Are fixies good for commuting? [12 Awesome Facts]

We have been asked this question several times Are fixies good for commuting? Fixies are believed to be the best and super reliable commuter bikes globally. They are also known as fixed gear bikes, come with a drive-train, and are included in single-speed commuter bikes.

Who does not love commuter bikes? We all do! They have now become the much-loved and applauded commuter bike worldwide. Some people call them fixed gear bikes. These single-speed push bikes have a drive-train, and they do not require a freewheel mechanism. If fixies have always been your favorite, please go through the remaining details too:

Before going into details, the short and concise answer to your query is yes fixies are a great to pick for commuting and have been used by commuters all over the world.

All about fixies/ fixed gear bikes

Fixies are single-speed push bikes. They show the most straightforward mechanism. In addition, they are cost-friendly, contain few parts, and you must replace them the minute you spot bruising or aging marks on them. They claim to show durability and longevity, remain tough, and are generally made of the most robust materials.

Their frames are made of steel, and this composition also makes them long-lasting to use. Thus, fixies are always fun to ride. You will get the purest and most enjoyable riding experience. An honest and loyal connection gets established between a rider, fixie bike, and the road.

fixies fixed gear bikes

Are fixies good for commuting and why?

Yes, you can definitely have fixies for commuting and day-to-day traveling purposes. It eventually gives you the safest, most comfortable, and bumpy-free ride. Lots of benefits are offered by these fixed-gear bicycles. Here you can explore their world and utilize them for daily commute. 

A fixed-gear bicycle takes us back to the oldest traces of technology. It’s very first model got launched in the late 1800s. The general rule is that the faster you ride with a fixie, the faster the pedal moves. In addition, braking is done with the help of backpedaling. There are a few fixed-gear bicycles that are not injected with brakes.

Built-in Braking Mechanism:

Fixies are renowned for their distinctive braking system. Unlike traditional bikes with handbrakes, stopping a fixie is accomplished by using your legs to resist the pedals’ motion. This means that when you need to slow down or come to a complete stop, you apply backward pressure on the pedals. It’s a skill that riders quickly master, and it provides a reliable form of braking.

Pedal-Power Efficiency:

One of the key advantages of riding a fixie is the direct connection between pedaling and movement. This translates to improved pedal-power efficiency. With each push of the pedal, the bike moves in response.

This efficiency is particularly beneficial when tackling flat or gently sloping urban terrain, allowing riders to cruise effortlessly.

A Minimalist Approach to Transportation:

Fixie bikes are known for their minimalist design. These bicycles have no gears, making them the epitome of simplicity.

The absence of derailleurs, shifters, and multiple speeds results in a streamlined and easy-to-maintain ride. Commuters who prefer straightforward solutions to their daily travel needs are increasingly turning to fixies.

Advantages of using Fixies

Fixie enthusiasts genuinely believe that these kinds of bikes are superior in terms of style, construction, and performance to the rest of the bicycles. It is much praised and appreciated among the cycling community. However, a small group of riders seems not the biggest fan of fixies.

Riding on a fixie means you are the one who will be controlling the pedals, brakes, speed, and all other else things. Thus, you get complete control! Moreover, the structure looks pretty basic, and no technical learning is needed.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Efficient pedaling.
  • Built-in braking.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Customization options.


  • Challenging on steep hills.
  • Requires skill for braking.
  • Limited gear options.
  • Not suitable for all terrains.
  • Less comfortable on longer commutes.
  • Minimal shock absorption.
  • Reduced top-end speed.

Claims to improve your physical health

It is somewhat believed that fixies promise to improve your physical health. Riding on such bikes demands constant pedaling, and this practice boosts your bodily physique and health. If you are looking for a bicycle for fitness purposes, we recommend having a fixie. They will undoubtedly bring your body into excellent shape.

Apart from utilizing them for commuting and daily traveling purposes, use them for fitness’s sake. Their constant use builds muscles and burns calories. Thus, your mind and body remain physically engaged.

No Freewheeling:

  • On a fixie, the pedals are always in motion when the bike is moving. This means you can slow down and stop by resisting the pedals, providing a form of built-in braking. It’s particularly useful in traffic.


