressor Pro Road Bike.

GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

Aesthetics and Form

The designers of the GT Aggressor Pro made it a point to include their own aesthetic preferences without sacrificing any of the functionality expected from a hard tail mountain bike. See whether you agree with us about the appealing features.

Work on the paint:

Black, green and blue are the most common colors for the GT aggressor road bike. The down tube has a minimalist GT logo emblazoned on it. The palette is restricted to only three colors, making it both functional and fashionable. On the other hand, the dye job serves practical purposes rather than aesthetic ones.

 Aesthetics and Form of gt Aggressor Pro

Type of bike:

The frame is a hard tail style. Different from the standard hard tail frame, this one has the seat stay attached to the top tube rather than the seat post. GT frequently produces framesets like this to set itself apart from competitors. The shape of the frame itself consists of three triangles. It’s a great way to spice up your regular hard tail.

Tires of the bicycle:

The tires for the GT Men’s Aggressor Pro road bike have highly specialized tread patterns for use on narrow, winding mountain paths. Its broad treads are made possible by the tire’s width. The regular patterns generate a curved shape that is reminiscent of a dirt-type tire tread; however this prevents debris and dirt from clinging to the tires, providing for superior grip on mountainous or dirt courses.

Pros and Cons of GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike:


  • Economical. The bicycle costs a little less than $500.
  • In order to negotiate tight turns on terrain, wide handlebars are a need.
  • The twin crown fork provides sufficient damping due to its design.


  • With the factory forks and preload, the front end is a little clumsy.
  • In my opinion, a fixie would be a better fit for the triple triangle pattern than a hard tail.
  • The chain keeps coming off with the smallest of disturbances.

Review of GT Aggressor Pro: Conclusions

We think you’ll find this deal to be quite satisfactory. Value for money is excellent, and it will serve you well throughout its expected lifespan. However, if you are a moderate enthusiast who has no plans to enter contests or ride more challenging terrain, this option may be more suitable for you.

Mark Webster is bike enthusiast and researcher in bike industry from last 15 years. Mark had been working in different bike manufacturing companies for research and development of new models. Mark has mission to make bike design safest for bikers. The dream of Mark is to make bikes too mainstream that we can reduce global carbon emissions.

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