Ancheer Electric Bike Review: Design, Performance, Commuting Power, Pros & Cons

If you are really into a search for an electric bike that is easy to ride on and is wonderful in performance, then heading to your favorite e-bike brands—Ancheer should be your first choice.

Since 2015, Ancheer has been known for delivering the best quality of electric bikes, which are aesthetic, comfortable, and low in price. Each bike is composed of different features, whereas the advanced features are reserved for the high-price models. 

Ancheer electric bike, which we are reviewing below for you, is a portable option that is easy to carry around. Almost all electric bikes are a bit of an e-scooter or a mountain bike based on fat tires. No doubt that their bikes are lineup perfectly to meet all your sustainable commuting needs.

Let’s check out more about this bike from the Ancheer electric bike review shared below!

Design, high-quality materials & build quality

We all know that when you are purchasing any mountain bike, it will always require some assembly to make it fun brilliantly. This great mountain bike is made from durable and long-lasting materials. The front fork of this bike is made from carbon steel.

Rests of the bike parts, including saddle tubes, pedals, and handlebars, are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.

Thus, the use of high-quality materials lets the bike stay lightweight and sturdy, which makes it a great choice to turn out as a rugged mountain bike to ride with a breeze.

Performance & Riding Quality

This bike is a perfect choice for you if you do not like the loud sound of bikes roaming around you all the time. It has a motor performance that runs silently. Plus, the bike can run smoothly and can handle some minor obstacles to ride through the adventurous terrain with ease.

Motor & battery

As regards the battery, the bike has a 36V 12AH ion lithium model, which is quick to remove and easy to store. It looks like the oversized drink carriers, which can make you realize that an electric bike is coming near you from a far-off distance.

The involvement of a 250W high-speed brushless gear motor is designed to ride on the off-road surfaces of mountain areas.

Speed & Power of Acceleration

This amazing Ancheer e-bike is included with the power of 25mph (40kph) maximum speed, which can even get quiet in just a few seconds. There is enough power behind the wheel for quick speed-up purposes. You can reach down the mountains in just a few seconds.

Hill climbing

As evident from the name itself, Ancheer electric mountain bike is designed especially for climbing the hills with ease. It is available with three different levels of assistance based on where you want to ride and at what speed you are riding for the legs.


If we talk about its range, the bike delivers a range power of approximately 22-40 miles (35-64 kilometers) on its single charge. But still, the range might vary based on what weight you are carrying on the bike and on what terrain surface you are riding it over.


In the section of the braking system, the bike is equipped with the rear and front mechanical disc brakes to get a full shop in just a few seconds. It’s an amazing feature to look for when riding on a mountain bike.



Plus, the tires of this electric bike are of great quality, which is durable enough to ride on any surface and that too for long hours.

Charging time

charging time

This Ancheer electric mountain bike can easily get charged in 5-6 hours.


You can have this bike available in different color options: red, blue, black, and orange.


It is available at the market price of just $659.99.

Who can easily ride on an Ancheer electric mountain bike?

This bike is a great choice for all those bikers heading to the mountain areas that are not too tall to ride on for a great bike.

Pros and cons of Ancheer Electric Bike


  • Best to use as a regular bike or as a motorbike
  • Excellent safety features


  • Charging of battery takes a long time
  • It cannot be folded

What are the Best Alternatives other than Ancheer Electric Bike?

  • Ride1Up: Ride1Up brings out some lightweight and agile-based electric bikes which are worth investing in. Unlike the Ancheer Bikes, they have electric bikes, which are a bit high in price.
  • Rad Power Bikes: The amazing lineup of bikes in Rad Power Bikes is incredible to talk about where they dedicate their bikes only for beginner riders.
  • Lectric: This brand focuses on producing foldable bikes based on some advanced features to have a smooth riding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Is it worth investing in Ancheer products?

Yes, they are great in quality which makes it best to invest at a low price. They produce some high-spec mountain bikes which are not just modern looking but are long-lasting as well. For newbie riders, this brand of bikes is the best option.

2. For how long time an Ancheer battery can last?

Ancheer battery can stay long for a maximum of 3 years. The average range of the battery is around 15-30 miles or 25-50 kilometers.

3. Where is Ancheer from?

Ancheer brand is located in place of Los Angeles in the United States.

4. Is Ancheer mountain brand an American company?

Ancheer is a well-known California-based brand. They have their warehouse in Los Angeles in the United States.


To end this review discussion, a great Ancheer Pro electric bike is an absolute bargain for you if you are tight on budget. It is great in build quality where the addition of 6061 aluminum frame adds the whole bike with perfect finishing.

Final Verdict on Ancheer Electric Bike Review

It has forks that are basic and can easily withstand any bumpy road surface. Battery and electric motor are 100% water-resistant, but they are not waterproof.

You can easily ride it on the rainy roads, but avoid riding it on deep puddles or fords.

Are you ready to invest after reading this Ancheer electric bike review?

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