  • Fixies are highly customizable, and many riders enjoy building their own bikes. You can choose frame styles, handlebars, and other components to create a bike that suits your commuting needs and style.

However, it’s important to note that fixies may not be ideal for all commuting situations. They are best suited for flat or gently sloping terrain and shorter commutes. If your route includes steep hills, you may find the lack of gears challenging.

Additionally, riding a fixed-gear bike requires some skill, as you need to be comfortable with pedal resistance for braking.

Available at a budget-friendly price

Undoubtedly, these top-quality and best of all commuter push-bikes are available at cost-friendly prices. Yes, they are relatively cheaper because they are constructed of less costly materials. In addition, they get injected with less hardware built. You can easily buy these bikes under 500 bucks’ budget.

Easier and hassle-free to maintain

Fixies are hassle-free to maintain, which seems to be their catchy quality too! The presence of less hardware makes them easier to maintain. They only need regular tightening and oiling and nothing else. Besides, replace the brake pads once they become wear and tear.


Fixes are absolutely rugged-looking, and you can conveniently take them on rough terrains. You can make them ride on the tram and train tracks. All in all, they are engineered to handle all terrains with ease.

Advantages of using Fixies

Fun to ride!

Lastly, fixies are fun to ride. You get a pleasant ride. Moreover, these bikes are available in so many funky and trendy colors. Stylish designs accompany them.

There has been a great debate that which bike is better, fixed gear or single speed and we have covered this topic briefly in one of dedicated posts which you can read below

A Comprehensive Guide about Fixed Gear Bike Vs Single Speed bike

Both of these bikes have their own pros and cons and if you read the above guide, it will be easy for you to decide which option is good for you. A lot of bikers prefer single-speed bikes too because they offer several benefits too.

Frequently asked Questions

Are fixies more cost-effective for commuting due to lower maintenance?

  • Fixies tend to be cost-effective for commuting because of their low maintenance needs. With fewer components to repair or replace, you’ll save on maintenance costs compared to multi-speed bikes.

Can you customize the appearance of fixie bikes to match personal style?

  • Yes, fixie bikes offer a high level of customization. They come in various frame styles, colors, and designs, allowing riders to personalize their bikes to match their unique preferences and express their style.

Are there any specific riding techniques or tips for a more enjoyable and efficient fixie commute?

To make your fixie commute more enjoyable and efficient, focus on maintaining a steady cadence, anticipate traffic conditions, and practice smooth pedaling. Additionally, observe traffic rules and be considerate of other road users.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when starting to commute on a fixie?

Common mistakes include not mastering the pedal-resistance braking system, choosing an incorrect gear ratio, and not properly maintaining the bike. It’s also important to choose the right frame size for comfort and control.

Can a fixie be fitted with fenders and other accessories for all-weather commuting?

Yes, fixies can be fitted with fenders, racks, and other accessories to make them more suitable for all-weather commuting. This customization enhances practicality and comfort in various conditions.

Are there specific pedals or shoes recommended for riding a fixie for commuting?

The choice of pedals and shoes largely depends on personal preference. Some riders prefer pedals with toe clips or straps for added control, while others opt for flat pedals or cycling-specific shoes that provide a good grip.

Can I use a backpack or panniers for carrying items during my commute on a fixie?

Yes, you can use backpacks, panniers, or other storage options for carrying items during your commute. Many fixie riders prefer backpacks, while others attach panniers to their bike frames for added convenience.

What are the advantages of using a flip-flop hub on a fixie for commuting?

A flip-flop hub allows you to switch between a fixed gear and a freewheel, offering more versatility in handling different terrains on your commute.

Are there any specific safety considerations when using a fixie for commuting in traffic?Safety is crucial when commuting in traffic. Always wear a helmet, use lights and reflectors for visibility, signal your intentions clearly, and be mindful of traffic rules and signals.


Thus, our answer is yes! Fixies are by far the best and most reliable option for commuting. They help you get in shape, are available at cost-friendly prices, remain rugged-looking, and obtainable in stylish designs and fun colors. Beyond, fixies give the rider unlimited power to control the speed, pedal operations, and other things. Stay tuned.

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